RDAP Federal Prison Locations

Not all federal prison’s have the RDAP program. Some prisons have larger programs than others.  An official list of locations can be found on the Bureau of Prison’s website here and is re-listed below for your convenience:

RDAP Law and Prison Consultants specialize in successful RDAP eligibility, admissions, and support for the maximum sentence reduction possible for early release.  We take most cases on contingency, which means we will get you success or there is no fee. Your success is our success.  Timing is important and with the complex requirements surrounding what documentation are deemed acceptable, it’s important to seek consultation immediately. Call us now!

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  • annette barnes (Wednesday, February 13 13 04:44 pm EST)

    how can a person get in to this program the order a drug program for him to attend he at yazoo ciyt priosn now if some on e can help use with getting him in this programs he have mental problems some
    things he just dont understand want going on with his case.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, March 10 13 08:36 am EDT)

    anette, it is a requirement that he has at least some cognitive skill to complete this program. The BOP will give him a written test to see if he has the mental apptitude. It is a very easy test that
    elementary school children can complete.

    There is a remedy process that we can go through to help. Give us a call.

  • Vanessa Edwards (Tuesday, June 18 13 08:42 pm EDT)

    I'm interested in how my son can be accepted in this program we live in Arlington,tx he is now in Pollock USP in Lousiana, I would like for him to come to Segorville, ATx for this program I believe
    he is in danger of his life in that prison there has been some evidence That I can speak with you at a later date, One of the reason we asked for him to go there was to be away from his old life
    which was in St Louis, Mo we relocated to Texas in 2010 and it ids believed that members from St Louis are in there and it is a threat to his life, He can't really tell me what's going on because
    conversations or listened to and letters are read can someone please help me get him out of that place to a more safer environment.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, July 03 13 04:22 pm EDT)

    Vanessa, please call us to talk about your issues, which are many and sensitive.

  • Monique (Wednesday, July 03 13 06:30 pm EDT)

    Hi. My husband is currently in the Northeast Ohio Correctional Center as a ferderal inmate. He was sent to this location per the judges request because it had the shortest waiting list for the RDAP
    program. First other inmates said that he could serve his entire sentance before getting into the program. Now he is being told that if he gets in it wouldn't make a difference because this facility
    does not reduce your sentance for taking the program. In order to get the time off he would have to transfer, but it would take to long to do that. Is this information true? Or just an in house

  • Cliff Wimberly (Friday, November 15 13 08:14 am EST)

    Monique - what you are getting is mis-information and rumor. Here are facts:

    1) Don't listen to other inmates. They are just jealous. He will not serve his entire sentence before getting into RDAP.

    2) He will get a direct sentence reduction if there is no "violence" in his current or past convictions. The facility has no say in it.

    Call us if you want to hear the real facts.

  • kevin elliott (Thursday, November 21 13 08:51 pm EST)

    my son was convicted of a sex crime with no evidence at all,just the girls testimonial remarks at court which was inconsistent.now he his serving a 7 year sentence sentence at state prison in
    florida.his appeal was denied,and sentence reduction hearing was denied. is there help for him?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Friday, November 22 13 10:51 am EST)

    Kevin, I am sorry about your son. The programming we do is federal only and not state. You will need to get a Florida law firm to help you. There is always hope and opportunities for early release.
    Don't give up.

  • wendy (Sunday, December 01 13 04:30 am EST)

    I need your help,my son goy 17 years federal time because he was a felon in ppssion of a fire arm and carrar crimanal,please l need your help,hes in florence co.we are in minn. He does not deserve 17

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, December 02 13 10:15 am EST)

    Hi Wendy. Please call our office and we can go over your case.

  • yolandapettaway (Tuesday, January 21 14 02:19 am EST)

    I need help with my husband case he is already been sentence he was a felon caught with a gun serving seven years

  • jay (Wednesday, February 05 14 02:11 pm EST)

    I need help with my friend that was sentences to life, can you help

  • mary curtis (Wednesday, February 26 14 01:21 pm EST)


  • Sam Copenhaver (Wednesday, February 26 14 02:47 pm EST)

    Mary, I wish that somehow we can help more but the fact is, bank robbery is considered a violent offense and although he can do the RDAP program, the gov't will not give him the time off. The Second
    Chance Act as well applies mainly to non-violent offenders.

    He can still benefit from a Rule 35b sentence reduction if there is any information that he can provide to the gov't.

  • Sav (Friday, March 07 14 02:58 am EST)

    I'm not sure weither or not this program will/can help. My husband was just sentenced to 30 months in a federal prison for a 3rd time gun charge and has not been housed yet.He does not have a violent
    past,the weapon was actually found in the home and not on him.Is that too little time for you to help me help him?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Friday, March 07 14 08:52 am EST)

    The gun charge will prevent him from getting a sentence reduction but he will get the 6 months halfway house and home confinement once he successfully finishes RDAP. There are other ways for him to
    get home early so call us to discuss.

  • Gloria Pokigo (Sunday, March 23 14 12:52 pm EDT)

    Is there any chance of the RDAP program at Elkton, Ohio being relocated to the Elkton Satellite prison?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, March 23 14 04:37 pm EDT)

    Gloria, I have not heard of that happening. If you have a loved one at the camp and gets into RDAP, he'll be transferred so no worries.

  • Twitch (Wednesday, March 26 14 12:57 am EDT)

    I was sentenced for a drug charge n served 30 mo. In arizonia federal prision my lawyer had told me to enroll my self in out patient drug classes while I was on pre- trial fighting my case.. So I did
    n when I got sentenced they recommended me to the drug program ( r-dap). And when I got to arizonia I talked to a councilor of r-dap program and they asked if my wife can send proof from the drug
    classes I was going too when on pre-trial and my wife got the documents for me n sent them in. With in 3 weeks being in prision I got notified from the drug council on I got put in right away I only
    served 18 months of my 30 month sentence n I got a whole year removed from my original sentence.. Just some advise

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, March 26 14 10:10 am EDT)

    Twitch - I am very glad you benefited from RDAP and got your sentence reduction. It is the best thing that can happen to you in such difficult circumstances. Thank you for sharing.

  • elizabeth (Tuesday, May 13 14 06:45 pm EDT)

    my husband is serving a 180 month sentence at allenwood low for marijuana conspiracy. he has no violence on his record but they added a two point gun enhancement because they were found in the house.
    he believes he is not eligible for RDAP because of this so he doesn't want to go through the program for nothing. also, he has heard that you are not supposed to apply for the program until you are
    36 months from getting released. it is in the final order from the judge that he will get a year off the sentence if he goes through the program but he doesn't trust that is will happen. are there
    any guarantees that he will get the year off if he completes it?

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, May 14 14 11:13 am EDT)

    Elizabeth, the gun enhancement will prevent him from getting a sentence reduction. The judge never "orders" the 1 year off and so that is not factual. Please call us because there are other ways to
    help your husband.

  • G.G (Sunday, May 25 14 04:44 pm EDT)

    I completed the rdap program back in September 2012. How can I get a copy of my certificate ? I completed it at FPC Florence

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, May 26 14 07:57 pm EDT)

    G.G - there is no way that we know of for you to get another certificate. It is an unofficial piece of paper anyways.

  • Erica (Monday, June 23 14 01:29 pm EDT)

    My husband received his placement and it is elkton ohio the judge mandated him to drug treatment do you know what the difference in the two facilities in elkton

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, June 24 14 09:58 pm EDT)

    Erica - The judge can only recommend RDAP and not mandate. The recommendation is useless since he still needs to meet the same eligibility requirements as everyone else.

    You can read up on the two facilities about Elkton on the BOP's website at www.bop.gov

  • patty obryan (Friday, July 11 14 03:34 pm EDT)

    My son just received notice that he is being transferred from a medium security FCI RDAP program to a Medical Facility RDAP program. He has servere anxiety, depression and has had two pulmonary
    embolisms in the last 5 years. He has not been told where he is going for security reasons. Could you please tell me which prison has medical as well as RDAP? Thank you

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, July 12 14 06:30 am EDT)

    Patty - It would either be MDC Springfield, Missouri or FMC Lexington in Kentucky. My guess would be the latter.

  • mom (Sunday, July 13 14 01:12 pm EDT)

    I have not read good reviews of FMC Lexington Ky. :(

  • antonio soto espinoza (Wednesday, July 23 14 03:35 pm EDT)

    i am waiting to get sentenced on a 24 to 30 month sentence in federal courts this is my first time going to prison and have no past of violence can you help for i can get off on early release

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, July 27 14 04:51 pm EDT)

    Hi Antonio. I have spoken already to you about your case. Please keep me in the loop as your case progresses so we can best position you to getting into RDAP.

  • gail (Thursday, July 31 14 07:41 am EDT)

    I have a question. my brothers in Memphis TN. prison. and he wants to transfer to yazoo city ms. but he has to find out if they have the rdap there. can you tell me if they do. im from tupelo and
    would love have him transferd to ms. would be so much closer to me. that would make me so PROUD! ? does yazoo city ms. have the rdap?

  • mom (Tuesday, August 05 14 05:35 pm EDT)

    Does Victorville FCI Calif. have the RDAP program?
    Are they a Class 3 medical facility?
    Are they still transferring inmates there with recent inmate attacks/fatalities?

  • chris (Saturday, August 09 14 03:20 am EDT)

    I'm soon to be serving my time at Sheridan, 51 months with 506 days credit for time served.. my question is, if I'm charged for aiding and abetting, brandishing of a firearm during drug trafficking,
    would I qualify for sentence reduction? and with regards to another the charge of conspiracy to distribute more the 50grams of Meth...those are the two counts I'm federally bout to serve.. one more
    thing,, I also have a local case that sorta connects to this federal one, which I'm gna serve concurrently, does my local case also determine qualifications in regards to sentence reduction for RDAP?
    local charges are, facilitating of aggravated assault, facilitating kidnapping, facilitating felonious restraint...the facts and nature of my case duly states that I didn't assault nor bodily injured
    anyone.. I only restrained becuz someone with the threatening upper hand ordered me to...that's where aiding n abetting, brandishing of a firearm come in... I really appreciate the advice , gd or
    bd.... thanks...

  • chris (Saturday, August 09 14 04:03 am EDT)

    I think I don't qualify for sentence redctn.. however, would my PSI be of any help as to the charges I face seeking the reduction..that being said,,if it's not to any extent achievable, then what are
    my options on any kinda reductions...? pls, if it's possible,, I'd really like to speak to someone regarding my case...(reply ASAP)...thanks...

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, September 01 14 11:52 am EDT)

    Gail - yes, Yazoo City does have RDAP there.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, September 01 14 11:54 am EDT)

    chris, you are right in that the gun charge will prevent you from getting the sentence reduction.

  • Bobbie webb (Tuesday, September 09 14 06:42 pm EDT)

    My boyfriend just got sentenced to 42 months he is convicted on drug charges. No violent charges and his first time being in prison. He wants to go to beckley wva camp. Is he eligible for a camp? And
    how long will he have to serve? He has 9 months in now while waiting for sentencing. The judge did recommend the rdap program. Please help. Unfortunately new to all this.

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, September 15 14 10:33 am EDT)

    Bobbie - please call us at our office to discuss. In short, he'll get 6 months off for good behavior in addition to time served. He most likely will go to a camp. The judge's recommendation for RDAP
    is not really useful. He will need to meet the same requirements as everyone else to get into RDAP.

  • Tracie Mithcell (Wednesday, October 01 14 12:45 am EDT)

    Hello my brother is in springfield doing time fed drug charge.Can he get early release on good time If he is in the 11th distric or another program.This a non violet crime.

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, October 04 14 02:04 pm EDT)

    Trace - I don't understand your question. He is entitled to good time credit and he may qualify for other programs that would get him early release. Call our office to find out for sure.

  • paris (Monday, January 26 15 04:41 pm EST)

    Hey does the west Virginia have the program the all women\'s federal prison

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, January 26 15 08:27 pm EST)

    Paris - yes, FPC Alderson in West Virginia has one of the largest RDAP programs in the country.

  • Andreea (Tuesday, January 27 15 07:35 am EST)

    My boyfriend after serving his sentence will be deported.what program is eligible in this case for a early deportation
    He is Romanian and is a non violent crime

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, January 31 15 08:27 am EST)

    Adreea, he will need a judge\'s order. No practical program exists in the BOP for early release for him.

  • Shunta (Monday, February 02 15 09:59 am EST)

    Any info on FCI LA TUNA please email ASAP AT bossladyweaver29@gmail.com

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, February 11 15 03:45 pm EST)

    Shunta - please call our office about this prison so we can address your questions. We have clients there now that can give more detail as needed. There is an RDAP program there.

  • Yania (Saturday, February 28 15 10:47 pm EST)

    Hello my husband was sentenced for 57 months we are from florida he is in Georgia until they moved him but I need him near home because we have a 3 years old autistic girl . Please someone can help
    me thank you

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, March 01 15 10:35 am EST)

    Yania - yes we can petition the BOP for transfer. Please call our office and we can discuss.

  • Patricia (Saturday, April 18 15 05:23 am EDT)

    hello I'm needing help for my brother thats in fed prison he was giving 10 years for meth and he's spent 5 so far is there any way he can get early release if i hire lawyer or will i just be throwing
    my money away. He's in Memphis TN. and I'm trying to help him get a early release if possible and his apointed lawyer is not helping him any at all. i think he has spent his time all together he
    stayed in memphis jail over a year before moved to Mason 2 yr there but was told he can't get time off for that. and has been in FCI for 2 years and he's done all his classes and all and been in no
    trouble while there..his release date isn't till 2021 he still has 6 yrs there. is there any help for him to get early release? and who is the best lawyer to contact in Memphis that will help him and
    not just take my money and do nothing for him. thanks

  • Don (Monday, April 20 15 12:31 pm EDT)

    I am sentenced to Elkton, possibly the satellite camp for 69 months for fraud and money laudering. Can I participate in the RDAP program. The judge recommended the program for my prescription drug
    abuse (opiates). I have no previous crimes.

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, April 20 15 03:44 pm EDT)

    Don, please call our office as soon as you can for us to discuss. You can do RDAP if things are done correctly. The judge's recommendation does not help you get in. You still need to meet the same
    requirements as everyone else. Please call before it is too late.

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, April 20 15 03:46 pm EDT)

    Patricia - please call our office and we can go over all the programs that can get your brother early release.

  • selena slocum (Monday, June 01 15 09:30 pm EDT)

    My boyfriend was sentence to 70 months on bullets he has no violence crimes his release date is february 2018 in Pekin Illnois fedral prison do he qualify for early release 18 months off his time do
    he qualify for the rdap program or 18 months off his sentence is it to late.

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, June 06 15 04:09 pm EDT)

    Selena - your boyfriend is in prison for a felon in possession and he would not be able to get a sentence reduction for RDAP.

  • Shay (Wednesday, June 17 15 04:54 pm EDT)

    Already serving 33 mths in Federal RDAP in Florence, CI, was brought to Florida for an open case, the case is complete and it was a possession of firearm charge, will they remove him from the program
    even though it's post sentencing and he was already in the program going into the last phase, they told him he could continue the program when he returned but we want to know will the new charge
    affect him.

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, June 19 15 09:08 am EDT)

    Shay - as long as his most recent firearm charge is separate, he should be able to go back to RDAP.

  • Tiffany (Sunday, November 01 15 06:18 pm EST)


    How can you get in contact with an individual program? I have been trying to get a number, e-mail, or something for the program in Bryan, Tx, but to no avail. Thank you!

  • Millye Thomas (Monday, November 02 15 04:48 pm EST)

    My son is doing 327mos. for a drug charge. He was denied a reduction in his sentence twice by the same judge. I just want someone to look over his paperwork to see if he can qualify for that
    reduction again.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, November 03 15 09:19 pm EST)

    Tiffany, the prison makes it very difficult to contact them. After all, they are not a customer service oriented organization. Call our office if you have an issue.

    Millye, I am so sorry your son has such a lengthy sentence. There is always hope for a sentence reduction. Never give up! Please call our office and we can discuss your case.

  • Tina (Thursday, November 12 15 11:56 pm EST)

    My fiancé was sentenced to 108 months for a conspiracy drug charge. He served 50 months before getting sentenced. He is a first time non- violent offender. His psi states that he smoked marijuana.
    Does that guarantee him entrance in the rdap program.

  • rashanda l (Friday, November 13 15 12:22 am EST)

    My husband,receive paperwork for completing the rdap program recieve out date September 16 2015 was release the in halfway for 7week the Marshall pick up stating he was release to early. .contact
    region office in tx..there aware it was there mistakes but wont take accountability. .was just taken away from his family in blick of the eye. Feeling hopeless

  • Phyllis (Sunday, November 15 15 11:36 am EST)

    Hi my name is Phyllis. And I have a man in federal prison in Massachusetts. His name is Jermaine Mingo. And I was wondering about his case. Just wanna know when will he be released. Cuz his released
    date says 10/23/21. Hey done 8 1/2 years already. Is that date gonna change? Thank u.

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, November 16 15 01:05 pm EST)

    Tina - we've spoken on the phone about this already. Simply having the psi state that he "smoked" marijuana is not enough. It has to show an addiction and an abuse. Please call our office to discuss.

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, November 16 15 10:40 pm EST)

    Phyllis - it has not changed yet. It may change if he were to receive a sentence reduction or if he loses good time credit due to an infraction.

  • Bobbie Yeager (Saturday, November 28 15 03:35 am EST)

    So Even though judge recommends rdap they don't get it how does that work ? My boyfriend of 16 yrs just got 48 months for distributing herion but he psi report that he has drug problems basically
    judge said he could benefit from this.

  • melinda cruz (Wednesday, December 02 15 03:19 pm EST)

    I took the r-dap program in Greenville IL. I did not get the year off due to a gun enhancement I served 5 years. Had it not been for the r-dap program my life would of went back to the way it was
    before. I am so thankful for this program the year is a great offer but it is a life changing thing that I think all inmates should get the chance to take weather you have a drug issue or not.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, December 03 15 08:52 pm EST)

    Bobbie - the judge's recommendation carries no weight in getting in unfortunately. His PSI may help him get in.

  • E Burton (Wednesday, January 20 16 04:01 pm EST)

    I have a loved one at FMC Lexington originally sentenced 2007 to 24 yrs reduced by the 2015 non violent act to be released 2020. He had a probation violation he was served while in federal custody.
    So when released the local judge wants 18 months, it was handed down consecutive. My understanding is because of this violation, he can not qualify for Rdap. Even though prev lawyer says he won't
    serve it. So if not qualified do you all have success in getting a state sentence to be ran concurrent with federal, so he can be qualified. He has low points and no write ups in 9yrs

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, February 01 16 08:12 pm EST)

    E Burton - the judge has ruled that the state sentence runs "consecutive". Unless somehow this is changed, your loved one will not be able to do RDAP.

  • Suzie (Thursday, February 25 16 10:20 am EST)

    My loved one is at Joe Corley waiting to be sent to federal prison. He is in for mail tampering. He is very concerned about his life as he has been threatened. Is he eligible for RDAP? He needs a
    safe place to go

  • Lynnsey (Friday, February 26 16 11:59 pm EST)

    My husband is being sentence to 36 months this is his first time being in prison he was convicted of possesion of a fire arm and being a drug user he does have prior battery from when he was younger
    does this mean he won't be able to do the drug program and get time knocked off of his sentence ? If so what can he do to get time taken off he is currently being place in Marion il usp ? Help please
    this is all new to me ?? Thank you

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, February 27 16 12:01 pm EST)

    Suzie - Please call our office if your husband's life is in danger. He may be able to get into RDAP and get the time off but we need to speak to you.

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, February 27 16 12:02 pm EST)

    Lynnsey - I am sorry to say that the possession of a firearm conviction is considered "violent" and he will not get the time off for RDAP. He may still get in and get the 6 months halfway house and
    home confinement.

  • jacqueline (Sunday, March 06 16 12:46 pm EST)

    Good day. My husband is serving a 37 months sentence for a drug offense. He's already in 6 months already. This is his first offense and he has no criminal history. The PSI report states that he has
    been using mariguana since he was 17 years old. He is now 57 and the judge recommended RDAP. What are his chances for this programme and the procedure.

  • Tiffany (Sunday, March 06 16 07:20 pm EST)

    So I read on here that you can't do the rdap program, to get a time cut if you have a gun charge. Is there any way to get time cuts other than good time? My fiance is about to be sentenced and tryin
    to do anything I can to help him.

  • Rose (Monday, March 07 16 09:00 pm EST)

    My husband was sentenced to 60 months and is going to FCI Elkton. I see they have the RDAP program but does he qualify? He was charged with conspiracy to kidnapping

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, April 07 16 04:20 pm EDT)

    Jacqueline - He stands a good chance but the devil is in the detail to be sure. Please call our office to discuss.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, April 07 16 04:21 pm EDT)

    Tiffany, with a gun charge, you can still do RDAP but will not get the reduction. There are other opportunities. Please call to discuss.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, April 07 16 04:22 pm EDT)

    Rose, please call our office to discuss his qualification. Kidnapping may prevent him from getting the sentence reduction however.

  • bobby (Friday, April 22 16 05:54 pm EDT)

    my brother is in butner low, but is taking the rdap, butner m1 and 2 give the rdap, will he be moved there temporarily or to another facility?

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, April 26 16 01:08 pm EDT)

    bobby - the BOP rarely will not move him to a medium from a low to do the program. There are violent offenders at the medium. He will be transferred to another low.

  • Kim (Monday, July 04 16 10:19 pm EDT)

    My husband is in Morgantowns, he was sentenced to 7 years on a drug charge he completed the drug program his release date says 2021 will he be released early.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, July 28 16 06:01 pm EDT)

    Kim, as long as he has not been convicted of anything "violent" then, yes he will get the reduction.

  • Tanya Gazdzicki (Monday, October 17 16 08:58 am EDT)

    If my brother has been in RDAP program and recently found out he has cancer and will be going to a Federal Medical Center for treatment will that affect his early release ? He is support to be
    released in March 2017.. Thank you

  • Diana (Friday, October 21 16 04:55 pm EDT)

    My son was release under supervision and was caught up on a drug case ,he waiting on court date ,its a fedral case is there any way that this progrsm can help him , on reducing his time , there got
    him on consperacy charge he was the passager ?

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, November 18 16 04:43 pm EST)

    Tanya - it may affect him. His health and well-being takes precedence over his RDAP completion. If they transfer him to the FMC where there may be no RDAP program, he would not be able to complete it.

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, November 18 16 04:45 pm EST)

    Diana - yes, your son may be able to get into this program. Please call our office to find out how.

  • keshiaB (Wednesday, December 14 16 11:33 am EST)

    My fiance just got to Forrest City Low for 37 months for drugs the judge did grant him to join this program but Im not seeing that this program is offered where he is how can I find out more information.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, January 31 17 08:20 pm EST)

    keshiaB - I am sorry to say that the judge can not "grant" or "order" the program. He still needs to have the correct documentation and pass a rigorous interview.

  • vicki (Sunday, February 19 17 05:18 am EST)

    does fci mendota in Fresno, CA offer the rdap program? my husband was just sent there to serve a 33 month sentence. while waiting to be transfered to prison he was told he qualified for rdap and would be going to a prison that would get him in immediatly. I noticed mendota was not on your list could you please let me know if he's where he needs to be. also, I haven't heard from him for several days since he was transferred and I was told he could call me as soon as he got there. is there a reason I should be worried?

  • Keisha (Thursday, February 23 17 02:12 am EST)

    My husband is doing a 60 month bid,already 2r months into it.he's in on a conspiracy drug charge.he has served time in state for gun charges about 6 years ago.he's non violent.this is his first drug charge.will the old state gun charges prevent him from getting the time off credit with the rdap program?

  • Nichole Greene (Thursday, February 23 17 09:59 am EST)

    Vicki-There is not an RDAP program at FCI mendota. What this means is that the Bureau of Prison has made a preliminary decision that your husband not qualified. Its still not to late however, please call our office, you will need the help now. One of our legal aids will work with you.

  • Nichole Greene (Thursday, February 23 17 10:04 am EST)

    Keisha-I have good news! The gun charge itself in the past from the State case does not prevent him from getting the time off. However, if there is more to it than that, where he actually committed assualt with the gun, that will prevent him from getting the time off. Call our office and one of our legal aids will work with you for free and go over his case with you.

  • jennifer stickel (Thursday, March 02 17 04:47 pm EST)

    I have a case I think would be very successful. My friend was incarcerated 15.5 years and was great until his daughter was murdered and he relapsed and has new charges and semntioned to 94 months with 24 mo for violation that is consecutive. judge sentenced today 3/2/17 and noted the need of this program. He is non vilant class 3 due to history. Amos has always self medicated from child hood abuse and now PTSD and trauma from his daughters border and defiananlty needs treatment as noted in PSI. He is a model inmate that needs treatment dual diagnosis. He is at polk county jail des moines iowa for another 2 weeks then to ??? can you help us?

  • Nichole Greene (Monday, March 06 17 09:34 am EST)

    Jennifer- Yes, please call our office.

  • Kathy Elks (Thursday, March 30 17 09:17 am EDT)

    My loved one was charged with conspiracy to sex traffic a minor. Will he qualify for time off??

  • Nichole Greene (Thursday, April 06 17 08:47 am EDT)

    Kathy - I am sorry no. That is considered abuse of a minor and therefore violent in nature.

  • Jennifer (Thursday, May 18 17 02:16 am EDT)

    Is there any where with more information on the RDAP program? My fiancee has been accepted in to.the program and is awaiting transfer to a facility with the program. His charges are distribution charges, no weapons or violence. I'm trying to understand if it is definitely 12 month reduction and is it guaranteed he will go to a halfway house?

  • Nichole Greene (Tuesday, May 23 17 09:00 am EDT)

    Jennifer, our website is the most detailed and complete about RDAP anywhere. Yes, based on what you have stated, he would get the 12 months reduction and halfway house. His sentence must be 37 months or higher or his reduction would be less.

  • Lisa (Saturday, June 24 17 11:12 pm EDT)

    If you have a carjacking charge are you eligible for the program and get some time reduction off

  • Nichole Greene (Friday, July 07 17 11:07 am EDT)

    Lisa- I am sorry to say that carjacking is considered violent since another person was assaulted by force. You can still do RDAP...however, you will not get the sentence reduction.

  • teara (Tuesday, August 29 17 05:54 pm EDT)

    The judge recommend rdap program how do I go about trying to get into it & how long does it take

  • Amanda (Saturday, September 09 17 06:19 pm EDT)

    I have a family member who is currently locked up at USP Big Sandy. He is serving time for a drug and gun charge and is scheduled for release in 2020. He is currently in the RDAP program is is eligible for the halfway house. I'm not sure if he is eligible for the 1 year reduction because of his gun charge but I would like to know if there are any other avenues for early release

  • Nichole Greene (Friday, September 29 17 01:48 pm EDT)

    Teara-I am sorry to say that the judge's recommendation for RDAP does not carry any weight with the BOP. Please review our website to get the answers on eligibility and application procedures. Call our office if you need more detail.

  • Nichole Greene (Friday, September 29 17 01:50 pm EDT)

    Amanda-I am sorry to say that you are correct that the gun charge would prevent him from getting the one year sentence reduction. However, the good news is that yes, he will get the 6 months halfway house and home confinement.

  • kitty clark (Thursday, October 19 17 12:15 pm EDT)

    Hello My son is moving in Jan to a Low Security Prison. Can you tell me if there are any lows that have the RDAP program? His home is MI but he is currently in MD. I would like to find some info for him so he can go where he can get this program. Thank You

  • Nichole (Friday, November 03 17 02:27 pm EDT)

    Hello Kitty Clark I have good news that FCI Milan is a low in Michigan that has the RDAP program. He can get closer to home. Let us know where he is going to be transferred and if it is NOT FCI Milan, we can let you know how to file with the BOP so that he does get there.

  • Maria (Friday, November 03 17 08:42 pm EDT)

    Hello, my husband has served 6.5 years in FCI Scuylkill and has a few more to go. He does not have a violent charge. He applied for the RDAP program today and was not approved because they said the PSI report said that he didn't have a drug problem within one year of his arrest and that the last positive drug test was around 2 years before. However, the PSI report states that "through counsel my husband clarified that while he never received drug treatment he has had an ongoing issue with substance abuse". He is trying to appeal their decision and point them to that footnote in the PSI report, do you think that will help? He will have to be transferred to a low security prison soon.
    Thank you

  • Shyra Clark (Wednesday, November 15 17 09:56 am EST)

    Hello My brother was just sentenced yesterday to 46 mo.for a weapons under disability charge in a Federal Court here in Ohio. There were also drugs found but those charges were dropped but ye admitted to having a little drug problem and the judge said he would put in for them to consider the RDAP PROGRAM as his #1 priority.He was transported back to jail so where does he go from here to get into the program is there any paperwork to fill out before he gets transferred to his home facility? THANK YOU AND HAVE A BLESSED DAY!

  • Geraldine curry (Saturday, December 02 17 03:38 pm EST)

    If my husband has a prior violent charge from over 10 years ago will it keep him from being able to do this program and get the reduction

  • Geraldine (Saturday, December 02 17 03:40 pm EST)

    If my husband has an aggravated battery for over ten years ago will it keep him from getting the reduction off his sentence he just got for a non violent crime now?

  • Jama russell (Thursday, December 07 17 08:32 pm EST)

    Hi my son is in shu at fci butner and should be transferred to terra haute soon. He desperately needs the rdap program. He has 13 months left on his sentence. Is there anyone who can help get him into the program once he arrives at terra haute?

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, December 27 17 01:33 pm EST)

    Maria, yes that can help. Please call our office and we can go through the detail with you just to be sure. We may be able to find other facts that can help your husband.

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, December 27 17 01:33 pm EST)

    Shyra, the judge's "recommendation" to the RDAP program carries no weight with the BOP unfortunately. I am also worried about that "weapons charge" which might prevent him from getting the sentence reduction if he did do the RDAP program. Please call us to discuss.

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, December 27 17 01:34 pm EST)

    Geraldine, good news. If the violent charge was over 10 years ago, he can still get the reduction.

  • Nichole Greene (Thursday, December 28 17 11:05 am EST)

    Jama, he is starting to run short on time to do the RDAP program. Please call our office and we can tell you how to expedite.

  • Samantha Marie (Sunday, January 21 18 01:17 am EST)

    My fiancé was just sentenced to 151 months for a drug charge he has a domestic violence charge from; years ago. Will that disqualify him from the year off?

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, February 24 18 04:50 pm EST)

    Samantha, I am so sorry for such a long sentence. If the domestic violence conviction is less than 10 years ago *AND* it is considered aggravated (use of dangerous weapons) and therefore felonious, than yes, he will not get the reduction.

  • VAL (Monday, March 12 18 12:26 pm EDT)

    My husband just got to Fort dix for 36 months, for medical fraud, somebody can tall me about when RDAP started in Fort Dix in Camp
    thanks for any help

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, March 12 18 01:17 pm EDT)

    VAL - there is no RDAP program at the prison camp at Fort Dix. The program is in the "FCI Fort Dix" which is the low security prison. Please call our office so that we can tell you some options.

  • Zina (Wednesday, March 14 18 10:34 am EDT)

    I just wand to know in which prison in New York USA can find the repair program thanks

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, March 14 18 12:41 pm EDT)

    Zina - there is no RDAP program currently in any prisons in the state of New York. However, there are several in surrounding states such as PA, CT and NJ.

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