RDAP Rules and Expectations to Succeed

By joining the Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program and signing a treatment contract, inmates are committing themselves to abide by the rules and regulations of the program. The inmate who is committed to his recovery will welcome such rules and procedures to protect the integrity of the unit and his program of recovery. Recovery refers to the getting back of something lost; to restore Oneself to a normal state. It becomes obvious that true recovery is a 24-hour per day process.

If inmates choose to join and remain in this program, three themes should become an integral part of their new, developing lifestyles: self-responsibility, motivation, and recovery.


Participants are expected to engage in all aspects of treatment, to hold each other accountable for behaviors that are unacceptable to the community and are inconsistent with recovery, to utilize Senior Peer Assistants for support and guidance, and to be public in their efforts at recovery. A participant may be Teamed by staff, peers and/or Senior Peer Assistants if it is determined that he is not meeting the expectations set forth by the program. A teaming refers to a meeting where staff and peer intensely confront a participant by making the participant aware of the realities of his inappropriate and often destructive behaviors.


Teamings are also conducted by treatment staff with and without Senior Peer Assistants’ collaboration. Attendance at these meetings is mandatory if a participant wishes to remain in treatment. Treatment, however, is voluntary. It is expected that participants will receive feedback while displaying an attitude of gratitude and humility. Additionally, the eight attitudes of recovery, which are defined during the intensive week, are expected to be displayed at all times (honesty, humility, objectivity, caring, responsibility, open-mindedness, willingness and gratitude).


A. Expected Behaviors


The following are a sample of behaviors viewed as important for progress in treatment and recovery:

  • Accomplishing treatment goals as determined by the Treatment Staff.
  • Participation and motivation to change
  • Being on time and prepared for group.
  • Completing assignments.
  • Respect for self and others.
  • Holding each other accountable.
  • Honoring financial obligations (FRP Payments).


B. RDAP Rules and Expectations


Recovery requires self-discipline. In this regard, a person’s behavior is the best reflection of his commitment to recovery. The community needs to place great emphasis on each participant’s behavior both on and off the treatment unit. The following rules are not intended to be punitive.


The following apply to every RDAP participant and reflect unacceptable behaviors that may affect your placement in treatment:


  • No standing by the door, in the hallway or outside the unit waiting to be called to Mainline.
  • No going into other wings after 10:00pm
  • Be in the wing and in your cube before 4:00pm read for the stand-up count. There is to be no movement until the count is cleared.
  • No eating during count.
  • No earphones/radios during count
  • No talking/noise in the wings after 10:00pm
  • No holding spots in the TV rooms.
  • No card and/or board games in the unit until after the evening meal is announced closed, except on weekends.
  • You are expected to be on time for all call-outs, groups, teamings, etc. Tardiness is not tolerated.
  • No hats or do rags on the treatment unit. Do rags will only be worn in the inmate’s assigned wing.
  • You are expected to be dressed appropriately. While in the unit, institutional issued uniform will be worn Monday through Friday from 7:30am until after the evening meal is served to the unit. Proper attire is required, and includes shirt tails tucked in with properly fitting points. Clothing must be clean and pressed when necessary. Sweatshirts will not be worn over institutional shirts. Sweat cloths can not be mixed with institutional uniforms at any time. If you change into seats to go work out, upon returning to the unit you must change back into your uniform.
  • No untied shoes or boots
  • No lying down or sleeping during 7:30am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday, unless you have an idle or convalescence from Health Services, or have special permission due to work hours. You must post this on your bunk if it applies to you.
  • No viewing of programs or possessing any items that glorify criminal lifestyle, violence or drug use.
  • Sanitation on the unit is a priority. Sanitation is everyone’s responsibility. All common areas, wings, group rooms and cubes are expected to be kept clean.
  • No items in your room or in your possession that do not reflect treatment related attitudes and values.
  • No sexually explicit or pornographic materials.
  • No sunglasses (unless prescription).
  • No using recreation as a shortcut to Mainline or other destinations on the compound.
  • During group hours, you are not allowed to speak to unit team staff, unless they have requested to speak to you.

C. The following behaviors are intolerable, both on and off the unit, will jeopardize your placement in treatment, and may result in expulsion from the program.


  • Using or possessing drugs, including tobacco.
  • Drinking or making alcohol.
  • Violence or threatening violence against staff or other inmates.
  • Gambling.
  • Stealing.
  • Sexual misconduct.
  • Defacing and/or sabotaging equipment (i.e. TV, VCR, DVD, doors, chairs, etc.)
  • Tattooing.
  • Failing to be committed to recovery.
  • Failing to meet financial obligations (FRP payments).
  • Breaking confidentiality and/or discussing community issues around inmates not in treatment.

D. Television Viewing Guidelines


  • Am I watching this program to view violence or a criminal lifestyle?
  • Does this program in any way glorify a criminal lifestyle or substance abuse?
  • Is there a possibility that other participants will feel offended or triggered by viewing this program?
  • Is this program consistent with the values of RDAP and the “Eight Attitudes of Change”?
  • Will this program interfere with my rational thinking related to criminality and substance abuse?
  • Have I run the reason I wish to watch this program through the “Five Rules of Rational Thinking”?


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  • B.Strong (Saturday, September 22 12 05:05 pm EDT)

    I found this very informative, thanks

  • Axel (Tuesday, September 25 12 02:22 pm EDT)

    I graduated from FCI Oxford and I can say these rules are pretty good. I got in trouble for being late to group once and for missing a call-out" and bam, did I get hit. Rdap is about follwoing the
    rules mainly.

  • april (Tuesday, September 25 12 09:30 pm EDT)

    if you have a gun charge can you still do this program?

  • trevor (Tuesday, October 09 12 09:47 am EDT)

    I heard that you have "rat" on other inmates in order to make it through rdap. Is this true? I don't think I can do it.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, March 10 13 08:39 am EDT)

    trevor, You are asked to keep others accountable to "correct" behavior by pointing "incorrect" behavior and do it in a caring way. "Ratting" means to do harm to others so that you can gain from
    it...which is not what the program teaches. "Caring" is one of the key 8 attitudes that RDAP teaches. Hope this helps.

  • alan (Monday, April 08 13 07:43 am EDT)

    My brother is going to be serving a federal sentence for possession of child pornography. He has a substantial cocaine problem. Can he get time off for RDAP?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, April 08 13 10:07 am EDT)

    alan, yes, he can still get the time off for possession. Child porn distribution or production would prevent him from getting the time off.

    Give us a call now if you have further questions. We can help him best prior to him surrendering to prison.

  • Paula (Friday, July 05 13 09:32 am EDT)

    My friend is doing time for bank robbery and has a prior conviction for bank robbery as well. No weapon was used. He is however titled a career criminal. The judge recommended the RDAP program which
    he is eligible for. Is he eligible for time off based on prior history?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, July 07 13 08:41 am EDT)

    Hi Paula. Your friend most likely can still do the RDAP program but he would not get the sentence reduction due to the robbery. He would get the 6 months halfway house/home confinement and I am
    assuming he doesn't have any detainers and is a US citizen.

  • Ryan (Wednesday, August 07 13 10:56 am EDT)

    I am headed to Morgantown soon...46 months for mail fraud and tax-evasion. The judge recommended RDAP for alcohol abuse. First offense ever. My brother's friend was sentenced to 36 months for 900
    pounds of marijuana, did RDAP, and only served 14 months inside then 6 months in HH. He said if a judge recommends you for RDAP you're pretty much in but statistics I've seen online contradict his
    assessment. Any advice? I am also considering an appeal...I have this week to file. I may call your team. Thanks.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, August 07 13 12:25 pm EDT)

    Ryan, don't listen to your friend. Most people who gets a judge recommendation still do not get in. Morgantown is filled with people who got the recommendation but was later denied. Even with it, you
    still have to meet the same eligiblity requirements as everyone else. Call us asap so you can see whether you will really get in or not...it's free!

  • Lamisha. Lovett (Sunday, August 25 13 06:06 pm EDT)

    I completed the R dap program at FCI Tallahassee and I still use the tools it changed my life .. I understand now when I'm struggling with certain behaviors that I never knew exists . The programs
    life changing , but you have to want to change!

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, August 25 13 07:29 pm EDT)

    Hi Lamisha. I am glad you benefited from the program like I did.

  • Monique (Sunday, September 01 13 12:14 am EDT)

    Hi. My husband is currently in the Northeast Ohio Correctional Center as a ferderal inmate. He was sent to this location per the judges request because it had the shortest waiting list for the RDAP
    program. First other inmates said that he could serve his entire sentance before getting into the program. Now he is being told that if he gets in it wouldn't make a difference because this facility
    does not reduce your sentance for taking the program. In order to get the time off he would have to transfer, but it would take to long to do that. Is this information true? Or just an in house

  • Jan (Monday, September 02 13 10:14 pm EDT)

    Is there an RDAP policy & procedure manual on discipline; is it exclusive to a particular facility? Is it within policy to revoke room/rest/sleep on weekends from 7-4:30pm?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, September 03 13 10:31 am EDT)

    Jan, the RDAP program allows for "learning experiences" that are given from one inmate to another. Because of this, it is possible to revoke the weekend daytime sleep privileges which is not
    unreasonable. It would be unreasonable to revoke sleep during the night however.

  • Jan (Wednesday, September 04 13 04:47 pm EDT)

    In terms of the Second Chance Act/Early Release, an the inmate's committee recommend home confinement instead of half-way house?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, September 04 13 05:06 pm EDT)

    Jan, no, the committee simply gives you the extra time at the halfway house. From there though, the halfway house then sends you to home confinement when you qualify. The halfway house will be the
    ones monitoring you when you go to home confinement.

    Qualification varies somewhat between halfway houses but usually entails having a job and of course a pro-social place to live.

  • Monique (Sunday, September 08 13 11:49 pm EDT)

    I have asked a question multiple times on different forums. Is there a reason I have not been replied to?

    Hi. My husband is currently in the Northeast Ohio Correctional Center as a ferderal inmate. He was sent to this location per the judges request because it had the shortest waiting list for the RDAP
    program. First other inmates said that he could serve his entire sentance before getting into the program. Now he is being told that if he gets in it wouldn't make a difference because this facility
    does not reduce your sentance for taking the program. In order to get the time off he would have to transfer, but it would take to long to do that. Is this information true? Or just an in house

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, September 09 13 10:32 am EDT)

    Monique - Ohio Correctional is a state jail and therefore does not have the BOP's RDAP program there. If you husband is indeed a federal inmate, he will be transferred shortly to a federal prison. I
    don't think you have your information together correctly.

  • Christine (Wednesday, December 04 13 02:16 pm EST)

    My husband is in the rdap program, but he got put in the shu two weeks ago and he's still in there. Will he be kicked out of rdap if after the investigation, it's not proven he did anything wrong? It
    does he have to start program over again because of the two weeks of treatment he missed?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, December 04 13 04:20 pm EST)

    Hi Christine.

    He will not be kicked out of RDAP unless he's found guilty of a serious offense. If not guilty, he will not be kicked out for sure.

    If he misses more than 10 days of treatment, he will need to re-do the phase that he is in. Each phase is 3 months long.

  • Christine (Saturday, December 07 13 02:49 pm EST)

    What's considered a serious offense? Is it based on shots? Do you offer a service where you can pay someone to go visit with him and talk to him, to find out what's going on?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, December 10 13 02:33 pm EST)

    Christine, he can still receive letters and send letters and I suggest you do that. A serious offense is a 100 level shot. His attorney of record would be able to call him at the prison as well.

  • Laura (Sunday, December 15 13 01:25 pm EST)

    My husband is in the rdap program & he got put in shu because they found a MP3 player on him. Will he be removed from the program now or have to complete the program somewhere else?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, December 15 13 03:59 pm EST)

    Laura, I am sorry that occurred. That does not sound like a big infraction, so I doubt he'll get removed. He may have to restart his phase over again (ie. lose 3 months) or hopefully, he'll just get
    a slap on the wrist.

  • Laura (Monday, December 16 13 06:49 am EST)

    Thanks for the quick response. Do u know if that will cause him to be transferred to another facility that has the program or I just will have to wait for whatever sanction is handed down? Lastly, do
    u know while in the shu if they can send & receive letters?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, December 31 13 04:21 pm EST)

    Laura, he can be transferred to another facility if this infraction has increased his security "points" to the next level. I highly doubt that though. You will have to wait for the sanctions. Yes,
    you can send and receive letters in the SHU unless the infraction is very severe.

  • bob (Thursday, January 30 14 06:25 pm EST)

    I need to know the info (specifically the rule book) for halfway houses in st.louis for female inmates. Address and phone number would help tremendously.

  • bob (Thursday, January 30 14 06:36 pm EST)

    Wife is in rdap and should be going to the hh in November.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Friday, January 31 14 10:59 am EST)

    Hi Bob. The list of halfway houses can be found here:


    Please call the ones in your area and ask for the Rule Book. Alternatively, the case manager will give your wife a copy of the Rule Book for her designated halfway house before she leaves.

  • sandra andrade (Thursday, March 12 15 01:22 pm EDT)

    My son was sentenced to 60 months - distribution with possession of firearm. Eastern District of CA - pretrial services had him go through a program - which required drug/alcohol testing. Judge
    ordered RDAP at time of sentencing. Now BOP is not sure. What, if anything, can be done?

  • Brenda (Thursday, March 12 15 01:39 pm EDT)

    Hello, I have a question I hope someone can help me, My Boyfriend just called me yesterday, he should be done with the Rdap program next month. but he said he got into a little argument, a guy pushed
    him so he responded back by pushing him back. will this cause him to be removed from the program?

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, March 12 15 04:47 pm EDT)

    sandra - You son may still get in the program depending on many things. Due to the firearm possession, he will not get a sentence reduction.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, March 12 15 04:49 pm EDT)

    Brenda - It may but must likely it won't. He must have received a "shot" for fighting which is serious. If this is his first infraction, then it would be better for him.

  • sandra andrade (Friday, March 13 15 12:04 pm EDT)

    We were trying to fight the firearm at sentencing. No gun was shown or brandish, gun found at time of search warrant in bedroom. Can this be readdressed to BOP?

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, March 14 15 12:12 am EDT)

    sandra - it is always worth fighting, remember that. However, if your loved one receives an "enhancement" on his sentence due to the gun, it is nearly impossible to get the sentence reduction for
    RDAP. Please call our office to discuss the details.

  • Jessica (Tuesday, April 26 16 07:08 pm EDT)

    Hi.My friend is currently in the program and at the halfway house but he failed a breathalyzer he was set to be released in June. What's going to happen at this point?

  • Marie (Thursday, April 28 16 09:24 pm EDT)

    My husband received a 300 shot he has already finished the RDAP program and is suppose to come home in 60 days the guy told him he's going to take his year away from him can he do that? He didn't
    give him a formal warning which its my understanding there suppose to. Are they able to take his year away for a 300 shot without a warning?

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, May 05 16 12:56 pm EDT)

    Jessica - there is zero tolerance for alcohol or drug use while at the halfway house. He will likely lose his reduction and sent back to prison. However, there are mitigating circumstances that may
    help. Please call our office.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, May 05 16 12:57 pm EDT)

    Marie - typically 300 shots will not cost him his reduction. I think the "guy" is just making bold threats. There will be some sanctions however but not a lost of his sentence reduction. Please tell
    your husband to stay focused and stay out of trouble.

  • Nicole (Friday, October 28 16 09:41 am EDT)

    Good Morning -

    My husband completed the RDAP program and is due to be released on Nov 23; however, he was put in SHU because a CO accused him of smoking (which he's telling me he didn't). He was released from SHU yesterday but had to sign a form stating he was expelled from the RDAP program, even though he already completed it. Is this going to effect his release next month?

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, November 18 16 04:48 pm EST)

    Nicole - if he is expelled, he will lose his reduction. Please call our office and I will tell you how he can get back in and his reduction back. Time is short.

  • Michelle Moore (Thursday, December 22 16 03:48 pm EST)

    If the defendant was accepted into the RDAP program, will he not get the sentence reduction if any co-conspirator was convicted of a gun charge?? If so, why was that not made clear at the time of signing the plea agreement?

  • Andrea (Wednesday, January 18 17 09:55 pm EST)

    Hi my boyfriend is currently in USP BIG SANDY and was sentenced 32 months for posession of weapons he is in the RDAP program now just started his second phase and is wondering why he did not get any time off and he's also had good conduct the whole time he's been away. There is another inmate he knows with posession of weapon charges getting a year off. He might also get transferred to a closer prison in March bc they sent him to a Max Security and he is very far from home. If he transfers will he have to start RDAP over again.Is there any more information to help or might he have to file something to try and get any time off. What can he do to try and get a time cut.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, January 31 17 08:25 pm EST)

    Michelle - a defendant will get the sentence reduction as long as he or she was not given a weapons enhancement or convicted on a weapons count. Sometimes, a defendant may be charged with the weapon although it is owned by someone else.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, January 31 17 08:26 pm EST)

    Andrea - I am sorry to say that conviction of weapons is considered violent and therefore he will not get the reduction.

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