Expertise born from experience

Located a short distance from the downtown Federal Building, our office is located in one of the most prestigious areas in Lansing, MI and home to many of the city’s finest firms.

Our founding partner is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL).  RDAP Law and Prison Consultants specialize in supporting federal sentencing, post-conviction and prison consulting for criminal defendants throughout the United States.

Our clients face indictments for white collar, drug, fraud, and other federal crimes. They are often convicted, sentenced and sent to prison.

Our staff combined has well over 30 years of experience with the criminal justice system. Coming together as a team, our clients have referred to us as the “Best federal prison consultants…” and “National experts in prison mitigation…”.  Our team includes substance abuse treatment experts, attorneys, and RDAP specialists.

Mr. Robert Erb, MA, LSW, LICDC is a substance abuse consultant with RDAP Law Consultants where he specializes in substance abuse assessment and documentation for the Bureau of Prison’s clinical staff. He is a graduate of the University of Toledo and has well over 20 years experience in his field.  Mr. Erb has worked as a court consultant providing evaluations and as an educator providing programming for courts, individuals and the business community.

He lives in the Cleveland, Ohio area with his family where he is active in his community.

Mr. Nguyen is a consultant with RDAP Law Consultants.  Mr. Nguyen, himself an RDAP graduate, has assisted nearly 300 clients to successfully gain admission to and complete the RDAP program, receiving the full sentence reduction and early release.

Previous, Mr. Nguyen worked as an investigator and legal researcher for a well-known law firm and has many years experience in his area of expertise. Mr. Nguyen continues to work on our clients behalf providing post-conviction services and RDAP course counseling as an RDAP expert.  


Mr. Daniel Johnson is a founding partner at RDAP Law Consultants and a student of the RDAP program.  As a post-sentencing reduction expert, Mr. Johnson works tirelessly with our partner law firms and valued clients throughout the United States.


Previous, Mr. Johnson worked as a business consultant in Human Resources assisting Fortune 500 firms with hiring and training.  Mr. Johnson brings his many years experience in business, the criminal justice system, and RDAP to assist our clients.

Mr. Sam Copehaven is a principal consultant here at RDAP Law Consultants where he spends the majority of his time working with clients, answering their questions and guiding them towards the right early release program. 


Sam started out working in client services and sales before becoming a Sentence Reduction Experts here at RDAP Law Consultants.  Sam made this career shift after seeing one of his close friends face federal prison time.  Sam maintained contact with this individual during his incarceration and witnessed his progression through the RDAP program.  Sam was inspired by the changes he saw in his friend, and has become a firm believer in the program and has dedicated his life to helping others take advantage of this program too.  

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