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Federal prosecution is a “nightmare”, one of the worst disasters you will ever face. Going it alone or using the wrong RDAP and prison consultants will cause wrong choices during the judicial or incarceration process which can cost you extra years of your life.


You might think, "Didn't I pay my attorney to take care of this?" The answer is "NO"! Your attorney rightfully is more focused on your legal case, plea, and trial.  They themselves may be inexperienced, unfocused, or not retained to address your post-conviction concerns about prison life and policies, and most importantly, the Bureau of Prison's RDAP program for your additional prison sentence reduction on top of your good time!  We continue on where your attorney leaves off.

How many times have you said: “If only I knew then what I know now?” There exists a small window of opportunity for you to do it right the first time, to get every detail correct so you have results.


The good news is we, at RDAP Law and Prison Consultants, have the solution.



Your Best Solution


Imagine having your own expert RDAP and prison consultant by your side every step of the way from indictment to post-release. Imagine having your questions answered and your concerns addressed, preparing you for what to expect next. Imagine taking every advantage, every opportunity with the greatest possibility for sentence reduction and early release. Imagine less fear and confusion as you take charge of your life once again. 


You can with our help and experience.


More importantly, we assist you to document and qualify for eligibility and admissions to the Bureau of Prison’s 500-hour Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program (RDAP), reducing your prison time by up to 18 months (12 months direct sentence reduction and 6 months halfway house and home confinement). We are so confident in our services that for most cases, we will provide you with a performance guarantee: there is a fee only if you are admitted into the RDAP program!  Your success is the only way for our success.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get home as quickly as possible through early release.


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The Secret to Your Success

RDAP Eligibility and Admissions is intensely competitive - only a small percentage of applicants are admitted. The “secret key” that we use to best assure your success is the RDAP Admissions and Clinical Interview Report (RACIR).


Here, our licensed substance treatment counselors interview you to create a substance dependence assessment, based on the same criteria the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) uses for RDAP eligibility and admissions.  From experience with past successful cases we assist you to legally meet RDAP eligibility.



Next, we draft your RACIR report uniquely prepared for your case for RDAP eligibility. A copy is then forwarded to the BOP during the RDAP application process as we work with the BOP clinical staff on your behalf.  The RACIR is also important to prepare you for the rigorous clinical interview at the final stage of the admissions process.


Most of our clients come from word of mouth referrals. Here are some of their life-changing testimonials.



Hear from our Client Testimonials



“This morning I had a callout to Psychology. I met the doc and signed my papers for RDAP. She said I was eligible and the paperwork would go to Grand Prairie. Hope all is well and will keep you updated.”


- S.M. of Ohio



“The head psychologist informed me that I am approved for RDAP. She sent my info already to Texas and for me to get with my case manager to have him send my choices on transfers ASAP. 


I appreciate your friendship and support through all this. My wife is already happy that I am getting the help that I need and going home a year early! Thank you again for all that you have done.”


- B.G. of Virginia




“I got into RDAP! I was denied but with your appeal, I finally got in. My wife was a basket case and now she’s happy as can be. I’ll end up doing about 16 months on a 36 month sentence.”


- H.B. of Michigan



“There is no way for me to put into words the relief and release of anxiety I experienced when RDAP Consultants told me how much time off I could qualify for and be home with my loved ones. It was the smartest choice I could have made and now my release date changed two months into the program. It's a great program to learn and grow from. Thank you all for being a light in an otherwise very dark situation!!”


- I.R. of Texas



Be our next success!  Call now during business hours to speak directly with one of our experts at:


Toll Free 866-543-0250


Your confidential initial RDAP and prison consultation and pre-qualification are FREE so call now before it’s too late!


How You Will Succeed


We at RDAP Law and Prison Consultants have the solution. We represent exclusively federal defendants and inmates throughout the United States.  We work with your defense team to review and prepare reports about your case, in consideration of the ever-changing Bureau of Prisons (BOP) policies and programs, such as the RDAP program to maximize your sentence reduction and early release.


Our services include, but not limited to:


  Pre-sentencing Report Review and Consulting

  Post-conviction cooperation (Rule 35) 

 Second Chance Act Early Release

  Alternative Sentencing Strategies (e.g. home confinement)

  Judicial recommendations

  BOP designation, re-designation, and management variables

  BOP programming and policies – administrative remedies, furloughs, transfers, and medical

  Most importantly, RDAP Elgibility, Admissions, and Support



Our Commitment to You


We know that we can help you during this most difficult time in your life. We see it everyday in our client’s comments and testimonials. We are so confident that you will too that we are making a commitment to you that we will:


  Stand by your side every step of the way until it’s finally over

  Carefully answer your questions and address your concerns

  Prepare you for what to expect next

  Position you to take every advantage and opportunity for the earliest possible release

  Best prepare you for RDAP eligibility with the max sentence reduction possible


Good news travels fast....We are listed on many well known sites to showcase our sentence reduction services:

RDAP As Seen On These Sites RDAP Program Prison Consultants RDAP Eligibility for Prison Sentence Reduction


Your Freedom is Priceless


Our prison consulting services and fees are custom tailored specifically to your needs. Compared to everything you stand to lose if you don’t make a change right now, the cost is but a drop in the bucket. How much is 18 months of your life worth? What else can you do that will so greatly affect the quality of your life, career, and happiness for you and your loved ones?


Call now during business hours to speak directly with one of our experts at:


Toll Free 866-543-0250


Your confidential initial RDAP and prison consultation and pre-qualification are FREE so call now before it’s too late!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is my information kept confidential?

A: Absolutely. By policy, all of your information is kept confidential. We never publicly disclose our relationship for any reason unless you request it.


QHow do your fees work?

A: We charge a “flat fee” for each of the services we offer based on a rate schedule as determined by the complexity of your case.  For most cases, this "flat fee" is kept in escrow with your attorney and released to us only after you succeed. Alternatively, you may also choose to pay upfront instead of escrow.  Call us today to get a quote.


Q: Is there really a performance guarantee?

A: Yes!  We often times take cases on contingency.  If you think you may have an alcohol or drug (either prescription or street drug) problem and are interested in meeting RDAP eligibility, we can assure your successful admission or there is no fee.  You have nothing to lose. 


Why risk using another firm?  What would be the financial and emotional cost to you and your family if you fail?


If you or a loved one are already incarcerated, we can still assist you.  However, timing is even more critical!  Call us now before it's too late!


Q: Is hiring a prison consulting firm worth it?

A: Yes.  A mistake can cost you years of your life.  We are your “insurance policy” to make sure everything goes as well as possible.  We will stand by your side so you will avoid the pitfalls and take every advantage possible, until it’s finally over. Compared to everything you may stand to lose, what else can you do that will so greatly affect the quality of your life?


Q: Do you do in-person site visits?

A: Yes, for extraordinary situations, we will travel as needed, including prison visitations. Travel expenses and daily fees apply. You are also welcome to meet us in our offices during normal business hours.


Q: Are you a law firm and can you work on my appeal or file motions?

A: We are not a law firm and we advise you to consult your attorney in all legal matters. Although we do have attorneys on staff, you should continue to work with your defense team. They have the most experience and continuity with your case. We are focused more on your post-conviction needs and the BOP’s legal policies, procedures, and programs.


Q: How can we communicate after I am incarcerated?

A: We can communicate by phone, electronic mail, or postal mail. We can meet in-person at prison visitation as needed and invoke attorney-client privilege if necessary by working with your defense team.


Q: How can I get more detailed "insider" information about RDAP?

A: We pride ourselves to have the most comprehensive insider information about the RDAP program and all its course guidelines, materials, and instruction.  These documents are kept up to date by our current clients who are currently enrolled at BOP institutions throughout the country.  Below is a list of documents available:


What is RDAP?                               RDAP Treatment Contract

Survive and Thrive in RDAP              Sample RDAP Treatment Plan

RDAP Frequently Asked Questions     Certificate of RDAP Completion

RDAP Program Details                     RDAP Federal Prison Locations

RDAP Rules and Expectations            Criteria for Substance Abuse & Dependence

Notice of RDAP Qualification

RDAP Course Materials

     The Eight Attitudes                    Community Discussion Format

     Steps to Responsible Thinking     Concept of Feedback

     Criminal Thinking Patterns          RDAP Public Speaking

     Criminal Thinking Errors             Your Autobiography

     Rational Thinking Errors             Your Victim Empathy

Q: How can I get more detailed "insider" information about Prison Life?

 A: We have compiled a list of articles from BOP documents and from former inmates who want to share their personal "insider" information about prison life, regulations, and secrets.


Top 7 Secrets to Prison Survival

Intake & Classification

Telephone Calls



The "NEVER" Rules

      NEVER Trust                              NEVER Show Off

      NEVER Snitch                            NEVER Talk Too Much

      NEVER Steal

Disclaimer: Results may vary. Testimonials are edited to meet legal guidelines and identities may have changed to protect privacy.  View our Privacy Policy and Referral Program.