RDAP Course Materials

This section lists many of RDAP course materials.  All participants must learn and memorize these pro-social eight attitudes and recognize criminal thinking errors and their coping strategies.  The program also teaches you how to best give feedback and learn to be a better public speaker.


Finally, all participants must complete and present their autobiography early on in the program and present their victim empathy near the end.  Successful group participation is mandatory in order to graduate.


The Eight Attitudes                             Community Discussion Format

Steps to Responsible Thinking                Concept of Feedback

Criminal Thinking Patterns                     RDAP Public Speaking

Criminal Thinking Errors                        Your Autobiography

Rational Thinking Errors                        Your Victim Empathy

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  • Jeff (Saturday, October 20 12 07:48 pm EDT)

    My brother is taking rdap right now in Mckean and I wonder if he's using the same materials as above?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, March 10 13 08:45 am EDT)

    Yes he is. The course materials are uniform, for the most part, throughout the country.

  • Larry Zambarano (Wednesday, January 08 14 05:34 pm EST)

    my brother claims that he must pay for the RDAP program? Is this true?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Thursday, February 06 14 11:18 am EST)

    Larry, the program is free.

  • timothy gibson (Wednesday, May 06 15 12:00 am EDT)

    I took the rdap program in montomery,alabama. it was very challenging. I have used a lot of the tools I learned to make it this far. I have found myself steuggling in some areas. so its back to my
    tools again.

  • Terrence Conley (Thursday, November 10 16 11:01 am EST)

    I was in RDAP,and I can say that it's a good program, but you have to want to change.

  • nano (Tuesday, April 25 17 06:49 pm EDT)

    thank you for putting out all this information. it helps me out a lot to be able to relate to my son while he is getting ready to start his RDAP program next month.

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