RDAP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the Residential Drug Abuse Program (a.k.a. RDAP)?

A: The RDAP program is a cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) program run by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) as passed into law by 18 U.S.C. § 3621 which directs the BOP to provide residential drug abuse treatment to eligible federal inmates. RDAP is an all voluntary 500-hour 9-month program run at roughly 60+ federal prisons throughout the United States. Successful graduates are given up to a one-year reduction in sentence for early release and an increase to 6 month halfway house/home confinement.


Q: Can the RDAP program benefit state prisoners as well?

A: No, the RDAP program is only available for federal BOP inmates in federal prisons.


Q: How does a participant successfully graduate from the RDAP program in order to get the sentence reduction and early release?

A: You have to complete all three phases of the RDAP program successfully in order to get the sentence reduction and early release. The first phase, usually the most rigorous phase, is the unit-based component comprised of 500-hour worth of therapy lasting approximately 9 months. This “Group Therapy” lasts 3.5 hours daily and occurs during the morning or afternoon sessions. The RDAP program has higher priority than any BOP work or educational assignments.  When completed, you will receive a certificate of completion of RDAP at the end of this phase.


The second phase is considered the follow-up care that you receive if you have not yet been sent to the halfway house. Some graduates complete the RDAP program with time left on their sentence. While still in the general prison population, follow-up services comprise of weekly group sessions and assignments.


The last and third phase, Transitional drug abuse treatment (or TDAT) lasts normally six months and occurs at the halfway house and during home confinement. TDAT normally comprises of weekly group therapy sessions with other former RDAP graduates and may include weekly assignments.


Q: What is the wait-list like for the RDAP program?

A: In the past since 2008, the wait-list has been as high as 7,000 inmates and few inmates were receiving their full time off due to the wait. Today, after new admissions eligibility rules were put in place in March 2009, most RDAP facilities have no wait list and inmates are receiving their full sentence reduction for early release. This is due to the much more stringent admissions rules for RDAP eligibility put in place and fewer than 10% of RDAP applicants now are getting in, based on our unofficial sampling at some institutions.


A judge's order for RDAP is only a recommendation and inmates must still meet all eligibility requirements in order for admissions.  The vast majority of inmates with judge's orders for RDAP are routinely dis-regarded by the BOP since the inmate does not have the requisite documentation.  Indeed, many inmates come to prison thinking they are eligible only to find out that their substance abuse documentation is incomplete or incorrect. By then, it is too late to change.   Not surprising, the majority of all applicants fall in this category and become very bitter when they are rejected. Please make sure you work with your attorney to make sure everything is correct.


Q: When can you start the RDAP program, once admitted?

A: Although each RDAP facility is run slightly different, normally you must be within 48 - 60 months of release in order to apply to RDAP.   Once admitted, your start date depends on the wait list with priority given to those inmates with an earlier out date. As of 2012, due to the more stringent RDAP eligibility and admissions guidelines, most inmates are starting early and are receiving their full sentence reduction for early release.


Q: Do I have to sell or use drugs to get into RDAP?

A: No, a drug crime is not a deciding factor in getting into the RDAP program. Rather, you must meet the following:

  • You have a verifiable substance use disorder within 12 months prior to your arrest or indictment whichever is earlier
  • You volunteer and sign program admissions documents
  • You have sufficient time left in your sentence to complete the program
  • You are able to complete all three phases of the RDAP program and possess the mental ability to do so. You must be able to be sent to a halfway house and therefore, those with detainers, ICE/INS detainees, or military inmates are not eligible.
  • If you are eligible for the RDAP program but are not approved to get the time off, you may still graduate from RDAP and at least receive the extended 6 month halfway house/home confinement.


Q: How can an inmate apply to RDAP?

A: You can be referred to the program by BOP staff or you may directly apply with the Drug Abuse Program Coordinator (DAPC) at the institution. The DAPC will ascertain if you:


  • Have enough time left on your sentence
  • Have the mental and language (English) ability to complete the program
  • Have documented a verifiable substance abuse use disorder within 12-months prior to your initial arrest or indictment


Q: How does RDAP define that I have substance use disorder?

A: You have a disorder when your use of a controlled substance is more than just social or recreational and meets the definition as listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the Mental Disorders, Fourth Addition (DSM-IV). This definition shows a pattern of dependence and abuse as follows:


  • Continued use despite family, school, work, or legal problems or failed obligations
  • Increased tolerance to the substance requiring more to get the same effect
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Failure at attempts to quit
  • Put in dangerous situations due to substance abuse or intoxication


Q: What is a verifiable substance use disorder?

A: Admissions into RDAP requires verifiable documentation of your substance abuse disorder and can come from any one of these:


  • Presentence Report (PSR)
  • Notes or letters from medical or mental health professional(s), substance abuse treatment providers, probation or parole officer, or social worker
  • Two or more DUI’s or DWI’s within five years of your most recent arrest or indictment


If these documents are not already in your BOP file, you may have them sent directly from the provider to the DAPC. Understandably, no documentation will be accepted directly from you. The BOP will call and verify that the documentation is genuine. A judge’s recommendation is insufficient for admissions but certainly can be helpful along with medical records from the BOP’s Health Services.


In some cases, the BOP has ruled that an inmate, although having a verifiable substance abuse disorder, is in “remission” if he has not used drugs or alcohol within the 12 months prior to his initial arrest or indictment.


If you are facing incarceration, you should talk with a lawyer or consultant to properly document your verifiable substance use disorder to guarantee your RDAP eligibility, admissions, and sentence reduction for early release.


Q: How difficult is the RDAP Clinical Interview?

A: You will be interviewed by the institution’s Drug Abuse Program Coordinator (DAPC) once you apply and have documents in your central file verifying your substance use. The interview can be rigorous and include your history with substance abuse as defined in the DSM-IV and your desire and agreement for all the treatment terms and conditions.

Q: Which prisons have the RDAP program?

A: Not all federal prisons have the RDAP program. An official list of locations can be found on the Bureau of Prison’s website here and is re-listed below for your convenience:

Q: What if I am at a prison that does not have the RDAP program.

A: Not all federal prison’s have the RDAP program. Once admitted into RDAP by Psychology Services staff at your current prison, you will be transferred to another prison that does have the program. This may require that your security level be lowered before the transfer is allowed and from our experience, management variables are given frequently for this to happen by the BOP.


You may be eligible to start the RDAP program but you’ll have to wait for your transfer which may take several months and cut into your valuable time off. If you are in this situation, be sure to factor in this extra time and apply to RDAP earlier.


Q: Can I be kicked out of RDAP or quit?

A: Yes and it does occur too frequently. The RDAP program requires strict adherence to the rules and punishes rule-breaking or bad behavior. You will be given at least one written warning and receive a therapeutic intervention before this happens. The exception is if you break the gravest rules, considered to be 100 or 200-level incident reports (a.k.a. shots) for things such as drinking, smoking, stealing, fighting, or escape or if you break confidentiality about the RDAP program.


RDAP is a voluntary program and of course, you may quit at any time and for any reason. Some reasons may be that the program is too stressful or you are not getting the sentence reduction for early release.


Q: What happens if I get kicked out or withdraw from RDAP?

A: You will be immediately transferred out of the RDAP unit and may receive some sanctions such as furloughs, vacations, and loss halfway house time.


Q: Can I re-apply into RDAP after I get kicked out or quit?

A: Yes, after a 90 day wait period. We have found that in most instances, re-application is encouraged and successful but you will be starting all over again and therefore, lose any time that you already put in originally.


Q: How much time will I get off and who decides?

A: The following is the amount of sentence reduction for early release:


If Your Sentence is:             You get: 

30 Months or Less               6 Months Sentence Reduction

31 – 36 Months                   9 Months Sentence Reduction

37 or more Months               12 Months Sentence Reduction


You will also get an increase to the full 6-months halfway house/home confinement. Both the DAPC and the BOP’s Designation and Sentence Computation Center (DSCC) will verify your eligibility to receiving the sentence reduction within 30 days of RDAP admission.

RDAP Law and Prison Consultants specialize in successful RDAP eligibility, admissions, and support for the maximum sentence reduction possible for early release.  We take most cases on contingency, which means we will get you success or there is no fee. Your success is our success.  Timing is important and with the complex requirements surrounding what documentation are deemed acceptable, it’s important to seek consultation immediately. Call us now!

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  • Llinda (Tuesday, October 02 12 09:23 am EDT)

    Is there any truth to the fact that by the first of the year, rdap graduates will get more than the usual 6 month half way house sentence...

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, October 02 12 09:50 am EDT)

    Hello Llinda. It is *NOT* true that RDAP halfway house/home confinement placement will be extended from 6 months to 12 months instead. This has been a rumor for a long time.

    Unfortunately, the fact is that the halfway houses in general are at or over capacity now. Many inmates are unable to find work in this economy which taxes the halfway house further.

    If we hear anything further, we'll be sure to post it. Thank you for asking.

  • inez (Thursday, October 18 12 11:14 pm EDT)

    can residential alien be accepted for RDAP

  • Tat (Thursday, January 03 13 11:27 pm EST)

    My fiance is currently waiting for sentencing. He is being charged in connection with a drug conspiracy, possession with intent to distribute. He has a prior gun possession charge but nothing related
    to this case. Some of the co-defendants have gun charges related to this case.My questions to you is, will the prior gun possession charge or the co-defendants current gun charge(s) render him as
    ineligible for the RDAP program? Also, he may have a detainer from another state. Will this interfere with his chances? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  • danny (Tuesday, January 15 13 12:18 pm EST)

    Can someone with a possession of a stolen firearm charge get the sentence reduction?

  • Yvette Robinson (Thursday, January 17 13 10:32 pm EST)

    What is available to State Inmates

  • Deena Webster (Wednesday, February 20 13 09:23 pm EST)

    i am going to a fci in less than 2 weeks and i have a pending charge that i signed a waiver of speedy trial so its out in limbo. will i be eligible for the early release thru RDAP?

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, February 21 13 09:05 am EST)

    Yvette - RDAP is only for federal inmates.

  • Pat Toomey (Wednesday, March 06 13 01:04 pm EST)

    My son has completed the residential portion of RDAP and received 9 months off his sentence.(release is 11/13/13). we have no Halfway houses near our home. Will he lose his time off if he is not
    placed in a halfway house, because none is available.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, March 10 13 08:33 am EDT)

    Pat, good question. It is required to get to the halfway house because he still needs to complete the TDAT aftercare portion of RDAP.

    If there is no halfway house in his immediate area, the BOP will place him to the nearest halfway house which may be far away.

    Give us a call if you run into problems or issues with this since there is a remedy process that we can go through to resolve.

  • missy (Sunday, March 24 13 09:54 pm EDT)

    My boyfriend recently caught a drug case, hasn't had pretrial yet. How do we go about finding out if he can take this course when he's sentenced?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, March 25 13 09:01 am EDT)

    missy-call us and we can review his case for you to let you know if he'll get into the program - it's free!

  • Robin (Saturday, April 13 13 05:35 am EDT)

    My Boyfriend was just offered and admitted into the RDAP program at the Idaho Correctional Center, a State prison. When it was proposed to him, he was told that the program was a 3-6 month,
    self-paced program and he could be out in 3-4 months. When he got over to the program they told him it was a 6month-9 month program. he only has 9 months until he is off parole. He has no new charges
    just 2 minor parole violations. Beer in his refrig and riding his motorcycle 4 miles into another district (where he was attending college.) Can he withdraw from this program?

  • nickie harmon (Monday, April 29 13 10:22 pm EDT)

    can you get in the program possession of a firearm after former conviction it is federal Oklahoma

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, April 30 13 10:14 am EDT)

    nickie, you may still be eligible for RDAP and can still get the 6 months halfway house/home confinement. You will not get the direct sentence reduction.

  • Samantha (Monday, May 06 13 09:46 pm EDT)

    My Husband is currently at Northeast Ohio Correctional Center in the federal facility. He has a a referral from the judge to attend the jail with the shortest waiting list. He was told that some
    people serve there entire time without getting off the waiting list. Is there a way to get ahead of the list? What happens if he serves he entire time?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, May 07 13 07:38 am EDT)

    Samantha, you are hearing rumors about the wait list from other most likely envious inmates. No one serves there entire time while on the wait list. If the list is that long, he'll get transferred.

  • Amber (Sunday, May 26 13 07:16 pm EDT)

    My husband got a ticket g
    for escape when he was in the half way house(while in the rdap program) the feds picked him up and now is incarcerated again...what happens next? Will he receive and outside charges? Will all the
    time off he received for that program be taken away?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, May 28 13 08:03 pm EDT)

    Hi Amber. You ask a lot of detailed questions and it is hard to give advice without know the details. I can state some facts though. If the "escape" is real and serious, they can charge him with a
    new indictment. If serious enough (it sounds like it), he may lose all his sentence reduction from rdap since he really hasn't completed it yet. He may end up doing his entire time now in federal
    prison. I am sorry to say that.

  • Amanda (Tuesday, July 02 13 01:11 am EDT)

    How can someone request where they want to go?? I have a friend who is in federal prison who wants to choose where he goes.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, July 03 13 04:21 pm EDT)

    Amanda, your friend needs to work with his case manager for a transfer request. There are many things involved and things that can be done to increase his chances.

  • Amanda (Thursday, July 04 13 01:54 pm EDT)

    What if his case worker isn't allowing him to choose or help choose? What can be done? He's in a low security federal prison. What locations are open for him? What information do you need to help me
    help him? I'm really trying to help him, he's been locked up for 13 years, he's also waiting on the crack law to change here in Texas. He either wants to be closer to his family in Washington DC or
    closer here to El Paso near me. Is there anyone his mom or I could call to help make a plea for him? He said he was accepted into this RDAP program, but he wants to choose where he goes. Thanks in
    advance for any help and thank you for responding so quickly. I wasn't sure this message board was so current and someone would respond so quickly. Thanks again.

  • carmen (Thursday, September 19 13 07:28 pm EDT)

    my son is serving sentence for robery

  • Jessica Johnson (Sunday, September 29 13 05:49 pm EDT)

    Does the rdap program help inmates the get charged with a gun and drugs?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, October 23 13 05:08 pm EDT)

    Jessica, a gun charge would prevent the inmate to get the sentence reduction. The inmate may still do the RDAP program and get the 6 months halfway house.

  • Courtney Garcia (Saturday, November 02 13 11:40 am EDT)

    Is it true that they are trying to pass a bill that someone charged with a firearm can get the time off?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Thursday, November 07 13 12:11 pm EST)

    Courtney - we have not heard of any such bill. There are so many so it may be out there. We normally do not pay attention to a bill until it passes at least one of the houses in Congress.

  • john (Wednesday, November 20 13 11:18 am EST)

    So what if I received a 30 month federal sentence and a NY state sentence of 1-3 years to run concurrent to my 30 month federal she sentence. The state of New York lodges a detainer against me so now
    I cannot complete the third phase of the RDAP program which means no sentence reduction. How can you get NY to drop detainer so I am eligible for RDAP and sentence reduction. From what I have been
    told its impossible to get detainer from NY lifted.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, November 20 13 11:59 am EST)

    John, a detainer will prevent you from completing the RDAP program. You need to show that the detainer will be lifted prior to you finishing your federal prison sentence.

  • john (Wednesday, November 20 13 02:36 pm EST)

    Cliff so if I get the state prosecutor to write me a letter stating the detainer will be lifted after 1 year then that may work? Also does a state always lodge a detainer when the state sentence is
    going to run concurrent with federal sentence? Seems pointless to me.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, November 20 13 02:45 pm EST)

    John, yes, if you get the letter that it would be lifted by a certain date and that you are still in BOP custody at that date, that should work. Go to the Drug Abuse Program Coordinator at your
    facility and explain this. However, with your short sentence length along with the sentence reduction, I think you may still be doing state time when you are released from the BOP.

  • john (Wednesday, November 20 13 03:11 pm EST)

    Awesome thank you very much Cliff.

  • Mrs Demps (Friday, November 29 13 10:29 pm EST)

    My fiancé just told me that he has been in the RDAP for 2 months,which explains the drastic change in his behavior. I am still not fully understanding the halfway house portion. I received info on
    his home detention earliest date but not quite sure what it means.

  • Greg (Wednesday, December 18 13 08:56 am EST)

    I have a relative that is currently serving a 37 month sentence in a FPC and was just moved into an RDAP dormitory. Prior to being incarcerated, he was recommended by his judge for the RDAP program
    and has a history of drug dependency that was thoroughly documented in his pretrial, as well as failing a drug test. Now that he is a number of weeks from entering the class, he was told that he must
    wait for grand sperry to review, to see if he can get the 12 months off. He has a misdemeanor assault charge from 2001 and a misdemeanor domestic violence from 2000. Are those infractions severe
    enough from keeping my family member from receiving any time off?

  • Ondrea (Thursday, December 26 13 08:13 pm EST)

    Im being sentenced for approx. 30 months in Federal prison on a an indictment from 2010. I am female with a physical disability involving one prior spinal surgery with other spinal issues. I have no
    prior criminal history, therefore my attorney thinks I will be sent to a camp to do my time. I am however, on narcotic pain medication for my back along with other controlled substance for my anxiety
    & muscle spasms. My question is, would I still be able to receive my needed medication for these issues and if so, would they send me to a FMC instead? I was indicted with my husband for drug
    offenses, but none of them involved my medications or even similar to the medications I take daily.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, December 31 13 04:10 pm EST)

    Mrs Demps, your fiance will do 6 months at the halfway house and home confinement. Usually, inmates are only at the halfway house for a short time. Please call our office if you have specific

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, December 31 13 04:13 pm EST)

    Greg, all RDAP sentence reductions have to be approved by the DSCC in Grand Prairie, TX. This is done for fairness and uniformity throughout the BOP. I don't believe "misdemeanor" charges will
    prevent your loved one from getting the reduction. Typically, a felony is required and the assault charge has to be "aggravated". He should get the reduction. Call our office if you have specific

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, December 31 13 04:17 pm EST)

    Ondrea, you have a complex case so I would suggest you call our office. Just some short answers:

    1) The BOP does not like to give narcotic pain meds since they are so easily abused. They will try to ween you off of them after you arrive. Exceptions can be made however.

    2) FMC designation may occur if your health is serious enough to require hospitalization or is complex. Your back and muscle pain as well as anxiety are not serious enough based on what you wrote.

  • EVANGELINA CRUZ (Friday, January 10 14 10:00 pm EST)

    I am not sure how you may help, my daughter got sentence on June 2012 out dat date April, 2014, possible, May 2014, after she does tme in a halfway house near Detroit or Ann Arobor I am not quite

  • Cathy Anderson (Monday, January 20 14 10:41 pm EST)

    A good frined of mine is going through the RDAP at Leavenworth. He graduates from the in house program in April, 2014 and his release date is February, 2015. Is there a chance for him to get released
    to a halfway house earlier than 2015? Also, he does not want to go back to his home area. He has a much better chance for success in the area I live in, but he is having a difficult time convincing
    his case worker to allow him to come to my area. What can be done to assist him in going to a place he knows he will have better success? They tell him he has to go to a halfway house near his
    family. I have known him for over 33 yrs and I lead a very clean, successful life. What can we do to convince them that I will be a supposrtive, positive influence on his future. Pleasehelp!

  • sg (Friday, January 24 14 11:02 pm EST)

    Can a sex offender get time off for completing the RDAP program? I guess my question is are all sex offenses considered violent crimes?

  • Ala Martz (Saturday, January 25 14 03:24 am EST)

    My boyfriend just got sentenced on charges of 924(c), the judge gave him 5 years and said he could go to the 500 hour drug treatment program and get his sentenced reduced 6mo-1 year. According to the
    requirements I have read online a violent/gun charge will prevent an inmate from getting the time reduction but they may still be eligible for the 6 mo halfway house. My question is this...he has a
    violent charge (924c) but the judge told him to ordered him to attend the class to get a reduced sentence. Can he still get a reduced sentence and go to the halfway house?

  • Ala Martz (Saturday, January 25 14 03:31 am EST)

    I just read that the judges orders for treatment are only a recommendation and inmates must be eligible. Can you please tell me what the requirements are and what makes an inmate eligible. Thank you

  • Cliff Wimberly (Saturday, January 25 14 09:43 am EST)

    sg, not all sex offenses are considered violent. Depending on the case, you can get the time off. Please call so we can discuss.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Saturday, January 25 14 09:45 am EST)

    Ala, the judge can only recommend. The BOP will decide if he is eligible and will get the time off. The judge can not order it. Please call our office to discuss his case.

  • DENISE (Thursday, February 06 14 07:34 pm EST)


  • Cliff Wimbelry (Friday, February 07 14 02:20 pm EST)

    Denise, I am so happy for you and boyfriend. He will be transferred shortly and he'll be starting the program very soon. He can get anywhere from 6 to 12 months sentence reduction and another 6
    months halfway house and home confinement...depending on his sentence length. Call if you have questions.

  • lb (Thursday, February 20 14 10:23 pm EST)

    My boyfriend is in Yakton Fpc , his release date is 11/2018, he start Rdap
    3/14, will he get a early release since he's starting early

  • Cliff Wimberly (Friday, February 21 14 06:18 pm EST)

    lb, starting the RDAP program early is a good thing. He'll get his time off but if there is still prison time remaining, he will need to wait before release to the halfway house.

  • ctb (Wednesday, February 26 14 02:52 pm EST)

    my girlfriend just went to waseca on identity theft and wire fraud charges would she eligible for that rdap program? ? she has no prior convictions of drugs or violence or anything else for that

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, February 26 14 04:45 pm EST)

    ctb, there is a lot that goes into whether she is eligible for rdap. She does not need a prior conviction for drugs. We do need to find verifiable documentation that supports her substance abuse.
    Please call our office and I'll be able to tell you on the phone.

  • Carol (Thursday, March 06 14 12:03 am EST)

    My question is if you have a 2 pt. enhancement on a gun charge for a federal charge.Sentence of 65 months for conspiracy to sell marijuana.Carrying a gun?Can you get the rsap program?What are

  • Cliff Wimberly (Thursday, March 06 14 10:36 am EST)

    Carol, the gun enhance would prevent getting a sentence reduction although he may still get in the rdap program and the therapy he needs.

  • GLP (Friday, March 07 14 09:23 am EST)

    My daughter will finish RDAP in September, six months before her scheduled release date from FBOP, so she was expecting to go right into HWHouse after RDAP completion. Just got notified by her
    attorney that the US Attorney is putting in paperwork requesting early release for her and several others. Will they let her complete RDAP and maybe bypass HWH and go straight into the three-year
    probation period? I want her to finish RDAP (she might not agree).

  • Cliff Wimberly (Friday, March 07 14 10:03 am EST)

    GLP, if her Rule 35b sentence reduction from the US Attorney reduces her sentence to the point where she can not finish RDAP, the BOP will kick her out of the program.

    The 3rd Phase of RDAP is 6 months of Halfway House and Home Confinement with weekly group therapy and she needs to be able to do this to get the RDAP sentence reduction.

    Depending how much time off she gets for the rule 35b, it may cancel out any early release benefits from RDAP.

  • Mary (Saturday, March 08 14 06:00 pm EST)

    I have two questions.One is if you were charged with conspircy.Had gun but not charged with it only enhancement.Can you get the program or sentence reduction.Or better to try for Second Chance
    Act.And it was a non violent act.Gun was in car 30 ft.from act.And can you tell me a little about the second chance act.Thank you for helping so many people you will be blessed.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Saturday, March 08 14 09:33 pm EST)

    Mary, a gun enhancement will prevent you from getting the sentence reduction but you can still get the 6 months halfway house/home confinement. Please call us for more info on the 2nd Chance Act.

  • Kim (Monday, March 10 14 11:38 am EDT)

    My fiance has recently been detained due to failing a drug test in the halfway house. He also decided to run but was caught when the US Marshal came for him. Is there anyway for him not to go back to

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, March 10 14 01:38 pm EDT)

    Kim, based on what you have told me, it would be just about impossible for them not to send him back to prison. If he received a sentence reduction for RDAP, he will lose this time.

  • Shirley (Thursday, March 13 14 05:13 pm EDT)

    My son is in the final phase of the RDAP program and has an approved date of August 15 to go to halfway; however, when the paperwork was returned it states he won't be able to go until December 11
    due to bed space. Is there anything we can do to switch to a another halfway house with earlier availability?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Thursday, March 13 14 05:14 pm EDT)

    Shirley, bed space can be freed up later. He should work closely with his case manager and she would be able to get him to another halfway house.

  • Latoya (Wednesday, March 26 14 01:22 am EDT)

    My friend was sentenced to 46 months which is 3 years and 10 months. He's already been locked up for close to 10 months. Question, how long does it take to complete the rdap program? And is going to
    a half way house part of the program? "Latoya

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, March 26 14 10:08 am EDT)

    Latoya, the rdap program is a 9 month program of daily class work. After, there is an additional 6 months of halfway house and home confinement in the last phase of the program.

    Getting in can be difficult. Call us if your friend has difficulty getting in.

  • latoya (Thursday, March 27 14 02:36 am EDT)

    If I person has a place that they can be confined to, how do you go about authorizing that? Or do they have to go to the half way house and do the home confinement?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Thursday, March 27 14 02:42 pm EDT)

    Latoya - most everyone first has to go to the halfway house. There, they meet their new case manager, get trained on the many rules, and get assessed.

    Later, they can then go to home confinement if they are qualified.

    It's a two step process.

  • Martha jones (Tuesday, April 01 14 09:31 am EDT)

    Are Rdap facilities co-ed ?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, April 01 14 10:33 am EDT)

    Martha, RDAP facilities are definitely no co-ed. No where in the BOP is it co-ed for obvious reasons.

  • main street origional (Tuesday, April 08 14 12:56 pm EDT)

    will a first time offender of 1 count of possession of child pornography be refused the time off once RDAP is completed?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, April 08 14 03:26 pm EDT)

    Good news is that simple "possession" of child pornography still allows for the sentence reduction. Distribution or manufacturing of it will not.

  • Marc (Thursday, April 10 14 11:42 am EDT)

    My brother was accepted to the RDAP program and is asking for $200 in order to pay for the class. Is that a requirement?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Thursday, April 10 14 11:45 am EDT)

    Marc, the truth is that RDAP is absolutely FREE once you are accepted. We are talking about prison here

  • Jen (Monday, April 14 14 09:20 pm EDT)

    Is it legal for the halfway house to charge residents a monetary fee on top of the required 25% for weekend passes or home incarceration? Hope Village in DC is currently doing this and despite
    previous media exposure to the things they are doing it continues. Thanks.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, April 15 14 10:40 am EDT)

    Jen, I am not sure but I would guess it would depend on what they are charging. For your loved one's sake, don't rock the boat with them until after he/she is released from the halfway house.

  • Mickey (Tuesday, April 22 14 03:11 am EDT)

    My son was just sentenced to 3 years for possession with intent to deliver. The judge recommended RDAP. He is waiting for designation and a voluntary surrender date. He has documentation of a history
    of substance abuse, but he also has a history of mental disability due to anxiety and depression. The judge also recomended that his mental issues be addressed. He does not have prior felonies on his
    record, but he does have a recent domestic battery, another simple battery and various misdemeanors. In your opinion, do you believe he will be approved for RDAP or do you think the BOP will deny him
    RDAP and send him to a federal facility that will treat his mental health issues.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, April 22 14 08:47 am EDT)

    Mickey - I have many questions for you that can not be addressed here. Please call our office at 866-543-0250 and we can discuss in detail so you have the peace of mind.

  • main street origonal (Tuesday, April 22 14 11:59 am EDT)

    Thank you for your answer. I really appreciate it. What about situations where the RDAP coordinator is leading on the prisoner for months at a time, always saying 'maybe' about getting into the
    program, but never getting a straight answer?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, April 22 14 12:09 pm EDT)

    main street - The RDAP Coordinator is NOT the final say on whether an inmate is accepted into RDAP and receiving the sentence reduction. BOP headquarters (DSCC in Grand Prairie, TX) is the final say,
    especially on child porn charges. That is why it's always "maybe" because it is a difficult case.

  • Mon (Wednesday, April 23 14 06:09 pm EDT)

    My husband was denied entry to RDAP because of not enough evidence that he has/had drug problem. Before sentencing, he was placed on probation and turned up a dirty UA during that time. Is there a
    way to appeal or re-apply for the RDAP program because he had the dirty UA, which is evidence of drug abuse?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, April 23 14 06:50 pm EDT)

    Mon, I am sorry but having a dirty UA unfortunately does not automatically indicate drug abuse. You can appeal by asking your husband to submit a bp-9 to his counselor or case manager to appeal the

  • Crystal Dupree (Monday, April 28 14 08:49 pm EDT)

    My husband was accepted into this program he has a history of drug abuse. His current charges are possession with intent to sale cocaine and marijuana plus conspiracy to commit racketeering. My
    question is will the conspiracy to racketeering keep him from getting the sentence reduction? because, I don't know if that charge is considered a violent crime.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, April 29 14 10:11 am EDT)

    Crystal - Racketeering itself is not violent. There may be other elements of the case - such as gun enhancements or threats - that may be what is actually violent. Call us and we can look at the case
    for you.

  • Shelly (Tuesday, April 29 14 11:34 pm EDT)

    My husband is currently serving a 28 month sentence in FPC. He release time is showing 8/17/2015.. He is currently I RDAP program. My question is this the date he will leave the prison or is the date
    when he'll be out of a halfway house and home?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, April 30 14 10:44 am EDT)

    Shelly, that is the date that he will be out of the halfway house/home confinement and be on supervised release.

    He is due to be released from prison then on 2/17/2015.

  • Maggie (Saturday, May 03 14 06:23 pm EDT)

    Hi ! My fiancé will be completing RDAP in August ... He was recommended for 4 months in a halfway house instead of 6 . Is there anyway to increase this time to the full 6 months? Thanks!

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, May 05 14 09:45 am EDT)

    Maggie - that can not be true. He is required to complete 6 months of halfway house to get the sentence reduction. The exception would be if the halfway house is full.

    He needs to go see his case manager and make it a point that he by regulation is entitled to 6 months halfway house.

  • Maggie (Tuesday, May 06 14 07:29 am EDT)

    Thank you!!! He met with his team and is hoping they will change the recommendation. Many of the men there are not getting recommended for the full 6 months either. He was misplaced to a medium
    instead of a camp to serve a 33 month sentence so we are hoping to get him home ASAP.. I really appreciate your help !!!

  • Mrs. Garcia (Saturday, May 10 14 12:23 am EDT)

    Hello Cliff,
    My Husband is currently in A Federal Prison. His release date is September 2014, they promised him six months in a halfway house (Halfway package was sent March 25th) that's from March 2014 to
    September 2014 we are now in May he still has not heard any information/date from the halfway house. does that mean that he will only do a few months in a halfway house since his release date is in
    September and not the whole 6 months? is there anything you all can do to help us? I called the South Central Regional Office and their excuse was that the Halfway Houses Is short on staff and that's
    the reason they have not called my husband out there..

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, May 13 14 01:16 pm EDT)

    Mrs. Garcia - call us at our office to discuss your husbands case in more detail. We may be able to help.

  • kelly (Thursday, May 22 14 12:41 pm EDT)

    Is it true that they make them pay off any tickets that they have on their drivers license is that something new they are doing?

  • James Rouse (Sunday, May 25 14 11:58 am EDT)

    I am currently pre trial for a drug offense. Am probably getting 2-3 yrs. if I complete rdap, Do I get 6 mos reduction and also 6 mos halfway house? Meaning I would do, say I get 24 mos. only twelve
    mos. inside? Of course theoretically.

  • mom (Monday, May 26 14 12:53 am EDT)

    My son self surrendered to FCI Sheridan last week. He is applying for RDAP and should get it in. My question is how long before you know if you are approved generally? And, will he remain in FCI once
    he is aproved for RDAP until the next class starts or will he be moved to the Camp and wait there until the class starts?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, May 26 14 07:53 pm EDT)

    kelly, yes, you have to remove all detainers including traffic violations for RDAP.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, May 26 14 07:54 pm EDT)

    James Rouse - with a 24 months sentence, you would get about 3 months good time credit, 6 months direct sentence reduction and 6 months halfway house. You would be in no more than 12 months or less.

  • Cliff Wimbelry (Monday, May 26 14 07:56 pm EDT)

    mom - it can take 30 to 60 days for your son to find out. FCI Sheridan can be hard to get in. It is all camp so you son will stay where he is at to do RDAP.

  • Mrs. Beasley (Thursday, May 29 14 01:35 am EDT)

    Question...... my husband sentencing guidelines are 46-57 months, which the judge stated in the beginning of the case he normally sentence on the lower end. My question to you is if he's sentence to
    46 months can he apply for the RDAP as soon as he gets to the prison or camp?

    Do federal camps have the RDAP?
    How much time do you think he will have to do in the prison before going to the HWhouse ?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Thursday, May 29 14 09:14 am EDT)

    Mrs. Beasley - Yes, with few exceptions, he will be able apply to RDAP soon after arriving to prison. About half the camps have the RDAP program. Ideally, he will get about 6 months good time credit,
    12 months sentence reduction and 6 months halfway house/home confinement. This means he can be in and out of prison in 22 months.

    The key here is how sure are you that he *WILL* get into RDAP? Call us and we'll let you know for sure.

  • mom (Friday, May 30 14 01:15 am EDT)

    Thank you Cliff for your reply.
    My son self surrendered May 20th to FCI Sheridan Oregon. The RDAP Satelite Camp is next door. He is currently in the medium security general population lock up while they process him in. He is
    applying for RDAP. So you were saying it could take 30-60 days to hear if he is accepted. Does that mean he will stay in medium security until then? Or, do they determine his security class sooner
    and move him accordingly to low or minimum. Is there somewhere online I can access his DOC information?
    Thank you for your help.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Friday, May 30 14 04:23 pm EDT)

    mom, if he is minimum security status, then he will be moved to the camp very quickly.

  • mom (Sunday, June 01 14 12:42 am EDT)

    Cliff, my son is still in medium security at FCI Sheridan. When do they determine security status? Is it during the intake initially or is it something that was determined before he arrived there
    through his PSI report.? Is there a way I can check what his security status is online? He has been there just 10 days. Is it possible at some point for him to be moved to minimum security camp next

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, June 01 14 07:28 pm EDT)

    Mom, was your son allowed to self-report? If yes and he is non-violent, then he most likely is minimum security.

    Security level is determined prior to designation mainly with the PSI report. There is no way to check security status online. If he is minimum security, he will be moved to the camp shortly.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, June 01 14 07:41 pm EDT)

    Mom, sometimes when a new inmate arrives to prison, the BOP holds them in the SHU to be transferred again. This has happened to past clients of ours when the BOP discovers later that our client has
    past associates at the prison that they deemed inappropriate.

  • mom (Monday, June 02 14 12:05 am EDT)

    Cliff, My son was allowed to self-report. We took him as a family. It was a 12 hour drive. You think it says it on the PSI report? I have a copy of it. I will look again. If he were medium security
    would they have not let him self-report? He was on court services for a year prior to his sentencing. He was compliant with no violations. He never was arrested for this charge. He was charged with
    possession with intent to dist. 5 grams. He was sentenced to 3 years. He did receive a 2 point gun enhancement. It was a shot gun in the back of the car. So if he gets into RDAP I know he won't
    receive reduction of time. I appreciate your help. He has never been in prison before.

  • mom (Tuesday, June 03 14 11:11 am EDT)

    I have a letter of recommendation to send on my son's behalf. Who or what department do I send it to to help him get into the RDAP program? He just self surrendered 20 days ago to FCI Sheridan.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, June 03 14 03:40 pm EDT)

    mom, unforunately a "letter of recommendation" will not help him get into the rdap program. The BOP is very "specific" as to the documentation they will accept since it is so highly desirable to get
    into rdap.

  • mom (Tuesday, June 03 14 09:31 pm EDT)

    Cliff thank you for your replies to my posts. It helps alot for a mom to receive some, (any) information! He says he is in a small cell with 3 people in Unit 3A, medium security. Does that mean
    anything to you? He's been there just 20 days now. Will he likely remain where he is now or is it possible is situation will improve? What would he need to do to get moved to minimum security?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, June 04 14 11:01 am EDT)

    mom, if your son indeed is minimum security status, he will be transferred later. I am unsure when but it may take a few weeks. Please call me at 866-543-0250 and I can answer your questions.

  • Emma (Tuesday, June 10 14 06:50 am EDT)

    I have not heard from my fiancé in Sheridan Oregon federal prison in 6 days...what could that possibly mean? He has money on his account...

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, June 10 14 08:47 am EDT)

    Emma, he either does not want to call or perhaps he can not call. Sometimes, inmates get in trouble and are put in the hole. Please send him a letter.

  • Jessica Washington (Monday, June 23 14 11:27 am EDT)

    Hello. My husband is incarcerated with BOP and was recommended RDAP from the judge. Upon arriving at the prison, he was told he is not eligible because he was charged with a violent crime 28 years
    ago. Is there any way that he can get past this? The violent crime was a very long time ago. Please advise.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, June 24 14 09:56 pm EDT)

    Jessica - the violent crime would prevent him from getting the sentence reduction but he can still get into RDAP and get the 6 months halfway house/home confinement.

  • Steve Horne (Wednesday, June 25 14 10:15 am EDT)

    I am a retired USPO operating a federal sentencing guidelines consulting service. We have lots of meth cases in our district (EDNC), many of which are females with little or no priors and no gun
    enhancement. Do you know if most female inmates with RDAP recommendations, who seem to qualify for the program, are designated to Alderson? That seems to be the closest female facility to NC that has
    the program

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, June 25 14 10:30 am EDT)

    Hi Steve. You are correct, Alderson and also FPC Bryan in Texas. If they are low classified, they can also go to FCP Tallahassee in Florida.

    Judge's recommendation is useless.

  • chell (Sunday, July 06 14 05:00 pm EDT)

    Hi my boyfriend release date is 07/17/2017 but he is in the rdap program now he has bn in the program now for a month he told me that his date should change but he font knw when could u tell me what
    his release date will be thanks in advance

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, July 08 14 12:26 pm EDT)

    chell - the date changes after about 30 days after he starts rdap. Keep checking.

  • Anna Muniz (Wednesday, July 09 14 01:25 am EDT)

    My husband is serving 75months on possession drug charge judge recommended Rdap He arrived at Pollock USP signed up upon arriving there then he got interviewed was told he would qualify then had
    received email of another appt.but got transferred to allenwood USP was told there they don't have Rdap does he have to apply again or will they forward his information. Very confused want to help

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, July 12 14 06:26 am EDT)

    Hi Anna. He still has a while to serve before he can start the RDAP program. His initial interview was "unofficial". He can "officially" apply at Allenwood USP later, assumingly get accepted, and
    then be transferred to a RDAP facility.

  • James Morris #11207-027 (Monday, July 21 14 04:05 pm EDT)

    My name is James Morris II, #11207-027. I have completed the RDAP program despite the fact that I was not eligible for the time off incentive. That fact is now causing me problems I was unable to
    forsee. I have recently arrived in a halfway house in Michigan City, IN-which is a good distance from my release address. This is my dilemma. I have an opportunity to start a good job closer to home.
    A job I will not be able to keep if I have to leave early twice a week to participate in TDAT. Since there is no time being held over my head, that being the time off incentive, is there a way to
    forgo having to make this trip. Or at least make it possible to get this counseling at a closer facility. I feel that this job opportunity is imperative to my success. Please respond to my e-mail
    address if possible.

  • Kim (Tuesday, July 22 14 08:58 am EDT)

    Good morning,
    Here is a scenario:
    Dear friend is located in Rochester Mn.
    Originally from Kansas.
    Received minimum maximum. (300months)
    Drug trafficking charges.
    Would like to relocate to Leavenworth.
    Would he be eligible for the RDAP?
    If so, could he be transferred to Leavenworth?

  • June (Tuesday, July 22 14 10:01 pm EDT)

    My husband was sentenced to a camp for a non drug related offense. He has been accepted into rdap. He is now hearing rumors from other prisoners that he will not be eligible for time off his sentence
    for rdap bc his conviction was not drug related

  • Mistie (Wednesday, July 23 14 02:41 pm EDT)

    My husband is currently at NEOCC and serving a 54 month sentence for Conspiracy to distribute cocaine. His lawyer emailed me and stated that he could possibly be eligible for RDAP. He is an illegal
    immigrant, would he still qualify for this program? Also, if he does qualify and they move him to a RDAP facility, can he request which facility to go to?

  • keisha (Thursday, July 24 14 11:58 am EDT)

    I was sentenced to 33 months and self surrender in oct. My psr interview was done without my privare atty. When I was askes about any substance abuse problems I said I had none for fear this would
    get me into even more trouble. How can I get in the rdap program.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, July 27 14 04:44 pm EDT)

    James Morris - Unfortunately, if you do not do TDAT, the BOP will take the 6 months halfway house away from you and you would do your remaining time in a federal prison.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, July 27 14 04:46 pm EDT)

    Kim - 300 months is such a large sentence and I am sorry about that. He may still be eligible for RDAP but may have to wait 15 years before he can apply! He may put a transfer request with his
    counselor or case manager.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, July 27 14 04:47 pm EDT)

    June - your husband is hearing rumor and mis-information. You can still get a sentence reduction with a non-drug related conviction.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, July 27 14 04:48 pm EDT)

    Mistie - I am sorry but you must be a US Citizen to be eligible for RDAP.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, July 27 14 04:49 pm EDT)

    Keisha - there are other ways to get into RDAP besides the PSR. Please call our office so we can talk about your case.

  • Joan (Tuesday, July 29 14 06:17 pm EDT)

    Hello - my step-son is in Safford FCI and has been accepted into RDAP. Our worry is the lack of beds/HWHs in the San Diego area. Currently, there is one. We are hearing that they are not accepting SO
    residents. I hope that's another rumor, but my main question is who is in charge of assigning where inmates go? I knew it was originally done in Grand Prairie but now we are told the Western Region
    is being handled from an office in Long Beach/San Pedro. Do you have the latest scoop?

    P.S. Thank you for providing this valuable service for the loved ones/families of those inside.

  • Loretta (Thursday, July 31 14 07:39 pm EDT)

    My fiance is scheduled for RDAP graduation on August 26 at the Beaumont USP Camp. He has not gotten his packet from the HWH, should we be concerned since it is less than a month from graduation? He
    is scheduled to be housed in the Phoenix area of Arizona.

  • Lynnlee (Sunday, August 10 14 09:45 pm EDT)

    Hi Cliff ... An inmate at camp lompoc having graduate from RDAP received 72 month sentence. Non violent white collar crime .. What camps give credit reduction of 6 months for half way house.
    As checking the smarter sentencing act he is not a drug runner have a nonviolent crime and will not qualify as far as I can tell for the sentence reduction as it's also under 10 years.
    Could you suggest any camps that would also give reduction for halfway housing.??
    Thank you so much ... L

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, August 24 14 09:32 pm EDT)

    Joan, your step-son will be re-assigned a case manager in the RDAP unit and he should deal with him or her on this issue. There may not be one.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, August 24 14 09:34 pm EDT)

    Lynnlee, the western camps in California and Oregon tend to give more halfway house time. He is already in Lompoc so he's in good shape.

  • Cris (Thursday, September 11 14 09:31 pm EDT)

    I was just sentenced 9/10/14 to 60 months on a Marijuana conspiracy in Federal Prison and the judge recommended me into the Satellite Camp and into R-DAP program, but I have a DWI aggravated assault
    charge from January of 99. Will I be eligible for the program?

  • family (Friday, September 12 14 11:04 am EDT)

    my son is starting RDAP. His release date is 12/28/16 He currently has 16 classification points and is in medium security. Will he receive a 1 point reduction for completing the class portion? That
    would put him at 15 points which is considered low security. Can he put in for a transfer to another facility with just 16 months until his release date? Or will he go directly to a half way house?

  • Cris (Friday, September 12 14 10:16 pm EDT)

    Sorry I worded my question wrong. I was just sentenced 9/10/14 to 60 months on a Marijuana conspiracy in Federal Prison and the judge recommended me into the FDIC Fort Dix and Satellite Camp and into
    RDAP program, but I have a DWI aggravated assault charge from January of 99. Will I be eligible to get a reduction in my sentence?

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, September 15 14 10:35 am EDT)

    family, please call our office to discuss. These are complex questions. There is no "point reduction" typically for completing the class.

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, September 15 14 10:38 am EDT)

    Cris, chances are high that the DWI aggr assault is going to be a problem. You need to go ahead and get in RDAP first and the BOP will let you know if you can have the reduction. There are
    opportunities to appeal their decision.

  • Heidi (Thursday, September 18 14 01:11 pm EDT)

    My son is in MDC New york,awaiting sentencing,i've spoken to him about trying to get into the RDAP program,but he believes he will not be eligible because he is charged with a sex offense(on his
    computer),non violent. Is he correct or would he have a chance to get in?Thank you in advance.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, September 23 14 07:50 am EDT)

    Heidi, he can still get in and get the sentence reduction. Please call our office.

  • Jessica Mitchell (Wednesday, September 24 14 09:14 am EDT)

    How long does it take to get an approval for a halfway house date? My fiance has been waiting since May and others that put in after him have already been approved with a date. He hasn't had any
    shots the entire 9 years that he has been gone, so I know that he should get approved. I don't know if there is different times. He's in the Western District of Michigan

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, September 24 14 09:22 am EDT)

    Jessica, it normally does not take very long. I think in your fiance's case, there must be some extenuating circumstances.

  • Jessica Mitchell (Wednesday, September 24 14 09:29 am EDT)

    I can't think of any extenuating circumstances. He's done his time. Doesn't have any outstanding warrants with anyone. Is there anyone to contact regarding what the hold up is besides the case
    manager or counselor at the prison?

  • Vanessa (Thursday, September 25 14 03:43 am EDT)

    If the defendant has a 4th degree agg. Assault charge will he still qualify for the early release upon acceptance to rdap program?

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, September 25 14 09:21 am EDT)

    Vanessa, normally agg assault convictions (not charge) would prevent him for the sentence reduction. There are however many exceptions.

  • Vanessa (Sunday, September 28 14 03:21 am EDT)

    It was a 4th degree conviction. What are the exceptions ??? He didn't provide substantial evidence was the only one out of his codefendants that did not. The mayor of our town was also involved.

  • Yvonne (Monday, September 29 14 11:47 am EDT)

    My boyfriend was recommended for RDAP in his sentencing. He was interviewed for RDAP recently and was turned down. Does he have any other remedies for being turned down.

  • Francis (Wednesday, October 01 14 01:34 pm EDT)

    Hello, I am currently in a halfway house in Dania, Florida. I completed the RDAP program and got a year off my sentence. Since there was not room in the first RDAP class I only got 11 months off my
    sentence. I Graduated 04/04/2014 and did aftercare inside of prison for one month before I went to the halfway house. All of my BOP paperwork said my release from BOP was 10/01/2014; however now they
    are telling me that the aftercare in prison does not count and I must serve out the remaining 26 days in BOP cust. What do I do...this was sprung on me yesterday. As an added bonus I completed the
    TDAP and they (TDAP) SAYS the region has said no more TDAP I am finished.

  • Lynn (Saturday, October 04 14 01:05 am EDT)

    My husband is back in prison on a violation can they get a time cut if they are on a violation. The judge wants him in drug treatment

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, October 04 14 01:58 pm EDT)

    Yvonne - I am sorry that happened to your boyfriend. We have to find out why he was denied and address it. He can always re-apply to be considered again. Give us a call to discuss.

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, October 04 14 02:01 pm EDT)

    Francis - first off, you must be very grateful that you did get the time off. I think that your situation is some sort of mis-understand or mis-communication. Please call our office so we can discuss
    in detail. You do not have to serve more time than what is sentenced.

  • James Russo (Monday, October 13 14 11:20 am EDT)

    Regarding BOP point system for designation "History of Violence Severity" section reads "Severity of violence is determined by the offense behavior regardless of the conviction/finding of guilt
    offense" So it appears they score you on the offense you were arrested for not what you may have plead to?? However is it true there must still be a conviction and therefore any previous arrest that
    were dismissed would not be scored?

  • Cliff Wimbelry (Wednesday, October 22 14 09:45 am EDT)

    James, unfortunately in terms of the BOP point system, they also will be counting arrests even though it was dismissed.

  • Charmaine (Saturday, October 25 14 10:24 pm EDT)

    My husband is in a halfway house that he was assigned to that is completely out of his region the people there said they have no idea why he would be sent so far away from his home stead in which he
    has no near family nor while he be able to get a job a maintain it 3 hours away from where he will be paroled to..can anybody tell me how we can try to get him transfered to a closer place there are
    several within a hour of us but he is 3 hours away.... an most halfway house house inmates close to there city so they may prepare for society there is no chance that far away who do we contact or do
    I need an attorney

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, November 07 14 12:32 pm EST)

    Charmaine, unfortunately it is very hard to have the halfway house re-assigned. He should bring this up with his case manager at the halfway house.

  • Lisa Morgan (Saturday, November 22 14 08:15 pm EST)

    My son is currently enrolled in the RDAP program in a Florida prison. A prison employee told him if he didn\'t successfully complete the RDAP program it would affect his driver\'s license. I have
    researched and found nothing proving this to be true. Do you know if this is correct?

  • Nick (Friday, November 28 14 03:22 pm EST)

    When does the next program start? How often does the program Run?

  • Susan (Wednesday, December 03 14 11:38 am EST)

    Does a 6 mos sentence reduction (government request under rule 35), impact the potential early release thru the RDAP program. The inmate was originally sentenced 30 months beginning Oct 2014 and just
    recently entered the RDAP program. According to the chart, it appears as though a sentence of 30 months (or less) will qualify you for a 6 month reduction, once the program is completed (incl a
    halfway house time period).

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, December 03 14 02:01 pm EST)

    Lisa - the prison employee is incorrect. It is not true and does not make any sense.

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, December 03 14 02:03 pm EST)

    Nick - when the next program starts depends on the prison. Some larger prisons has a new class starting most every month while the smaller ones has class starting every three months.

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, December 03 14 02:07 pm EST)

    Hi Susan.

    I am very happy your loved one got a rule 35! Yes, it does affect your loved ones RDAP time off. We can go over the math with you over the phone but in a nutshell, your loved one will be released
    from prison right after RDAP class and do the mandatory six months halfway house and home confinement.

  • Susan (Thursday, December 04 14 10:15 am EST)

    As a clarification, I should have asked if a 6 mos reduction in sentence through the Rule 35, would NEGATIVELY impact any reduction throughout the RDAP program? In other words, is it looked at as
    double dipping?

  • Julie Morton (Sunday, December 07 14 01:00 am EST)

    My Husband was in the RDAP program and halfway through the program when he was recently thrown in the SHU for staff allegations against him. The official word from the BOP on the investigation was to
    remove him from RDAP and transfer him to another facility. The official letter from the Warden stated he was still currently accepted for halfway house placement in March of 2015...However he was
    told that once he arrives at this other facility he will have to start the RDAP program all over again and lose what time he has already completed and lose his year reduction. I have also heard that
    it is up to the facility whether or not to restart him or place him where he left off. Can you shed any light on what could happen and if placing him where he left off is even possible?

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, December 07 14 08:05 am EST)

    Susan, you can get both rule 35b and RDAP reductions. The issue is if the rule 35b reduction takes too much time off and there is not enough time for your loved one to finish RDAP, including phase

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, December 07 14 08:07 am EST)

    Julie, what you are hearing are all true. It is up to the new staff at the new prison. My experience is that they will allow him to continue with RDAP and not have to start all over.

  • lonnie (Monday, December 15 14 03:45 am EST)

    My husband (a 100% disabled vet) just graduated Rdap program Dec 2nd.. His release date is Feb 5th... He is eligible for home confinement Feb 2nd. Does this mean he may go straight to home

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, December 19 14 03:22 pm EST)

    Lonnie - He is eligible yes but for practical purposes..no. He will have to go to they halfway house first and learn the rules and get oriented. When his case manager feels that he is ready, he will
    then go to home confinement. That may be a few days or a couple of weeks.

  • lonnie (Tuesday, December 23 14 01:48 am EST)

    My husband was in a camp and just graduated from the rdap program Dec 2nd. He was also a mentor and recieved awards. He was 45 days away from being released to halfway house. Last week they
    transferred him to fci low and into shu. I received a letter from him saying he got into a fight. He didn\'t go into detail. But I dont think he was caught fighting. But had a black eye that made it
    obvious. He said they were investigating and going to decide his punishment. Do they ever give second Chance if they have always done good? My husband was 45 days away from coming home we have
    3children. I know my husband wouldn\'t do anything to jeopardize that. But only to maybe defend himself. Please give me some advice..

  • Jeannie (Monday, December 29 14 08:52 am EST)

    My husband was moved the the drug dorm 3 weeks ago in his FPC. He does not start the program until mid-March. He was originally sentenced to 42 mos. but got a rule 35, bringing his sentence down to
    26 months. He has served 4 months already. The RDAP program is suppose to finish the first week of December. Does this mean he will finish his sentence and will be transferred to the halfway house by
    Mid December 2015.

  • Charla Peyton (Wednesday, December 31 14 08:53 pm EST)

    My son went to prison and totally qualified for the RDAP program only not to have taken it. They promise you things they DO NOT go through with - everyone needs to know this! They also claim to not
    send anyone over 500 miles from home - that\'s nothing but a LIE also. Don\'t trust the FEDS - like it says on the internet - \"It\'s like wrestling with a gorilla\".

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, January 04 15 09:59 pm EST)

    Lonnie - it will be up to the Drug Abuse Program Coordinator at the prison. He may still get the sentence reduction. Call our office if you need help.

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, January 04 15 10:01 pm EST)

    Jeannie, I am happy to say he will be released by mid-December. Good job to you and your husband to do everything right!

  • lonnie (Monday, January 05 15 02:29 am EST)

    i did call the office but the man that i spoke with said he couldn\'t answer my questions. he said he only helps people get into the program. is there a specific number for me to call?

  • mom (Thursday, January 15 15 11:12 pm EST)

    My son is currently in RDAP and will finish the program 6/15. His release date is 12/16. Will the BOP wait and send him to a HWH 6 months before his release date?
    He is disabled? What are the expectations of the HWH of disabled people who are unable to work? If they can\'t work, they can\'t pay their percentage of earnings to the HWH. What happens in that

  • Shalon (Thursday, January 15 15 11:20 pm EST)

    My husband was sentenced monday to 60 months in federal prison. He was already in custody and served 22 months before sentencing. The judge suggested the RDAP program and mental evaluation. He has
    not been sent to the facility yet so he is still losing valuable time. How is all this calculated?More directly - will he still qualify since he has served 22 months already. Is there a cut off?

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, January 20 15 08:53 am EST)

    mom, Yes they will send him to HFW 6 months prior to release date. If he is disabled, they can make him an exception and he does not have to work.

    Shalon, there is still time to get him into the RDAP program. Please call our office at 866-543-0250.

  • Dana Brown (Friday, January 30 15 11:16 pm EST)

    My son has been designated to the Federal Transfer Center OKC. It doesn\'t have any of the programs he needs to take. He was charged with 1 count of child pornography. He is suppose to take the So
    treatment program,judge recommended Seagoville,but the sent him to Federal Transfer Center to work as a Cadre. He also needed to be in the Rdap program .Prison doesn\'t have this either. My question
    is how do you get transferred to a place that have both of these programs. He was sent to FTC OKC to serve his sentence on 1/15/2015. Supposedly release date 4/29/2019.thank You Mom

  • HAROLD JOHNSON (Saturday, January 31 15 06:27 am EST)

    Question my son was sentenced to 60 months the judge recommended the drug program for him and sent him to Fort Dix FCI is that the Rdap program

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, January 31 15 08:22 am EST)

    Dana - The FTC in Oklahoma is only a temporary hold and he will be transferred again. Please call our office to discuss your son\'s case.

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, January 31 15 08:26 am EST)

    Harold - Fort Dix FCI has the program and the Low but none at the camp. If he is at the Low then he can attend the program there. The judge\'s recommendation is meaningless. He will still need to
    meet the same requirements as everyone else. Please call our office and we will tell you if he will be able to be accepted.

  • Kako (Thursday, February 05 15 11:21 pm EST)

    Can I get a time cut from RDAP program w/a 2pt gun enhancement?

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, February 11 15 03:40 pm EST)

    Kako - in most ordinary circumstances, a 2pt gun enhancement will prohibit any sentence reduction from RDAP. However, your loved one is still eligible for the 6 months halfway house and home

  • Debbie (Tuesday, March 17 15 07:07 am EDT)

    My son is in the RDAP program but says he needs at least $100 a month, to stay in, is this true, do they need to pay for this?

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, March 17 15 08:56 am EDT)

    Debbie - RDAP is free. However, he is required to meet his monthly financial payments (called FRP) or he will be kicked out. It may be his payment is $100.

  • JP (Thursday, March 19 15 12:39 pm EDT)

    My husband is doing 78 months for conspiracy and he didn't get a gun charge but 2 of the 5 defendants did. He got enhanced 2 points because they had a gun. Can he still do the RDAP and get 12 months

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, March 21 15 10:46 am EDT)

    JP - I am so sorry to say that the 2 point gun enhance does preclude him from getting the 12 months reduction. He can still do RDAP however. He should apply anyways and when he gets accepted, they
    will let him know.

  • Mickey (Friday, April 10 15 03:24 pm EDT)

    I got sentence to 36 months and 12 months Home confinmenet. How does the Home confinement affect my RDAP calculations

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, April 10 15 03:53 pm EDT)

    Mickey - You will get 5 months good behavior and if you succeed in finishing RDAP, will get 9 months off your sentence plus the 12 months home confinement. This means you will need to immeidately
    start the RDAP program upon arriving to prison. Please call us so you have the peace of mind that you have all your documentation in order to get into the program. We will also give you some advice
    on how to pass the clinical interview as well.

  • Larrry Andrus (Monday, April 20 15 09:11 pm EDT)

    My girlfriend wanted me to see if there is any info on if they can give the full year to people in RDAP Program regardless of how much time they were originally given. Like are there any acceptions
    to the rules. I have looked and not found anything so I thought that I would ask. Is there any exceptions that can or could be made?

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, April 20 15 10:14 pm EDT)

    Larrry-To get a year off, you have to have at least 37 month sentence or higher and you can not have been convicted of any crimes of violence. I have seen exceptions made but it needs to be argued.

  • Larry Andrus (Tuesday, April 21 15 12:05 am EDT)

    Thank you Anh for the quick reply and answer. My next question would be how could she go about asking and who can she ask about this? She is in the program at the moment and is doing well. She is
    very lucky and thankful she got in the program as am I. She has never been convicted of any crimes of violence but her sentence is 30 months not 37 or higher. Thank you

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, April 22 15 02:08 pm EDT)

    Larry - she will still get 6 months reduction and 6 months halfway house then if what you are saying is correct. You will see our release date change soon which means that she has the time off.

  • Larry Andrus (Saturday, April 25 15 03:53 am EDT)

    Okay, thank you again Anh.

  • gilbert (Friday, June 26 15 10:06 pm EDT)

    Can an inmate be held back and added more months on rdap for being dependent on spouse

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, June 27 15 10:08 am EDT)

    Gilbert - yes, an inmate can be given more months of RDAP programming if the treatment staff feels the inmate is not progressing well enough. "Being dependent on spouse" is vague and evidently it is
    an issue.

  • Brandy (Friday, July 31 15 12:00 pm EDT)

    My sweetheart has a violent felony 27 yrs ago and was told he wont qualify for time off because of it, but recently they have been hearing that the BOP is going to start considering only Criminal
    History in the last 10 yrs to determine incentive eligibility, have you heard anything about that? is there anything we can do about them using the history from so long ago?

  • Cynthia Reynolds (Saturday, August 01 15 02:50 am EDT)

    My husband is currently serving a 66 month sentence at Florence medium security facility. He was charged with conspiracy and the judge recommended he do a 9month drug program and that he will do a
    half way house type sentence at elreno. He has 25 points right now but his case worker won't reduce his points for a case that was dropped by the state and I mailed him notoraized copy of the case to
    provide proof that those charges were dropped. His current charge is non violent and he has been sitting at Florence for 7 months now and has no idea where he stands on his sentencing situation. His
    case worker has now told him he has lost his paperwork. I was supposed to go to elreno first but his codefendant was also supposed to go there too but ended up in more trouble for other charges and
    isn't at elreno. My husband wants to know if he is even getting credit for this time he is serving in limbo. And if he can get transfered to elreno because his codefendant isn't even there?

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, August 02 15 12:55 pm EDT)

    Brandy, we have heard the same that "rumored" but it is not the case currently. Let's hope and pray.

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, August 02 15 12:57 pm EDT)

    Cynthia, your case is complex. Please call our office to discuss.

  • Marico Thomas (Wednesday, August 26 15 02:58 pm EDT)

    My brother is in a federal facility he has been approved for RDAP we planned to pick him up for his furlough and drop him off. We have been told yesterday by him the institution he is at has a bus
    that directly drops him off and no furlough is needed. Can we still drop him off? Is this a situation of institution saving money?

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, September 01 15 11:23 am EDT)

    Marico - it is up to his case manager for the furlough. They will let you know if you can pick him up or he will be on the bus.

  • Roxy (Wednesday, September 02 15 06:33 am EDT)

    My boyfriend completed the RDAP program in April and paperwork was sent to Grand Prairie to have the year taken off. My question is will the home visit happen before he gets his release date, or will
    they give him a date to be transferred to the halfway house before they do the home visit? He is being released to a different state than where he was convicted. I thought he would have been
    transferred to the halfway house last month based on his BOP release date shows February 2017 online. As of today no home visit has been scheduled so I'm confused as to why it is taking so long.
    Again he graduated from the RDAP program in April.

  • Julie Mendez (Saturday, September 05 15 06:24 pm EDT)

    My husband was sentenced to 42 months originally but was given a Rule 35 of 20%. He started the RDAP program at his camp on March 16, 2015 and is scheduled to finish the program on Friday, December
    11, 2015. He went into federal prison on August 28, 2014. Will he be released immediately following the RDAP program on Monday, December 14, 2015 and sent to halfway house?

  • Jeannette (Sunday, September 06 15 07:27 pm EDT)

    My husband was sentenced to 42 mos. in federal prison. He cooperated with the government but has not received his reduction until he testifies. The trial date for him to testify has been pushed back
    4 times, it is now scheduled for late October. The prosecutor asked him if he wanted an immediate reduction, which would be less than the reduction after he testified or just to wait and get the full
    reduction. He is currently enrolled in RDAP and finishes December 11th. We were going to ask for a 10% reduction, because with our calculation he will be released as soon as the drug program is over.
    Can you please confirm that our calculation is correct? He received a 42 month sentence and should get the full 12 months off for the RDAP program. Please let me know. Thanks!

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, September 17 15 01:01 pm EDT)

    Jeanette, I will need to know his inmate # for us to do this for you. You have to be careful because getting too much of a reduction from the prosecutor can "cancel out" the RDAP reduction. Please
    call our office.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, September 17 15 01:02 pm EDT)

    Julie, we need his inmate # to do the calculation. Please call our office.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, September 17 15 01:03 pm EDT)

    Roxy, if his release date is Feb 17, then he would be released to the halfway house around Aug 2016. His home visit is not for a while yet.

  • L. Conner (Monday, September 21 15 08:18 pm EDT)

    My boyfriend will complete the 3rd phase of the program I think next month and he has and he has yet to get a release date. I called the rdap office in April I believe and on their records it said
    his release date was in 2018 but it was actually 2017 and it was posted on bop web site as 2017 so that put him that much further behind. They say they are waiting on the judge to sign. We are afraid
    he is going to have go spend more time in prison than required because he won't be able to get a bed at half way house. He has his own home so he should be able to be on home confinement we just
    don't understand why it is taking so long to get his ok. By the way he has absolutely do his very best n the classes as well he has applied himself to the program and has passed with flying colors
    not been in any trouble has really provided that he is a changed man and is ready to start an new and improve life. He also has a wonderful support group at home ready to help and support him in his
    success of freedom. If anyone can help and tell me if there is anything I can do to help this process along. Thank you

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, September 25 15 08:12 am EDT)

    L. Conner - do not worry. His release date is 2017 based on the BOP website. That gives plenty of time for his case manager to work on his halfway house.

  • Brittany (Thursday, October 01 15 05:06 pm EDT)

    Were there any new changes made concerning the RDAP program? My boyfriend believes that they will allow inmates with particular gun charges to get time off after completion as well, after a certain
    date this year. Also, is the list above current of all the facilities that have the RDAP program? He's at a facility now that has it but is trying to transfer to one closer to home but it's not shown
    above on the list to have the program. Thanks!

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, October 11 15 09:53 pm EDT)

    Brittany - Yes, we have heard "rumors" about changes to the RDAP program but have not seen any evidence of these changes yet. Please call our office to discuss transfer to another RDAP facility.

  • Jane Menendez (Monday, October 19 15 10:48 pm EDT)

    My husband was given a reduction which has him being released Dec 11. The reduction is in Process but still has not reached Grand Prairie for recalculation. If there is not a bed available at the
    halfway house on Dec. 11, does a member of RDAP qualify for home confinement in Miami, FL? If so, who grants that?

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, October 28 15 01:02 pm EDT)

    Jane, yes your husband may be able to get to home confinement and the decision maker is the case management at the halfway house.

  • Jeannette Mendoza (Sunday, November 08 15 08:10 am EST)

    My husband is in the RDAP program that currently finishes on Dec. 11, he is set to be released on Dec. 14. He was called on a WRIT and needs to leave his camp. He is 30 days from finishing the
    program. He's ahead on all his work and the Program Director has agreed that he meets all the qualifications to graduate even if he leaves early. The trial date for the WRIT begins Dec. 14. From what
    facility is he released, does he have to return to his initial camp for release or can he be released from the detention center where he will be?

  • Jeannette Mendoza (Sunday, November 08 15 10:05 am EST)

    Hi, I sent a message earlier. But forgot to ask another question. His reduction for a Rule 35 had a an earlier release date than Dec 14 but due to the fact that he needed to complete the drug program
    the release date is Dec. 14. If he officially left the camp and the Program Director signed off the he completed the course, can he get out sooner, or at least the day of the graduation which is Dec
    10 or does it still have to be Dec 14?

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, November 16 15 12:01 pm EST)

    Jeannette - your husband's situation is complex. He will need to return back to federal prison and be released from there IF it was RDAP related. There needs to be enough time left on his sentence to
    do the 3rd Phase called TDAT at the halfway house in order to get the RDAP reduction. Give us a call.

  • Keshia (Thursday, January 07 16 06:15 pm EST)

    My husband got sentences to 12 years he is a nonviolent offender if hes eligiable for the Programm how much time he gets off

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, January 17 16 09:41 am EST)

    Keshia - I am sorry for your family. He can be eligible for the program if he meets the BOP's requirements. Our website here will tell you how.

  • Ray. Franken (Tuesday, January 26 16 12:29 am EST)

    My love one recieve a 100 series shot for possesion of a cellphone will he lose his time even if he already gtadurate and will the rule change still pending.

  • Marry mack (Tuesday, January 26 16 03:30 pm EST)

    Hello I was sentenced today to 37 months. In my psr I have a history of drug substance abuse. I was wondering if I'm elgiable for the rdap program and if so how much time will I get offm

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, February 01 16 08:07 pm EST)

    Ray - Most likely your loved will be kicked out of RDAP since a series 100 shot is very grave. Your loved one has not truly graduated from RDAP yet until he/she has gotten to probation.

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, February 01 16 08:08 pm EST)

    Marry - the requirements in your psr is very specific. Most people think its in their psr when actually it falls short. Call our office to review just to makes sure.

    If you do qualify, you can get 12 months off your sentence and 6 months halfway house and home confinement.

  • Ana (Thursday, February 18 16 12:59 am EST)

    Is the 6 months halfway house and home confinement 6 months each or 3 months each? And when does that happen? My boyfriend's release is 5/26/2019. Forgot to ask that question

  • Maribel (Saturday, February 27 16 11:30 am EST)

    (Paperback) i have seen the book before, and its a great book, for peolpe in prison, of which i work in, thanks for the swift and easy purchase, these are not overly available in New Zealand anymore

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, February 27 16 11:58 am EST)

    Ana, it's up the the halfway house how much of each he does.

  • Jen Waege (Thursday, March 10 16 09:13 am EST)

    can an inmate request to be in a rdap facility that is closest to their home state? my brother is currently in Wisconsin and is from south dakota and he is being transferred to illinois instead of
    south dakota. what can he do to change the trasfer to south dakota?

  • Debra Campbell (Monday, March 14 16 04:54 pm EDT)

    My boyfriend was sentenced to 5 yrs for marijuana cultivation plus a firearm enhancement. He qualifies for RDAP but is uncertain whether the enhancement will keep him from an early release. Could you

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, April 07 16 04:15 pm EDT)

    Jen, yes he can make that request and there are many things that can be done. Please call our office to discuss.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, April 07 16 04:17 pm EDT)

    Debra - first off, you need to make sure he is indeed "qualified" to be in RDAP. How do you know? Finally, a firearm enhance would prevent him from getting a sentence reduction. I am sorry about

  • tasha (Wednesday, April 27 16 12:12 am EDT)

    my husband was sentence to 72 months he completed the treatment program and he has been lock up since 2013. How soon will he get out.

  • Lena (Tuesday, July 05 16 11:23 am EDT)

    Hello my husband was sentenced to 96 months for a fire arm conviction, with a drug enhancement. His judge suggested getting into the rdap program once he gets to prison. There has been a lot of
    rumors this year that a gun conviction will not make inmates ineligible for the early release anymore, do you know this to be true?

  • Michelle (Tuesday, July 19 16 10:39 am EDT)

    Does internet pornography ever count as a controlled substance?

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, July 28 16 05:56 pm EDT)

    Lena - the firearm conviction will prevent your husband in getting a sentence reduction. It is not true what you heard.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, July 28 16 05:58 pm EDT)

    Michelle, that would not count. RDAP is a "substance" abuse program and a substance has to be alcohol, prescription drug, or street drug.

  • Jana (Tuesday, August 23 16 06:56 pm EDT)

    My husband is currently serving time at a low-security FCI facility. He starts his rdap program next month and is scheduled to be released early next year. I have recently been diagnosed with a
    chronic pain disease and have been contemplating getting my medical marijuana card in my state. By me getting my medical marijuana card with that jeopardized his early release, home confinement or

  • Grace Walfall (Tuesday, September 13 16 08:18 pm EDT)

    My friend was awakened at midnight and told that he smelled of alcohol and sent to the hole. He expected to be sent to the drug program next month. Will this be considered a Level 100 and 200 and
    cause him to be kicked out of the drug program.Does he lose hope of getting back in the program and the reduction? Thank you

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, September 20 16 03:57 pm EDT)

    Jana - you getting a medical marijuana card will not affect his RDAP program. However, the halfway house and later probation will not like it that he is living with you and may pose problems.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, September 20 16 03:58 pm EDT)

    Grace - the alcohol infraction will not affect his RDAP since he has not started yet.

  • karri lewis (Thursday, September 29 16 07:45 pm EDT)

    my son is being charged with conspiracy to possess a firearm, will that keep him from getting the time off for the drug program?

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, October 15 16 10:19 am EDT)

    karri - I am sorry to say that he may still be able to get into RDAP. However, a firearm charge on the instant offense is considered "violent" and would preclude him from getting a sentence

  • Dawn (Thursday, November 17 16 02:37 pm EST)

    My husband is in the RDAP program at FPC Leavenworth and will complete it around March 2017.

    He is thinking about trying to transfer to Forrest City FPC to be closer to home and to have better conditions, such as air conditioning, and no visiting restrictions on a point system.

    If he completes RDAP and gets his 9 months off (36 mo sentence) would he loose this 9 months off when transferring to another FPC?

    I have met 3 women who had been transferred from a CA FPC to TX FPC and they lost their 1 year of RDAP time off, but didn't know they would until after they were already transferred. Or this is what they all said, and they were not case or facility related.

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, November 18 16 04:39 pm EST)

    Dawn - he will not lose his 9 months if he is transferred after completing RDAP. The 3 women are not telling you the whole truth.

  • Kathy (Wednesday, November 30 16 06:36 pm EST)

    My fiance' qualifies for RDAP. He has already completed the program, back in the 90's. Is he still eligible for early release if he takes it again??

  • S. Mahiai (Friday, January 27 17 02:25 pm EST)

    My husband initially entered rdap being told he would receive a 2 year reduction. After being transferred and halfway completing rdap(he's finished in june) he was told by a new counselor he would only be getting 1 year off as their was a gun involved in his crime (not his) but the gun charge was thrown out of the cases of all parties involved. How can this be? Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Christy (Monday, January 30 17 11:38 pm EST)

    My son will be going to prison for cp possession and dist. His sentence is 8 years. It was recommended by the judge that he take rdap. Is he eligible for early release

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, January 31 17 09:53 am EST)

    Kathy - by law, you can take RDAP multiple times but can only get the sentence reduction once in a lifetime.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, January 31 17 09:55 am EST)

    S. Mahiai - You have been given a lot of mis-information. The maximum sentence reduction (by law) is 1 year. Typically, gun enhancements will prevent a sentence reduction.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, January 31 17 09:57 am EST)

    Christy - Child porn "possession" will still allow for the sentence reduction. However, child porn "distribution" will preclude the sentence reduction.

  • Nae (Wednesday, February 01 17 02:16 am EST)

    My husband was arrested for trying to deal a firearm without a license would he qualify for this program

  • Malkah May (Wednesday, February 01 17 08:18 pm EST)

    My friend pleaded guilty to fraud and was sentenced to 24 months. His attorney asked the court to send him to a prison for RDAP and the judge agreed. My friend said that he will get in because pre sentence report indicated that he had smoked pot a few times and because he has anxiety issues and is on medication. Certainly he could use the CBT therapy, but will he be accepted if he's never been addicted to illegal substance? Is there other treatment option available if he doesn't get into RDAP? Thank you - great site and resource.

  • Kris H (Wednesday, February 01 17 08:48 pm EST)

    Sentence is 30 months, 6 served as home confinement. Surrender 1/13/16. Started RDAP after serving 2.5 months, 4/1/16. Grand Prarie calculated 3 month reduced sentence with RRC placement beginning 1/12/17 and BOP release 7/7/17. Original home confinement not included in the calculation. Is that correct? Original home confinement added to 7/7/17 BOP release date correct?

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, February 02 17 01:54 pm EST)

    Kris-The original six month home confinement previous to sentencing does not count towards your sentence unfortunately. In order for me to double check on the calculations for the remainder, please call our office

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, February 02 17 01:59 pm EST)

    Malkah- The judges recommendation carries no weight, unfortunately smoking pot a few times does not mean an addiction. Please call our office or he may not get into this program. We will give you how to's to fix the problem. There is nothing else in Federal Prison that will give him a direct sentence reduction.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, February 02 17 02:03 pm EST)

    Nae- yes, as long as there was no violence involved. The only thing that he is really convicted of is fraud.

  • Jennifer (Saturday, March 04 17 11:13 pm EST)

    My husband was sentenced to federal prison for a drug charge, no guns or violence of any kind. His federal sentence is 92 months with a release date of Dec 2022, and he has a state sentence running concurrently with his federal. The state sentence will be up 33 months before his federal sentence release date. He was in federal custody 9 months before the state placed this detainer on him which will expire in March 2020, 33 months before his federal sentence release date. He had already been interviewed and accepted into RDAP before the detainer was placed. The case manager is now saying he is not eligible for HW house therefore making him unable to go to RDAP because he has this detainer on him. While it appears as he may have plenty of time to get into and through the RDAP program, and receive full benefits of the program, once the detainer is removed, in actuality he may not, based upon time constraints of getting to a BOP facility that offers the program and also the wait time of getting into RDAP. Do you have any suggestions as to getting the detainer lifted or any other advice that I can relay to my husband?
    The detainer is only for the length of his concurrent state sentence, and no other reason, meaning it is not an additional charge or anything of that nature.

    This state sentence really doesn't seem to be concurrent as agreed upon in his plea bargain as it is affecting his placement within the federal prison system. He only had 4 points and had also been put in for camp until this detainer was placed on him.

    What options does my husband have if any? I hope this isn't a wait and see situation.

    Thank you

  • Nichole Greene (Monday, March 06 17 09:59 am EST)

    Jennifer, your problem is very complex and we have solved it many times before in the past. There are many options that can solve this.
    Please call our office as soon as possible to discuss what you need to do.

  • Jack (Sunday, March 19 17 06:06 am EDT)

    What is the minimum sentence time you can have and still qualify for RDAP and the sentence reduction it comes with? More specifically, if you have a 24 month sentence, will you be able to get into RDAP and get the 6 month reduction? I have read varying numbers from "no minimum" to "31 months."

    Second question. Do you get the 15% good time credit off of the time that was reduced through RDAP? For example, if your 24 month sentence is reduced to 18 months through RDAP completion, is your good time credit approximately 3.6 months off or 2.7 months off?

    Thank you so much!

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, March 22 17 08:53 am EDT)

    Jack - It is true that the BOP frequently deny (but there are many exceptions) you RDAP if you have less than 24 months on your sentence. However, if you are located at a facility that has the RDAP program than this does not apply. Rather, you need to have enough time on your sentence to complete the RDAP program (9 months) and at least 4 months worth of halfway house to complete Phase III). Second Question Jack - you would deduct the good time credit right up front. WIth a 24 month sentence, you would deduct about 15% which brings it down to 20.4 months. After, you would deduct the RDAP reductions.

  • Amy (Thursday, March 23 17 12:17 am EDT)

    Is it possible to be on home confinement instead of a halfway house after completion of the RDAP program

  • Nichole Greene (Monday, March 27 17 02:16 pm EDT)

    Amy, with RDAP, you will receive a cobine 6 months worth of halfway house and then later to home confinement. The same halfway house will be monitoring your home confinement so you will be dealing with the same people. You will start at halfway house and once you meet all their requirements, you will be released to home confinement. Typically, you can not do more than than the last 10% of your sentence in home confinement.

  • Sean (Thursday, March 30 17 05:21 pm EDT)

    If I get a 36 months sentence and complete RDAP, how much time do I get off?

    I understand the ranges (30 and under = 6 months off, 31-36 = 9 months off, 37+ = 1 year off). I'm just confused as to whether the 15% good time is figured first, which brings me down to approximately 30.6 months for those purposes, which would maybe only give me 6 months off. Thanks.

  • Sara W (Sunday, April 02 17 02:23 am EDT)

    Once you are in the RDAP program, when should an inmate know their possible release date given the time off and halfway house deductions? For instance if an inmate started the program in March, we hav heard that it will likely be just a month or two before completion before they will get their release date. This seems odd to me. Should the inmate talk with their case manager? It seems that it would onlyt take a few months max before an inmate is informed. I understand that half way house availability may change that date some but in general is a date given early in the RDAP program? Thanks.

  • Jessica (Wednesday, April 05 17 07:46 am EDT)

    Is someone eligible for the RDAP sentence reduction if their initial indictment involved a firearm, but the plea dismissed the charges related to a firearm? I am figure qualifies based on history of of substance abuse he it well documented with multiple counts of DUI and drug charges. Thanks

  • Nichole Greene (Thursday, April 06 17 08:39 am EDT)

    Sean - With a 36 months sentence, you will get about 5 months off immediately for good behavior as soon as you walk into prison. With RDAP, you can get an additional 9 months direct sentence reduction and another 6 months for the halfway house and home confinement. Total time in prison would about 16 months out of 36.

  • Nichole Greene (Thursday, April 06 17 08:40 am EDT)

    Sara - you have heard wrong. It's important to see the facts in writing versus listening to rumors. The truth is that after starting the actual RDAP programming, it would take 30 to 90 days for the inmate's release date to change to reflect the direct sentence reduction. It takes time for the BOP bureaucrats to double check everything. As you can guess, this can take some time.

  • Nichole Greene (Thursday, April 06 17 08:44 am EDT)

    Jessica - The answer to all your questions is "maybe". When it comes to the laws and regulations, the devil is always in the detail. I have so many questions such as: although the firearm count was dismissed, was there an enhancement of any kind for it? What does the PSR says about this? How old were those DUI's? etc.

  • Jack (Thursday, April 06 17 10:17 am EDT)

    I know that, in general, when federal inmates are released to halfway houses they can sometimes go directly to home confinement (or go to the halfway house for a couple weeks, then get converted to home confinement. My question is:

    If you successfully complete RDAP and get your 6 months in the halfway house, do you have to serve the entire 6 months in the halfway house? Is there a minimum amount of time you have to stay in the halfway house? Can you skip the halfway house altogether? I know that there is continues drug treatment in the halfway house for RDAP graduates, but can you just go to home confinement and travel to the halfway house for treatment sessions?

  • Nichole Greene (Thursday, April 06 17 03:52 pm EDT)

    Jack, the answer is "maybe". The BOP has an internal rule where you can not go to home confinement until you reach the last 10% of your sentence. They do make exceptions such as illness, family needs, etc. Call our office and we can discuss.

  • Kallie Powell (Thursday, April 06 17 06:12 pm EDT)

    If you have a 922 charge, will it still knock time off your sentence by taking the program?

  • Nichole Greene (Monday, April 17 17 03:53 pm EDT)

    Kallie, assuming you mean the 922 charge is for a felon in possession of a firearm, I am sorry to say that it is considered violent so you would not a get a sentence reduction with RDAP.

  • Nano (Tuesday, April 25 17 06:42 pm EDT)

    Does anyone know how much half way house they give? does it vary depending on the facility? my son is at Sheridan, but was told that he could get transferred to Lompoc. He should be getting into RDAP in may 2017. any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, May 03 17 08:45 am EDT)

    Nano, typically the RDAP program will give 6 months halfway house and later to home confinement. He may get more than 6 months, on up to 12 months, if he can get the Second Chance Act as well. We do many of these filings.

  • Rick (Saturday, July 08 17 09:47 pm EDT)

    Does Adderall abuse qualify for the RDAP program?

  • Susan (Friday, July 14 17 02:40 am EDT)

    My daughter was sentenced to 200 months, she pleaded guilty to Possession. She told me that they took off 2 points for gun, will this stop her from getting a sentence reduction?

  • Phyllis (Monday, July 24 17 11:41 am EDT)

    My fiance release date is 4/26/19. He's completed the RDAP and currently waiting for a HWH date. When will he come home?

  • Danielle (Monday, July 24 17 12:04 pm EDT)

    If someone has already successfully completed the RDAP program several years ago, but now have a new charge, would they be eligible for it again? I called you the other day, but I did not ask this question.

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, July 26 17 11:09 am EDT)

    Rick- Yes, Adderall can easily be abused and may qualify you for RDAP. However, you still need to PROVE abuse which can be tricky. Simply prescribed and using Adderall is not enough...it's simply following doctor's orders.

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, July 26 17 11:11 am EDT)

    Susan- If your daughter's sentence was enhanced because of a gun, then they will NOT give her the reduction. However, you stated that "they took off 2 points", so I am thinking she is ok!

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, July 26 17 11:12 am EDT)

    Phyllis- If everything goes according to plan, he will be leaving prison about 6 months prior to that date.

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, July 26 17 11:26 am EDT)

    Danielle-You can take the RDAP program multiple times. However, the government will only give you the sentence reduction once in your lifetime.

  • Gary (Saturday, July 29 17 07:04 pm EDT)

    Hi, I'm being told that the upfront cost for books is $150, with another $150 due every 3 months, with the RDAP program lasting 9 months total. Would there be any truth to this?

  • Nichole Greene (Monday, August 14 17 12:22 pm EDT)

    Gary-I am sorry to say that is not true. The BOP provides the books free

  • Mije (Sunday, August 20 17 07:01 pm EDT)

    My fiance is in rdap and has told me that so e people are telling her that because she's in rdap that we have to put off our wedding for a few years. We are already waiting til she gets out of prison and gets home. Is there any truth to not being able to get married after she completed rdap in prison?

  • Rick (Friday, August 25 17 08:32 pm EDT)

    I was sentenced on August 23rd I self-surrender on October 27th me and my girlfriend have a child together but she goes to school full-time and work part-time and is looking to apply for assistance will that hurt me as far as getting into rdap.

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, September 13 17 10:45 am EDT)

    Mije, there is no truth in that. It's important not to listen to the inmates in there.

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, September 13 17 10:46 am EDT)

    Rick, your girlfriend and her situation is no bearing as to whether you get into rdap or not. Rather, you need to fulfill the eligibility requirements as laid out in our website.

  • Nadia Willingham (Thursday, September 28 17 11:27 pm EDT)

    Hi my boyfriend was charged with intent and possession of drugs. He received a estimate of 41-51mths. In 1999 he was charged with robbery NOT aggravated. Will he qualify for a sentence reduction?

  • Nichole Greene (Monday, October 23 17 09:55 am EDT)

    Nadia, the robbery charge will not prevent him from getting the sentence reduction since it is more than 10 years old. He may get the reduction if he meets the qualification outside of that. Call us and we can review and tell you for sure.

  • Rob (Thursday, October 26 17 08:18 am EDT)

    I have a woman that was indicted with unarmed bank robbery 2x and a attempted bank robbery and was sentenced to 60 months. At sentencing the judge questioned if she knew her co-defendant had a gun. She was the driver and stated she never seen one and is it possible the judge convicts her as she had one. She is worried that by him saying that she would be considered as a violent offender and cant get into program to get time taken off which is 60 months

  • Zaydee Plaza (Monday, November 06 17 10:18 am EST)

    My husband is currently waiting to get sentence, he's charge with drug cospiracy, we would like know how possible he could get into this program?

  • Rachel Jones (Sunday, November 26 17 05:36 pm EST)

    My brother qualifies for the program and his current charge there is no fire arm but a previous charge was a firearm. Does this make him ineligible for the time off?

  • Elleri bailey (Friday, December 01 17 09:05 am EST)

    The question I have is this. How much time does a person have to do in TDAT, the after care? I was told you only have to do 4 months

  • Geoffrey (Sunday, December 03 17 01:02 am EST)

    Hello My Brother was sentenced to 60 Months in federal prison for credit card fraud and he had a past state conviction of Agg Robbery would he still be able to get the sentence reduction ?

  • Montserrath (Thursday, December 07 17 01:04 am EST)

    Can a Inmate re-apply for the RDAP program if he was denied ?

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, December 27 17 11:40 am EST)

    Rob, I am sorry to say that "robbery" of any kind is considered violent and would prevent her from getting a sentence reduction through the RDAP program.

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, December 27 17 11:41 am EST)

    Zaydee, we have so many questions for you. Please call our office and we can let you know.

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, December 27 17 11:41 am EST)

    Rachel, good news. The previous charge for the firearm will not prevent him from getting the sentence reduction. Call me and we can look in more detail just to be sure.

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, December 27 17 11:51 am EST)

    Elleri, the statutes read that you have to do at least 4 months. However, you will be required to do the full 6 months if time allows it.

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, December 27 17 11:52 am EST)

    Geoffrey, if you brother's robbery conviction is older than 10 years from his current conviction sentencing date, then he will still get the reduction. If it's within 10 years, he will not.

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, December 27 17 11:53 am EST)

    Montserrath, yes you can as long as you have new information to provide to your application.

  • Shakila Washington (Thursday, February 08 18 11:49 am EST)

    My husband is currently in Ar
    Will be transferred back to our region for the program will he be able to Attend college outside of the program

  • R. Sassa (Sunday, February 11 18 10:44 pm EST)

    What happens after rdap half way house and phase 3? Do you have to take drug tests for 5 years following getting out?

  • Rica Malone (Tuesday, February 13 18 07:28 pm EST)

    My husband has a 2 point enhancement, can he qualify for program and get credit?

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, February 24 18 04:43 pm EST)

    Shalila - yes, he may attend college correspondence courses while in the prison.

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, February 24 18 04:45 pm EST)

    R. Sassa - After phase 3, then you go to probation and you are finally done with RDAP. All probation requirements (as listed in your judgment and commit order) applies at this point and for most people, there are no requirements for drug or alcohol testing.

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, February 24 18 04:46 pm EST)

    Rica - Assuming that you mean the 2 point enhancement is for a weapon (eg. firearm), then I am sorry to say that is considered "violent" and he can not get the reduction.

  • Johnny Dheshing (Tuesday, February 27 18 03:25 pm EST)

    Ok- so if I got 30months white collar with all the requisites of RDAP met and I get into the program, what does my total time look like?

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, March 01 18 08:56 pm EST)

    Johnny, you would get 4.5 months off for good behavior, 6 months off for the direct sentence reduction and 6 months for the halfway house/home confinement. This means that when you surrender to prison, 13.5 months later you would be walking out of there.

  • Shelly (Tuesday, April 03 18 06:33 pm EDT)

    What is TDAT and is it available in Nebraska? My daughter is in RDAP now and will complete it in a few months

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, April 04 18 08:40 am EDT)

    Shelly - TDAT is the 3rd Phase of RDAP and occurs during the 6 months of halfway house and home confinement. It is typically one hour weekly of group class time at the halfway and is very easy. No big deal here.

  • Alex Rodriguez (Sunday, April 08 18 01:53 pm EDT)

    CAN a person that already took the program back in 2008 and now I’m 2018 is back in prison can take the program and get the time off again ?

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, April 08 18 03:29 pm EDT)

    Alex - You can take the RDAP program multiple times. Unfortunately, you can receive the direct sentence reduction only once in your lifetime.

  • Karen (Friday, May 04 18 11:40 am EDT)

    I was sentenced to 36 months at fmc ft worth. Completion of A 500hr drug program and up to 6mos halfway house was also imposed. Does this automatically qualify me for rdap program? If not, how is requirement met? How much time am i looking to serve?

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, May 04 18 12:34 pm EDT)

    Karen - I am sorry to say that the courts can not "impose" the RDAP program. It's just a recommendation and carries no wait with the prison. You need to make sure you meet the eligibility requirements to get in this program. Call our office and we can discuss if you do and if not, how to fix it.

  • Brenda (Saturday, June 02 18 11:16 am EDT)

    I was just sentenced to 41 months for a white collar crime. My PSR does state I have a drinking problem. I am reading a lot about halfway, home confinement and second chance programs. If I get into RDAP what would in be looking at realistically being in the actual camp?

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, June 02 18 02:20 pm EDT)

    Brenda - The PSR must be very good and specific for it to be enough. I have rarely seen this to be the case, especially with alcohol. Don't assume that it is good enough. Please call us and we can review with you. With a 41 month sentence, you would receive 6 months for good time credit, 12 months reduction for RDAP and 6 months for halfway house. You can be out of prison in as little as 17 months out of 41. Don't gamble with this. Call us and let us review the PSR with you.

  • Marty (Sunday, June 10 18 03:38 pm EDT)

    My son just started an RDAP program. His release date (after all the reductions) will be Jan., 2020. He will finish the 9-month in-prison treatment by March, 2019. Does he have to wait until July, 2019 to be released to HWH/home confinement, because it's a maximum of 6 months, or can he be released to HWH/home confinement sooner?

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, June 11 18 11:54 am EDT)

    Marty - he can be released up to an additional 6 months sooner (on top of the 6 months for RDAP) with the Second Chance Act.

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