BP-A0749        Agreement to Participate in a Bureau of Prisons

JUN 10             Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program





I have requested and have been interviewed to determine my qualification for admission to the Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program (RDAP) in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I have provided truthful answers to all questions. I acknowledge a severe alcohol/substance problem during the last 12 months before my arrest, and I am now seeking treatment for my problem. I have been informed and I acknowledge this clinical interview does not apply to my § 3621(e) eligibility for an early release.

I understand the potential benefits of participating in the RDAP and I understand my level of commitment to the program will determine how much I benefit from the program. I acknowledge and agree to expectations, rules, and policies of the Bureau of Prisons and the RDAP:

I understand that the RDAP is a residential treatment community. I understand that while residing on the program unit, I will be expected to participate fully in treatment activities I am assigned. I understand that the RDAP consists of a variety of treatment opportunities, including: the residential environment, treatment community meetings, feedback to other participants and feedback from other participants and treatment staff, therapeutic groups, therapeutic journaling, psycho-educational groups, individual sessions, treatment team meetings and possibly, psychological testing. I understand that my full participation in all these activities is essential to my success in treatment.


I understand that all RDAP participants have an individualized treatment plan and I will have the opportunity to provide input into the development of my treatment plan. I agree to accept responsibility for knowing the rules, goals and schedules of my particular treatment plan.


I understand that I am expected to protect the confidentiality and privacy of my fellow participants in the treatment program. I agree to accept responsibility for not disclosing inmate information. I understand a breach of confidentiality will result in immediate expulsion.


I also understand that while I am living on the treatment unit, I will be expected to contribute to a positive community by refraining from any behaviors which are disruptive to the program or my fellow participants.


I understand that I am expected to follow Bureau policies, rules and regulations. I understand that I am also expected to follow the expectations, rules and regulations of RDAP. I understand that if I failed to do so, I may be expelled from the program.


In addition to the agreements listed above, I understand that, by agreeing to participate in RDAP, under ordinary circumstances, I will be placed in a program according to Bureau need and availability. Ordinarily declining such a transfer will remove me from the RDAP waiting list.


I understand that participation in the RDAP does not relieve me of any financial responsibility legally imposed.


I understand that some of my counseling sessions may be audio/video taped. I understand these tapes will be used only for rehabilitative or educational purposes within the program.


I understand that if I choose to withdraw, or am expelled from the program:


   a. incentives received while an active program member may be lost;

   b. any request for re-admission will include a reassessment for


   c. there will be no consideration for extended RRC placement; and

   d. I will lose my eligibility for any early release consideration.


I understand and agree to continued transitional drug abuse treatment services that include:


   a. Continued positive behavior and treatment programming upon my

      return to general population. Failure to participate in continued

      treatment in the institution transition program, as prescribed by

      psychology staff, for less than one hour each month over a period

      of 12 months will result in my termination from treatment and

      loss of incentives previously and potentially earned; and

   b. Continued treatment programming upon my return to the community

      through transfer to a RRC or on home confinement. Failure to

      participate in continued treatment in the community transition

      program may result in my return to secure custody.

I understand that staff may recommend, as a condition of my supervised release or parole, a stipulation that I receive continued treatment during the period of such release.


I understand and consent to the release of information specified below by Bureau of Prisons staff to the appropriate U.S. Parole Commission staff, U.S. Probation staff, Community Corrections staff, and Treatment Program staff for the purpose of determining my eligibility for a Superior Program Achievement or for developing a treatment plan.


The extent and nature of the information to be disclosed includes: psycho-social (including substance abuse and criminal) history; treatment progress; drug program assessment summary with recommendations for continued treatment.




I have read, or have had this document read to me, and I understand and agree to the rules and regulations for participation in the residential drug abuse treatment program described in this agreement to participate.


I understand and agree that to begin the program, I must be able to complete all components of the program; RDAP, institutional follow-up if appropriate, and Transitional Services at the RRC or home confinement, if applicable.


I understand with this agreement I may be transferred to any suitable Bureau RDAP based on my release date.


I understand by my agreement to participate in the RDAP that if found qualified to participate, I am requesting a legal review of my case for determination of early release benefits under 18 U.S.C. § 3621(e), and that this eligibility is provisional and may change.

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  • chuck miller (Friday, December 21 12 04:10 pm EST)

    info needed for relative

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, March 10 13 08:29 am EDT)

    Chuck, please let us know what kind of info you need. Give us a call or email and will respond quickly.

  • Monique (Sunday, September 08 13 11:51 pm EDT)

    I have asked a question multiple times on different forums. Is there a reason I have not been replied to?

    Hi. My husband is currently in the Northeast Ohio Correctional Center as a ferderal inmate. He was sent to this location per the judges request because it had the shortest waiting list for the RDAP
    program. First other inmates said that he could serve his entire sentance before getting into the program. Now he is being told that if he gets in it wouldn't make a difference because this facility
    does not reduce your sentance for taking the program. In order to get the time off he would have to transfer, but it would take to long to do that. Is this information true? Or just an in house

  • Cliff Wimbelry (Monday, September 09 13 10:34 am EDT)

    Monique - in order to get the time off, he needs to complete the RDAP program from a federal prison. Please call our office to find the truth and get the facts.

  • Melaneice king (Thursday, November 21 13 05:06 am EST)

    Can you get in this program if you had some gun charges with the same case of the the drug charge....

  • Cliff Wimberly (Thursday, November 21 13 10:48 am EST)

    Ms. King, with a gun enhancement to the drug charge, you can still get into the RDAP program but you will not get the sentence reduction...but you will get the 6 months halfway house/home

  • Leann Morris (Monday, March 17 14 04:04 pm EDT)

    I have a friend in Arkansas Federal Low. He applied for RDAP but said he was denied because the severity enhancement charge? He's charge is Conspiracy to Manufacture Meth 2 people. Is there anything
    he can do to try to get that reduce so he could potential get in the program?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, March 17 14 04:15 pm EDT)

    Leann, that does not sound right...he can still get into RDAP. Please call our office to discuss.

  • sarah simmons (Saturday, May 10 14 11:52 pm EDT)

    how do i get started my boy friend needs this program plz plz help me and him what do i do??

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, May 11 14 07:47 pm EDT)

    Sarah - please call our office asap since timing is really important to get in the program. The consultation is free.

  • david Akers (Sunday, April 12 15 09:15 am EDT)

    I am in the Tdapt phase of RDAP and I was told its a 4 month aftercare but these people are telling me 6 months what is the truth.

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, April 13 15 09:35 am EDT)

    David, 4 months is the minimum but the real truth is that you will be in TDAT for the entire duration of your halfway house since you are still under BOP control during that time. TDAT is no big deal
    so just do it.

  • Bridgette (Tuesday, August 04 15 12:07 am EDT)

    My husband is in the tdat program and wants to sign out in order to be eligible for home confinement. He was not given a year off his sentence due to the 2 point reduction. Therefore he has no ties
    to the rdap and is wanting to opt out of the program. The staff at the fbop told him he could withdrawal at the half way house since the program is voluntary. Now at the half way house he is having
    problems doing so. Who can he talk to in order to resolve the problem?

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, August 07 15 10:34 am EDT)

    Bridgette - he was released to the halfway house for 6 months because of RDAP. If he quits RDAP now, they will take that away which means that he most likely will be shipped back to prison.
    Understand that halfway house and home confinement is not a "right" but rather a privilege. The BOP does not have to give it. I am sorry and I know that is unfair. Please call our office if you need
    further clarification.

  • Kim (Monday, October 26 15 06:59 am EDT)

    Hi my husband was sentenced 18months and he has ready been in prison for 2months. Is charged weren't violent. Would he qualify for this program? And what do I do if to?

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, October 28 15 01:14 pm EDT)

    Kim - sorry to say that typically there's a minimum of 24 month in order for home to qualify.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, November 03 15 10:52 pm EST)

    Kim, I am sorry to say that there's not enough time on his sentence to complete RDAP.

  • Nicholas Berberich (Friday, December 18 15 01:11 am EST)

    I was given a 48 months sentence, completed RDAP, received the 3621 E and my sentence was then reduced to 36 months. I was released after 21 months and designated to the halfway house for 11 months
    with 11 months of TDAT. I then received my 2 point reduction while at the halfway house, which put me on home confinement immedietly. On Nov. 1, 2015 at 8:00 am my sentence was complete and was
    placed on probation. A few hours later that day I was contacted by the halfway house director who informed me that my sentence was reversed and had to move back into the halfway house (after being on
    home confinement for 5 months.) Nobody seems to know why this has happened to me. It appears that they took away my year off/3621E and my good time, only giving me the 9 months for the 2 point
    reduction. On top of that they say I still have to do another 6 months of TDAT. Ive never had an.incident report either. How is any of possible and what are my options? This can't be right. Please

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, December 29 15 09:37 pm EST)

    Nicholas - please call our office. You may need some help to fight this.

  • James Hunt (Saturday, January 30 16 11:59 am EST)

    If you only got six month off for the program and you become a RDAP failure do you have to do the whole year

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, February 01 16 08:15 pm EST)

    James - if you failed RDAP, you simply will have to do your whole time. You will lose any reduction (such as the stated 6 months off).

  • Tanya Gazdzicki (Friday, March 11 16 12:35 pm EST)

    Hello my brother was at a camp in Florence Colorado he has been sent to a camp in Seagoville Texas the camp he just got to does not offer Ardap and he has one faze of the program completed .. only
    the low at seagoville offers the program .. he just got their .. who should he speak to get back to a camp that offers the Ardap program so he can complete it .. he was told the sphychologist dept
    only comes so often so he can speak to them about it ...

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, April 07 16 04:30 pm EDT)

    Tanya - he needs to speak with Drug Abuse Program Coordinator (DAPC) there. Let us know if he still is having a problem.

  • Donyelle FB (Friday, May 13 16 01:27 pm EDT)

    Is there any idea as to when the BOP is going to change the rules about who can take advantage of the 1 year off for participation of the RDAP program? They started talking about it last September,
    but haven't heard anything about it since. My husband qualifies to take the class however not for the time reduction

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, July 28 16 06:09 pm EDT)

    Donyelle, yes, new rules have been put in affect as of May 26, 2016. Of these new rules, the most important is violent crimes older than 10 years will NOT prevent the sentence reduction.

  • Carolyn christine orrell (Thursday, March 23 17 07:29 am EDT)

    Yes i would like to join this program. I feel it may be benuficial for for recovery from my disease of addiction.

  • Nichole Greene (Monday, April 03 17 08:46 am EDT)

    Carolyn - you and everyone else in prison wants to get into this program too. Who wouldn't want 12 months off. The overall acceptance rate is about 10%..very hard. Call our office to discuss your case and we will let you know how to be in the 10%.

  • Cheryl (Monday, May 01 17 12:16 am EDT)

    My fiance was sentenced on Jan 10 2017 to 3.5 years for a non violent first offense from 2010 he self surrendered to a camp 517 miles away from home?? The judge has in the sentencing report that he would be placed where he could receive his medication . that did not happen , he talked to the doctor and got approved for the RADP program but they do not offer it there, so he has to transfer He is only 39 in good shape and his blood pressure has reached levels of 170/99 ,I'm very worried are there any fedearal camps in indiana or Ohio that offer this program ?

  • Nichole Greene (Wednesday, May 03 17 08:42 am EDT)

    Cheryl, there is no RDAP programs for minimum security prison in either Indiana or Ohio. Give us a call and I can go over an alternate list with you.

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