Steps to Responsible Thinking - The Coping Strategies

1)    OPEN CHANNELS: Truthful and open, critical of own behavior, receptive to positive change


2)    PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Reliable, prompt, prepared, takes responsibility for action admits victimizing others


3)    SELF-RESPECT : Shows gratitude, earns others respect, explores alternatives, works towards solutions and controls feelings


4)    DAILY EFFORT: Is considerate of others, has healthy associations, organizes to achieve expected task, fulfills obligations, considers responsibility rewarding


5)    SELF-DISCIPLINE: Plans and builds toward future, decides on fact, not feelings, uses past experience and guilt to learn


6)    COURAGE OVER FEAR: Views criticism as input, trusts others to help, admits fears, and meets challenges without dodging


7)    HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS: Chooses to let go of control, seeks to understand others, and cooperates even when at a disadvantage


8)    RESPECT FOR OTHERS: Sees genuine value in others, respects the rights, property, privilege of others, works toward cooperative relationships, reserves sex for intimacy


9)    HUMILITY: Demands more of self than others, acknowledges “Higher Power”, and views self as no better than others

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