RDAP Notice of Qualification


So, this is the golden ticket for 18 months time off from prison!  This is the actual document you will sign once you are accepted into the RDAP program.   This document came from one of our successful clients and his identity has been removed for his privacy and protection. 


He was asked to sign this document right after he completed the clinical interview with the prison's Drug Abuse Program Coordinator (DAPC) who is the head clinical psychologist for the RDAP program.  This document means that he has been "officially" accepted into the program and will be put on the wait-list to begin programming shortly.


The wait-list is sorted strictly by the inmate's "OUT" date which is the inmate's sentence completion date minus his good time credit.  This is the same date that is listed on the BOP website as the "Release" date if you did an inmate locator search.  Those with an earlier "OUT" date will start the program first.  Because of the strict rules in place for RDAP eligibility currently, the wait-list as of fall 2012 has been short BOP-wide with most inmates starting RDAP on time or early.  That's good news if you get in, but bad news, if you are trying to qualify.  It's imperative that you prepare yourself and timing is critical.


Within 30 days after you are off the wait-list and start the RDAP program, the "Release" date, as listed on the inmate locator search on the BOP website, will reflect your sentence reduction.  In other words, the "Release" date officially changes, based on the assumption that you will successfully graduate!  Remember to take another 6 months off this date for the extended halfway house and home confinement that is earned with the RDAP program.


This is such a relief for friends and loved ones, as they themselves see the "Release" date change, reflecting the sentence reduction, with their own eyes!  Yes, it is for real!

RDAP Law and Prison Consultants specialize in successful RDAP eligibility, admissions, and support for the maximum sentence reduction possible for early release.  We take most cases on contingency, which means we will get you success or there is no fee. Your success is our success.  Timing is important and with the complex requirements surrounding what documentation are deemed acceptable, it’s important to seek consultation immediately. Call us now!

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  • JJ (Monday, October 08 12 10:08 am EDT)

    I am wondering if my husband is denied to get into RDAP, can he re-apply and how?

    Also, they stated that his DUI didn't help to get him in and I am wondering why.

  • Kathy King (Wednesday, November 14 12 08:34 pm EST)

    Is it harder or easier for women to get qualified tithe RDAP? I have heard that since so few instatutions of the program it is very difficult to get approved for females.

  • silvia farias zuniga (Thursday, December 13 12 03:14 pm EST)

    my husband is already enroll in RDAP program, my question is Can I do something else to do??

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, December 13 12 04:23 pm EST)

    I am glad he got in. Make sure you support him while he's in rdap and that he stays focused and does the right thing.

    Prepare for his return to the halfway house. He will need to find a w2 job before they release him to home confinement so you want to get that ball rolling.

  • Jenny (Sunday, December 16 12 09:19 am EST)

    my husband got sentecne for 52 months and he called two months ago that he might not qualify for drug program reason being becase he was been clean for past two year when he was on his PO visit. Do
    you have to be a drug abuser to quality for RDAP progarm? Any other way to get his sentence reduction while he is in FCI? What else I can do for my husband? thanks

  • carlos (Monday, February 04 13 07:56 pm EST)

    i just got sentenced to 96 months and was ordered to self surrender to el reno ,this my second go round in federal system and completed the rdap program and got the time off a 60 month sentence my
    question is am i eligible for the time off now a second time after the jugde ordered that i take the program at sentencing

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, March 10 13 08:39 am EDT)

    carlos, you can only get the RDAP sentence reduction once. You can still go through RDAP a second time and get the 6 months halfway house/home confinement.

  • los (Wednesday, March 20 13 06:44 pm EDT)

    do i quliffy for rdap if i got convicted of a gun charge

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, March 20 13 10:53 pm EDT)

    Hi los. Yes, you can still get into rdap and get the 6 months halfway house/home confinement but you will not get the 12 month sentence reduction.

  • Marie (Wednesday, April 10 13 12:05 am EDT)

    If my husband is charged with possession of a firearm by convicted felony can he still get into RDAP? If so do any one know what federal facilities offer RDAP to people convicted on gun charges?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, April 10 13 01:41 pm EDT)

    Hi Marie. Unfortunately, a firearm prevents him for getting the sentence reduction. He still may get into RDAP and get the extended 6 months halfway house though.

    There are no federal facilities that will do RDAP for those convicted of a gun charge.

  • mary russell (Tuesday, May 07 13 12:08 am EDT)

    i have a nephew that has been charge with rape he was 19 and the girl was 14 at the time he is in jail he will be getting out may 21 , 2013 he did 1yr in jail and has 10 yrs on probation we are haven
    a problem finding housing for him please help he has to register as a sex offender please answer my questions can rdad help him with housing where are you located we are in ATL GA.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, May 07 13 07:36 am EDT)

    Mary, it doesn't look like your nephew needs help since he is being releases shortly.

  • Terri Stock (Tuesday, May 21 13 09:58 pm EDT)

    I have been sober for 4 years prior to my crime but not working a good AA program I found another addiction....gambling which turned me to wire fraud to support the habit. Can I qualify for RDAP?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, May 21 13 10:37 pm EDT)

    Terri, please call us to discuss. We may still get you in the program. Gambling is not a "substance" and therefore will not get you into the RDAP program.

  • Asheley (Saturday, July 20 13 03:00 pm EDT)

    Hello. My husband is doing time for a domestic charge. He was involved with drugs and alchol, heavey, at that time. He has been in 7 monthes now, and is on a 2-10yr sentence..Can he qualify for your

  • Julia (Monday, August 05 13 01:59 pm EDT)

    My Fiance is incarcerated now on a robbery charge. Can he qualify for your program?

  • INEZ BARRON (Tuesday, August 13 13 12:43 am EDT)

    Need to know the releas date of my kids dad

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, August 13 13 09:35 am EDT)

    Julia, robbery is considered a crime of violence in most cases and so would not get the time off but he can qualify to attend the program.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, August 13 13 09:38 am EDT)

    Inez, if he is in federal prison, then go to bop.gov and click on "Inmate Locator" and put his name in. It will list his release date.

  • John Belles (Tuesday, August 13 13 06:48 pm EDT)

    I have an aggravated battery from 1997 when I was 18 or 19 years old I have been looking into this and I am not sure if this disqualifies me for the sentence reduction ? Can you give me some help on
    this matter ?
    I have a 46 month sentence and I am self surrendering in a few weeks , I hate to get my hopes up of getting time off and not recieve the sentence reduction , Thanks for your help .

  • Missy (Wednesday, August 28 13 12:33 pm EDT)

    My husband is a legal alien from Vietnam. He is here on refugee status and has resided in California since 1979. He has not been sentenced yet. He was indicted as #1 on cocaine distribution charges.
    Since he is not a citizen I have heard he does not qualify for RDAP. Is this true?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, August 28 13 01:29 pm EDT)

    I am sad to say that it is true. You have to be a US Citizen in order to take the RDAP program and the 2nd chance act.

    Another option is the Rule 35. Please go to our "Practice Areas" on our website and read about it.

  • Eve (Saturday, September 21 13 07:09 pm EDT)

    hi my husband was sentenced to 33 months on a gun and drug charge,and has a history of drug abuse but was already on parole would he qualify.also,is home confinement at the halfway house or is it
    house arrest at his home

  • Sandy K . Lomeli (Tuesday, September 24 13 05:06 am EDT)

    Due to my cousin having a strike and the way the laws are there trying to give him 12 years due to his strike instead of helping him for his problem.

  • Nisha (Thursday, September 26 13 03:06 pm EDT)

    My husband case is 922g felon possesion of fire arm, non violent, will he be eligible for the program?

  • Cliff Wimbelry (Thursday, September 26 13 04:21 pm EDT)

    Nisha - without looking at the case in detail, felon in possession of firearm would prevent him from getting the 12 months sentence reduction. He can still do the RDAP program however.

  • Kimberly (Monday, October 14 13 08:43 pm EDT)

    my son was just sentenced to 14 years federal for drug conspiorsy (hear-say) no criminal record at all -

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, October 14 13 09:07 pm EDT)

    Kimberly - I am sorry that has happened to your son. Give us a call and I can speak with you on your options. There are opportunities for him to get early release.

  • Moneque lewis (Friday, November 22 13 08:49 pm EST)

    If u hv a enhansmant charge does it disqulify u

  • Jody (Sunday, November 24 13 06:59 pm EST)

    My husband committed bank robbery, while heavily under the influence of meth. He was non violent, with no weapon/no threats. (apologized on his way out) Due to his long history with substance abuse
    since age 12, during sentencing the judge ordered him to RDAP. He is now serving time, but no one is trying to help him get into RDAP. He has around 3 years to go. Does he qualify for RDAP? thanks.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, December 04 13 04:27 pm EST)

    Moneque - if you have a gun enhancement, it will prevent you from getting the sentence reduction but you can still do RDAP and get the 6 months halfway house/home confinement.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, December 10 13 02:35 pm EST)

    Jody, bank robbery in any form is considered violent. He can apply to RDAP by talking with his counselor and filling a cop-out requesting to apply. He can still get into RDAP but will not receive the
    direct sentence reduction. He will get the 6 months halfway house/home confinement however.

  • scott lemmo (Saturday, February 01 14 08:56 am EST)

    I was sentenced to 18 months on a mail fraud charge and reporting to Coleman Florida, my PSI report and history certainly justifies RDAP and my attorney is telling me to get in that fast. WHat kind
    of time off is given?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Saturday, February 01 14 11:10 am EST)

    Scott, Coleman does not have an RDAP program and 18 months is too short a time to allow for a transfer. You will be denied RDAP. Your best bet is to consider the 2nd Chance Act.

  • David Delano (Monday, May 19 14 04:10 pm EDT)

    My friend got 21 months for wire fraud. No priors. Could he qualify for a sentence reduction if accepted into rdap? He doesn't self surrender until next year.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, May 26 14 07:58 pm EDT)

    Cliff, RDAP normally requires at least a 24 months sentence but exceptions sometimes are made.

  • Nikki (Tuesday, August 05 14 12:21 pm EDT)

    I was sentenced to 51 months for conspiracy to distribute oxy which I took but I have been clean for over a year now can I still qualify for rdap

  • Tony (Thursday, August 21 14 05:22 pm EDT)

    A cousin of mine was just recently sentenced to 60months for conspiracy to distribute controlled substances in a federal court. Can he qualify for RDAP, or what other programs can he qualify for
    early release?

  • mom (Friday, August 22 14 12:22 am EDT)

    After completing the 9 month RDAP program without the 9 month time reduction do you stay in the same facility until the last 6 months of your sentence to go to the HWH? How do you get Home
    Confinement? If you are disabled and can't work, do you still go to the HWH?

  • jay hull (Friday, August 29 14 11:31 pm EDT)

    To mom, if your son did not receive time off for the program he will stay incarcerated till the last six months, home confinment will come automatically from the hlfway house, however most do not
    operate the same. And yes if a person is disabled and cant work they still get to go to a hh. As a matter of fact, since they cant pay a percentage of a paycheck they may get home confinment faster!

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, September 01 14 11:56 am EDT)

    Nikki - you may qualify. Please call our office to be sure. We can give you some peace of mind.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, September 01 14 11:57 am EDT)

    Mom, yes you stay at the same facility. You get home confinement after meeting the requirements to do so at the halfway house. Yes, disabled inmates still must go to the halfway house in most cases.

  • Jesus (Wednesday, October 08 14 06:14 am EDT)

    Hi my name is jesus and i might get sentensed to 48 months I was wondering if I could get in to RDAP program I had a aggravated assault with a weapon fire arm it's being 9yrs since then I was 15 at
    the time I was charged as an adult If you could help me out first time to prison really nervous

  • Brian (Friday, October 10 14 11:36 pm EDT)

    my wife was sentence to 37 months she has served 10 months and was addicted to marijuana and alcohol at person that interviewed her before told her it would not look good to say she was addicted to
    the two so she didn't but once she turned herself in and tried to get the help they told her she didn't qualify what can she do

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, October 12 14 03:03 pm EDT)

    Hi Jesus. Please call our office so we can discuss. You can definitely still get in.

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, October 12 14 03:05 pm EDT)

    Brian, please call our office asap so I can ask you some questions about your wife. She can still get in.

  • Jay (Monday, October 13 14 10:58 am EDT)

    During the time enrolled in RDAP can you also have a job in the camp at same time? Is it correct RDAP is 9 month program at 3.5 hrs daily or does it vary?

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, October 22 14 09:59 am EDT)

    Jay, yes in fact you must have a job even though you are enrolled in RDAP. Usually you are assigned the easier ones.

    It's a 9 month program and does not vary, although I am sure there may be the extremely rare exception.

  • Ashley Sims (Tuesday, December 09 14 11:50 pm EST)

    Hello,My Boyfriend Was Recently sentenced to 30 months for a gun charge, He\'s Been Down 9 months sitting in the county jail. Will That Count towards his 30months? Also, Will He Qualify For The Rdap
    Program? And A Federal Inamte Has to do 85% of there time. How Much Time Will He Have To Serve If He Has 30 Months & He Does 85% of That?

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, December 14 14 09:35 pm EST)

    Ashley, yes the 9 months will count towards his federal sentence. He will also get about 4.5 months for good behavior. Please call us to discuss his RDAP eligibility. There are a lot of questions.

  • James Rouse (Friday, January 16 15 12:06 pm EST)

    I am looking at a 24 to 30 month sentence. For drugs. And have a well documented substance abuse problem. Will I get rdap? Or will it be unlikely due to shortness of my sentence?

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, January 26 15 08:29 pm EST)

    James, you may get into RDAP only if you have the correct documentation. I will not be able to tell you until I know what that is. You should be able to get in even with such a short sentence but
    there are exceptions. Please call us to find out more.

  • Judy Bunker (Monday, February 02 15 09:19 am EST)

    my husband was sentenced for violations Count #1- U.S.C. 846-Conspiracy to utilize a precusor material to attmept to manufacture methamphetamine. Count II and III possession of a material to utilize
    in the attempted manufacturing of methamphetamine; Title 2- adding and abetting. In his PSI he was given a 2 level increase for a gun enhancement. At sentencing he was given a ten year mandatory
    maximum punishment. Can he take R-DAP and does he qualify for any other reductions. He had a -0- criminal history.

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, February 11 15 03:47 pm EST)

    Judy - I am sorry about your husband. Due to the 2pt gun enhancement, he will not received the 12 months sentence reduction. I am very sorry to say that. There are other opportunites at early release
    and I urge you to call our office.

  • Salvador Sosa (Friday, February 13 15 10:28 am EST)

    Hi, I've been sentenced to 37 months in prison for conspiracy of fire weapon lied that that fire arm where for me when they where for someone else this happened 4 years ago y was 18 at the time have
    been sober for 3 years due to a overdose could I still qualify for RDAP program if before, during, and after the crime I was on drugs? first time arrested no prior convictions.

  • Salvador Sosa (Monday, February 16 15 09:15 am EST)

    Hi,sorry it's not conspiracy of fire weapon it's 1 count of lying in a federal government document. which was the one to take out a fire weapon for someone else "straw purchase"

  • Jay (Friday, February 20 15 01:11 pm EST)

    My sentencing continues to be delayed, by the time i report it will be over a year since i used a substance,does RDAP qualifications state substance use must be documented within the prior year(365
    days) up to report date? They put me on code a phone and there will be no dirty UA's. thank you?

  • Ronica McEachern (Monday, February 23 15 09:35 pm EST)

    My husband was recommended by the federal judge to go into the RDAP program but where he currently at they won't allow him to go . He's qualified to enter but their giving him a hard time. Do you
    think your firm can help us?

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, March 01 15 10:40 am EST)

    Salvador - you may qualify but we need more info. Please call our office.

    Jay - there are many ways into the program. One way is correctly documented proof 11 year prior to your arrest. There are others. Please call our office to discuss.

    Ronica - yes we can help. Please call our office before it's too late.

  • PattyA. (Sunday, March 15 15 05:27 pm EDT)

    My husband just got sent to fci seagoville. The judge sentenced him to 25 months. He has already served 5 months. My question is can he still apply for the program or is it too late? They charged him
    for conspiracy, found 3 grams of method and an old hunting gun we had just for protection if it came in handy. Pls help I want to get him into the program asap!! We have a 2 yr old boy who misses him
    soooooo much and a 1 yr old baby girl who needs him. He's missing outon everything. ): thank you!!!!

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, March 15 15 09:05 pm EDT)

    PattyA - I am sorry to say that he's down to 20 months now and there is just not enough time to get him in.

  • PattyA. (Monday, March 16 15 01:25 am EDT)

    Not even if he continues taking the class while being in the halfway house? Or is there anything else you would consider him taking that will help him reduce his time? Thank you so much by the way!

  • Nicole White (Tuesday, March 17 15 09:48 am EDT)

    Hello, my husband is currently in federal custody. He has a firearm charge BUT it was from an old case in 1994. That is NOT a charge on his current case. So my question is, does the gun charge have
    to be on the current case he was sentenced for to NOT qualify??

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, March 18 15 11:03 am EDT)

    PattyA - he can petition the unit manager for extra halfway house time which can get him early release. Call our office to find out more.

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, March 18 15 11:04 am EDT)

    Nicole - you are correct. The gun charge from a previous case is not a problem. It will not prevent him from getting a reduction for rdap.

  • Heather (Friday, March 27 15 08:23 pm EDT)

    My father is about to complete the RDAP program. He is a sex offender. He was told that he will not get out early due to the fact that there are no halfway houses for sex offenders. He is disabled
    and unable to work. He had a quadruple bypass while incarcerated. Do you know of any resources to help us find him a halfway house for sex offenders in Florida?

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, March 27 15 10:28 pm EDT)

    Heather - Halfway houses take sex offenders all the time. Rather, it may be his disability that is preventing him from getting it. You should call our office Monday so we can look his case up. We can
    speak with his case manager and the halfway house to see what the "real" situation is.

  • Tim (Wednesday, April 01 15 04:30 pm EDT)

    My brother has sentence money laundreing and drug charges would he qualify for RDAP program

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, April 01 15 04:40 pm EDT)

    Tim - he may qualify but I have a lot of questions just to be sure. Can you please call our office and I'll let you know.

  • mike (Tuesday, April 07 15 12:47 pm EDT)

    I got a 36 months sentence with one year home confinment after that. How would this sentence be calculated for rdap since i have the HC component

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, April 07 15 09:08 pm EDT)

    Mike - that is unusual to get the one year home confinement. What it means is that you need to apply and get into rdap immediately or you will be losing day-for-day. Call us to do the calculation.

  • Marisol Valdez (Monday, May 04 15 10:54 am EDT)

    Hello, my boyfriend is in a State Prison and has completed the RDAP program. My question is...."Does the RDAP qualify as an inpatient treatment?"

  • Marisol Valdez (Monday, May 04 15 10:58 am EDT)

    Does RDAP qualify as an inpatient Alcohol Treatment Program?

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, May 04 15 01:24 pm EDT)

    Marisol, we only deal with federal prisons and am unsure and unfamiliar with the program your boyfriend is in. However, RDAP "can" qualify as inpatient program depending on the context.

  • Terrance Montgomery (Thursday, May 14 15 11:16 am EDT)

    The did a great job with the information and help. I be sure to send who ever needs help their way.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, May 14 15 12:06 pm EDT)

    Good luck to you Terrance when you report.

  • Anonymous (Tuesday, July 14 15 07:43 pm EDT)

    What if the inmate was sentenced for conspiracy to commit a hate crime and the judge ordered an alcohol program for a previous alcohol problem. Would that inmate be considered for time off?

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, July 14 15 08:29 pm EDT)

    Anonymous, the judges "order" is not an order but just a "recommendation" which does not carry weight with the BOP. The inmate must still meet eligibility req'ments and be "non-violent".

  • Paula parker (Friday, August 28 15 09:17 am EDT)

    My husban just got a charge and sentenced for owning a.firearm after a misdemeanor domestic violence charge that happened 9yrs ago he was unawre of the firearm handicap he was under the domestic
    charge was supposed to.be diverted but i guess under federal it wasnt this.is his first felony and first time.going.to prison.does.he would.he be eligible for the RDAP program the judge order drug
    classes.i believe

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, September 01 15 11:29 am EDT)

    Paula - ordinarily, a firearm charge would prevent him from getting a sentence reduction. However he can still do the RDAP program and get the 6 months halfway house.

  • Angela (Monday, September 07 15 05:37 pm EDT)

    My BF just got 63 months for a felon being in possession of a firearm. How much time can he get off his sentence for taking the RDAP? And can he get transferred closer to home if he goes to a halfway
    house? Also does home confinement actually mean he could be confined in our own home??

  • Elisabeth (Monday, September 07 15 09:28 pm EDT)

    If my friend was charged with a 922g Federal charge. Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Can he get the 12 month RDAP sentence reduction? We heard you can on the west coast. Is this true?

  • dreaa (Tuesday, September 15 15 10:25 am EDT)

    My boyfriend Got Sentence To 8yrs 4 n 4 out To Party of a crime of armed robbery party of a crime of havin a Gun Is He able to get n the program

  • Natalie (Thursday, September 17 15 10:12 am EDT)

    Hello my friend was sentenced to 29months for credit card fraud and having credit and debit cards in her possession and I me believe identity theft she has no criminal record .. She self surrendered
    on sept 2,2015 .. Does she qualitfy for the early release ?
    Thank you

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, September 17 15 01:09 pm EDT)

    Angela, Elisabeth: I am sorry to say that a "firearm possession" charge would prevent an sentence reduction for the RDAP program.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, September 17 15 01:10 pm EDT)

    dreaa, it sounds like he is in a state jail on a state charge and RDAP is a federal program. Also robbery is considered violent and he would not have gotten the reduction anyways.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, September 17 15 01:34 pm EDT)

    Natalie - She possibly can but she will need the right documentation and pass an interview. Please call our office.

  • Rae (Friday, September 25 15 06:58 pm EDT)

    My friend was sentenced to 70 months and has been in for 19 months. He started RDAP last week. Will he still be at the same camp once he is done? Why did he start so early? Being he has more than 9
    mos left on his sentence, is it possible he will be getting out earlier than the PRD? Will the reform thats being discussed reduce his sentence? He wasn't eligible for the minus 2 because he had a
    mandatory minimum

  • Brittney (Saturday, September 26 15 12:20 am EDT)

    The judge recommended RDAP for my husband. He does have a gun charge but is currently enrolled in the program. Will he receive any reductions? If not, does the extended halfway house time mean more
    than the projected 6 he was going to get whether he took the program or not?

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, September 29 15 07:40 pm EDT)

    Rae - when he completes RDAP, he will most likely stay there. He started early simply because the prison needed inmates to fill the class...most prisons are starting RDAP early. After graduating, he
    will need to wait out the remaining 9 months to complete his sentence.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, September 29 15 07:43 pm EDT)

    Brittney, typically a gun charge would prevent a sentence reduction but he can still get the 6 months halfway house time. Without RDAP, there is no guarantee that your husband would get 6 months
    halfway house. Typically inmates get 10% of their sentence for halfway house.

  • NC Mom (Thursday, October 01 15 10:23 am EDT)

    My husband was sentenced in Feb 2015 to 30 months. He has been there for 5 months already and has spent the entire time fighting to get into RDAP. His drinking problem was not mentioned in his PSR,
    however he truly has a problem and has bloodworm to prove the effects of alcohol on his liver. He was denied RDAP yesterday, but do we have a chance at appealing that decision. He really needs the
    Do we have any other options?

  • L (Wednesday, October 07 15 09:33 pm EDT)

    I am wondering if my husband would qualify for the drug program if he was convicted of straw purchasing?

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, October 11 15 09:59 pm EDT)

    L - Surprisingly, the answer is yes! Your husband can do RDAP and can get the reduction. "Straw purchasing" of firearms is not considered violent.

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, October 11 15 10:02 pm EDT)

    NC Mom - The PSR is obviously the easiest way into the RDAP program. However, there are many other ways to get in. Please call our office and we will let you know what they are. There is little time
    left for your husband.

  • Rebecca (Sunday, February 07 16 03:54 pm EST)

    If my fiancé had a felony assault with a weapon from 2001 and a Misdemeanor assault from 2010 -- can be be eligible for the sentence reduction?

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, February 27 16 12:05 pm EST)

    Rebecca - yes he may still depending. We need to know more details however. Please call our office.

  • X march (Thursday, March 10 16 07:34 pm EST)

    my husbAnd has been in the rdap program for 3 mths now he started 12/1/15 and his date has not changed, does it change after completion of the program or does it change in the 2nd phase?

  • laura (Monday, March 28 16 12:28 am EDT)

    How long you have to wait to be in the program? My husband release date is dec 4 ,2019 but has not started the program yet??

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, April 07 16 04:26 pm EDT)

    X march - His date should change reflecting the sentence reduction within 30 to 120 days of starting the RDAP program. Call us if there are any issues.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, April 07 16 04:26 pm EDT)

    laura - He should be starting the program very soon. His wait time is dependent on which prison he is at. Call us for more detail.

  • Yazap (Monday, April 11 16 03:42 pm EDT)

    My main question is if an Inmate don't know how to read nor write is he able to do the RDAP?

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, April 26 16 01:34 pm EDT)

    Yazap, you have to be able to do the book exercises and therefore read at about a 5th grade level in English or Spanish.

  • Carolyn McFadden (Tuesday, July 19 16 02:32 am EDT)

    My son is in the 2nd phase of the RDAP program in FCI Morgantown, but his release date has not been changed online. His counselor told him it would be, but that was a month ago. Is there a glitch in
    the online release date page?

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, July 28 16 06:07 pm EDT)

    Carolyn - sometimes the BOP are late for many reasons. As long as he has not been convicted of any violent crimes (robbery, aggravated assault, etc) he will be fine.

  • Jay (Wednesday, September 07 16 10:55 am EDT)

    Reporting to Estill,Sc next week for 60 months, Not an rdap location despite request for one and having all the documented criteria for being a candidate.
    What's my next step request transfer through attorney, or go thru RDAP interview at Estill and Case manager and if seen fit they would put in for transfer? Is there 18 month wait or does that get
    waived if availability in RDAP else, I understand those closest to release go first.
    Thank you

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, September 20 16 04:17 pm EDT)

    Jay - Because they have designated you to a non-RDAP location, it means that your "documentation" most likely is not good enough. Without good documentation, you will never even get out of the
    starting gate. Looks like you are gambling (rolling the dice) to see if you would get in. Please call our office before it's too late.

  • Jimmy (Tuesday, October 11 16 01:21 am EDT)

    Does having a two point enhancement for a firearm a co-defendant possessed but you were not aware of or was in a different city at his time of arrest disqualify you for the year off. Even though you
    were not changed or convicted for the firearm but rather given the enhancement because he is your CO defendant

  • TONYA (Saturday, October 15 16 06:29 pm EDT)

    My husband took rdap 13-15 years ago and just got a new case 922g is he eligible for early release again and also with this charge??? Thank you

  • justin hartsell (Monday, October 17 16 06:57 am EDT)

    If had had gun charges with drug charges also but I was not convicted of the gun charge can I still get the sentence reduction you speak of?

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, November 18 16 04:52 pm EST)

    Jimmy - I am sorry to say that a gun "enhancement" will typically preclude your reduction. However, depending on your exact situation, we may be able to overturn it.

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, November 18 16 04:54 pm EST)

    TONYA - the 922g (felon in possession) is considered violent and would prevent your husband from getting the reduction. He can however re-take RDAP and get the 6 months halfway house and home confinement.

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, November 18 16 04:55 pm EST)

    justin hartsell - Yes you can get the reduction. Call our office and we can double check for you.

  • richard austin (Thursday, January 05 17 12:55 am EST)

    i am going to federal prison soon for a lacey act violation from u.s.fish and wildlife. however in 1996 i was convicted at the state level for burglary. could i still get the reduction in the rdap program

  • Sally (Friday, January 27 17 04:29 pm EST)

    Can an individual get a year off if in the RDAP program if he plead guilty to possession of anhydrous ammonia? Is it considered a substance? Thank you!

  • trinh tran (Sunday, January 29 17 04:55 pm EST)

    Heis vietnam citizen. He moved to u.s in 1996. He been charge with 50grams or more of meth and 2 point gun enhancements. He is serving 10 years at a private prison. He is Married to me and I am a u.s citizen. We have 3 kids. His outdate is 2023. What can he do or program available for him to get out sooner. Thank you

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, January 31 17 08:29 pm EST)

    Richard - I am happy to say that burglary is not considered violent. Also, the conviction is over 10 years old. You should be good to get the sentence reduction.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, January 31 17 08:31 pm EST)

    Sally - simply being convicted of a drug possession or distribution will not get you in the program. Instead, you must prove that you have a substance abuse problem based on BOP regulations.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, January 31 17 08:32 pm EST)

    trinh - I am sorry to say that the 2 point gun enhancement will prevent him from getting a sentence reduction with RDAP. More importantly, there is a chance that he will be deported so please call our office to discuss. He may be able to benefit from a treaty transfer to Vietnam.

  • Christina (Sunday, February 05 17 03:02 am EST)

    I believe I will be sentenced to 27 months. Is that enough time for the RDAP program if I qualify. Is there a wait list that could keep me from getting into the program?

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, February 06 17 11:18 am EST)

    Christina- Yes you can. You need to be designated directly to an RDAP facility. Please give our office a call and we can show you how. Right now there is hardly a wait list nationwide.

  • Sarah (Sunday, February 26 17 11:07 pm EST)

    Hi, my boyfriend has been in the rdap program for a month. His release date as of now is June 2019. Assuming that he finishes the program, how much time will he receive off of his sentence? Also, how soon would he be eligible to go to a halfway house and home confinement?

  • lwen (Friday, March 03 17 11:26 am EST)

    i signed a plea deal for 41 months for distribution of heroin. my sentencing is in two months. i served one month when i first got arrested. what is a likely scenario for rdap placement? is there a long wait for women or do you think i'll get right in? i've done better on pretrial release than anyone ever does- i am in college at a university, work full time w a 50k a year salaried job who is holding my position, and have been sober since my arrest. trying to determine how much time i'll do. thanks!

  • Frangi (Monday, March 06 17 01:00 am EST)

    Hello, so my boyfriend has 9 months arrested due to conspiracy of cocaine. He got a sentence of 48 months. The judge approved the RDAP program will that be a enough also his statement was he was high during the time he got arrested. If he does his release date is 11/14/19 approximately how much more can his reduction be.

  • E (Monday, March 06 17 01:29 am EST)

    Hey. So my fiancé got sentenced to 48 months he now has 9 months completed i checks on the BOP his release date says 11/14/19 with good time off already. My question is when he got arrested he said he was under the influence and got arrested for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Although he has a previous conctuon of 5 year probation due to robery on the 3rd degree will he still be able to get in to the RDAP program? If so with the date giving approximately around when do you think he'll be back home. Please help!

  • Nichole Greene (Monday, March 06 17 09:39 am EST)

    Sarah- Assuming his sentence is greater than 36 months, he will receive 12 months off. He will most likely be released 6 months prior to his release date.

  • Nichole Greene (Monday, March 06 17 10:02 am EST)

    Iwen, you may be able to get into RDAP if you have the required documentation and are able to past the clinical interview. Please call our office to discuss your case so you know whether you are eligible. The call is free.

  • Nichole Greene (Monday, March 06 17 10:04 am EST)

    Frangi, it's difficult to get into RDAP. The judge can not "approve" or order RDAP but simply recommend it and this recommendation does not carry any weight with the BOP. Simply being high the one time just prior to the arrest does not prove that he has a substance abuse problem which requires a long history of abuse. Please call our office asap so that your boyfriend knows what is really required to get into RDAP.

  • Nichole Greene (Monday, March 06 17 10:05 am EST)

    Frangi, please call our office and it is now even more urgent. The robbery charge may be deemed "violent" which can prevent him from getting the sentence reduction.

  • amanda (Thursday, March 09 17 12:04 pm EST)

    hi, my boyfriend was sentence to 5 years for a gun and drug charge. he's at a federal camp. can he get rdap?

  • Nichole Greene (Friday, March 10 17 11:41 am EST)

    Amanda, yes your boyfriend can get into RDAP if he meets the requirement. He may or may not get the reduction depending on what the "gun charge" is. Please call our office and we can clarify.

  • Sandra vela (Sunday, March 26 17 09:09 am EDT)

    For transporting aliens he got 30 months he's trying to get into this program any tips to speed up process and anything I can do to help from home

  • MAC (Thursday, March 30 17 10:17 pm EDT)

    My husband is going to be sentenced in a few months. He has been on prescribed adderall for a few years but obviously won't be able to take it while he is away. Is prescribed adderall a reason to be able to get into rdap? He was diagnosed with ADD and that's why he has the prescription. He already has had his PSR written and it does not say anything about abuse of the meds but does say he takes them. Thoughts on being able to get in?

  • Nichole Greene (Monday, April 03 17 09:03 am EDT)

    Sandra- Yes, please call our office to discuss how to speed this up! Give him a lot of support.

  • Chris (Tuesday, April 04 17 08:56 pm EDT)

    Hi my husband plead guilty to federal drug conspiracy and has been sentenced to 57 months. He has a, documented, long history of drug abuse is he eligible for the RDAP program and if so how much time comes off of his sentence? Also is there a waiting list for the program and what step does he have to do to get into the program?

  • Nichole Greene (Thursday, April 06 17 08:50 am EDT)

    MAC - you will need help to make sure he gets in. Simply taking prescription drugs is following doctor's orders and so is NOT abuse. We have to prove that he is taking it and NOT following doctor's orders. Please call our office immediately and we can show you how.

  • Nichole Greene (Thursday, April 06 17 08:52 am EDT)

    Chris - He may be eligible to be accepted into RDAP if the abuse was correctly documented and he passes the clinical interview later inside the prison. He can get up to a year off his sentence plus halfway house and home confinement time. There are waiting lists but from our experience, they are very small and everyone is starting very quickly. Please call our office.

  • Michelle Pratt (Wednesday, August 23 17 08:30 pm EDT)

    My husband got final sentence today and the judge said he needs to go to a prison that has the rdap program but he got 51 months & 6 months at halfway house & is charged with a convicted felon with a hand gun so he want get time reduction?

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, September 13 17 10:50 am EDT)

    Michelle, I am sorry to say that the charge he has will prevent him from getting the sentence reduction.

  • Shelley Ray (Tuesday, September 19 17 09:58 am EDT)

    my husband was sentenced to 25 months for violation of the lacey act (fish) and possession of an unregistered firearm. (grandfathers antique gun) will he be able to get a sentence reduction if he completes the RDAP program.

  • Nichole Greene (Friday, September 29 17 01:53 pm EDT)

    Shelley Ray-he may be able to get the time off and depends on how he was charged with the firearm. Please call our office to discuss and I will let you know.

  • Gerald kent (Tuesday, November 21 17 02:59 pm EST)

    What is your fee charged for the rdap program ?

  • Nichole Greene (Thursday, December 28 17 11:08 am EST)

    Gerald, We work on contingency and must get you results in order to earn our fee. Also, our fees are determined based on the complexity of the case.

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