RDAP's "The Eight Attitudes"

1)    HONESTY: Is the foundation of change. Being truthful. Areas that you refuse to be honest in will likely result in your future relapse.


2)    HUMILITY:   Knowing that you do not rule the world. Being humble and not self-centered. Humility helps you understand that your actions are based on what is right and wrong, not what you can and cannot get away with.


3)    OBJECTIVITY: Not being biased or taking sides. You will learn to focus on others and not just yourself, learning to be unselfish.


4)    GRATITUDE: Grateful for the opportunity to change. Learn to be grateful for the opportunity to change and toward the people who are willing to help you.


5)    CARING: Support for those around me. Caring helps provide support for yourself and those around you.


6)    RESPONSIBILITY: Being responsible for your own actions. The ability to focus on your contribution to a problem rather than looking for someone or something else to blame.


7)    OPEN-MINDEDNESS:   Willing to try something new: Accepting feedback about your behavior and different way of doing things. Being open to trying new ways.


8)      WILLINGNESS: Daily effort. Willing to go to any lengths for your recovery.

RDAP Law and Prison Consultants specialize in successful RDAP eligibility, admissions, and support for the maximum sentence reduction possible for early release.  We take most cases on contingency, which means we will get you success or there is no fee. Your success is our success.  Timing is important and with the complex requirements surrounding what documentation are deemed acceptable, it’s important to seek consultation immediately. Call us now!

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  • beckie (Monday, March 04 13 07:35 pm EST)

    Does this also count for state prison? Ala

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, March 10 13 08:46 am EDT)

    beckie, no, the information on this site deals with the program in federal prison only.

    Your state most likely will have their own version of the RDAP program that you can research on.

  • Michael Hughes (Thursday, April 24 14 08:47 pm EDT)

    I am scheduled to self surrender at leavenworth scp June 19th to begin a 33 month sentence for wire fraud and mail fraud. The PSR notes drug addiction and I can get the verifiable information from
    the VA which was 11 months before my guilty plea. My current employer has given me a leave of absence so I have 40 hr W-2 position when I am released. Does this help? How long is the typical wait
    list at this facility ? Thanks for any information you can provide.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Friday, April 25 14 07:09 am EDT)

    Michael, the "devil" is in the details so I urge you to call us so that we can go over what you have. Many people arrive to prison and find out something is wrong and don't get in. You want the peace
    of mind so do call.

    The job will help and the wait list are very short.

  • tammy jones (Thursday, September 11 14 01:44 pm EDT)

    my husband is due to complete rdap 10/31/14 however his projected with 1 year off is 2/22/16 how can we get him a year half way house

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, September 15 14 10:49 am EDT)

    tammy, the 2nd Chance Act is your only option. He may also benefit from the 2-point reduction passed recently.

  • carla (Thursday, March 26 15 11:16 pm EDT)

    It says something about paying fees. How much are the fees and who gets the money?

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, March 31 15 10:36 pm EDT)

    carla - there may be a fee if your loved one requires legal work to get into the program. Advice however is always free.

  • Courtney G (Wednesday, March 30 16 06:58 am EDT)

    Just wanted to say..I did RDAP when I was serving a 67 month sentence in Waseca FCI. This is a GREAT program!! I learned so much. I have been 7 years sober!!!

  • Stephen Bentley (Thursday, April 14 16 07:23 am EDT)

    The 8 attitudes of change are the basis for a new drug free lifestyle for me. It's hard to accept the facts about yourself, but by applying the 8 attitudes of change in my life has been a game
    changer. I'm a better person for it

  • Andrea Ridner (Thursday, September 15 16 01:53 am EDT)

    I did the rdap program at FPC Greenville, I am almost five years clean and I owe it all to the program, it really helped me in all areas of my life, I have a completely different attitude towards
    life and change, I have rebuilt my relationship with my family and real friends, I am continuing my education and enjoying my life sober, I truly needed this program and am thankful everyday for
    sentence I received because I would be dead today if it wasn't for the Federal Judicial system and it's wonderful rdap program, thank you for helping us rehabilitate!!!

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