Articles about the Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program (RDAP)

In 1994, congress passed the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act which mandated a number of changes, the most important of which authorizes the Bureau of Prisons to provide up to a one-year sentence reduction for early release and 6-month halfway house/home confinement for non-violent inmates who successfully completes the program called the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program (RDAP). Today, RDAP is the only program available at the BOP that provides for any sentence reduction and early release and is highly sought after among inmates - with only a small percentage of applicants admitted.


This new act also requires the BOP to provide residential drug abuse treatment for all inmates who are “eligible”, requiring a verifiable documented drug, alcohol, or prescription abuse problem before an inmate could be admitted to the RDAP program.


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