What is RDAP? An Overview of the Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program.

If you are a federal offender and have a verifiable substance abuse problem, there’s good news. The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) by law provides a very specialized program offering eligible offenders additional time off, beyond “good time”, from your sentence. Called the 500-hour comprehensive Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program (RDAP), it is the only possible way for federal inmates to receive an additional sentence reduction outside the courts and has been shown to be successful at reducing recidivism, relapse, and prison misconduct.


RDAP is available for all security levels except for high security inmates. Upon successful completion of RDAP, eligible inmates will benefit with early release of up to twelve months off their incarceration time plus an extended halfway house and home confinement placement of six months at the end of their sentence. Home confinement starts when the inmate reaches the last ten percent of their sentence. 18 U.S.C § 3621 (e).


Early release amount depends on the sentence length. Inmates serving 37 months or more are eligible for the full twelve months of early release while those serving 31-36 months will be eligible for only a nine month sentence reduction. Those with less than 31 months sentence are eligible for only a six month reduction. Inmates may receive less than their maximum eligible time off due to program overcrowding. The average sentence reduction BOP-wide is approximately nine months.


Some inmates due to the violent or sexual-abuse nature of their crimes are ineligible for any time off. Felony or misdemeanor convictions of robbery, rape, assault or child sexual-abuse will disqualify as well as an element of violence or use of a firearm or weapon. Other disqualifications include those with pending state charges, warrants or detainers; INS-ICE detainers, and military or state inmates.


Eligibility for RDAP is determined by the institution's RDAP staff and requires that the inmate has a verifiable documented narcotic drug, prescription drug, or alcohol abuse problem in their Presentence Investigation Report, considered the “bible” at the BOP. Having a judicial recommendation, although not necessary or conclusive, is helpful for RDAP admission with the court’s recognition and encouragement for treatment. Unfortunately, the PSR often times inadequately reports an inmate's substance abuse due to erroneous advice from counsel or lack of accuracy. Updating the PSR, after the fact, is very difficult after sentencing. In such cases, the burden of proof is much higher but not impossible. The offender can seek documentation verifying substance abuse from a former probation officer or treatment provider. The documentation must adequately show the diagnosis and treatment performed as well as written contemporaneously within one year prior to incarceration, and in most cases, even prior to the initial arrest or indictment.


Next, the offender must meet formal psychological diagnostic criteria by passing a formal clinical interview by the Drug Abuse Program Coordinator (DAPC), who will look at official background documentation, such as a PSR, and other information that supports the diagnosis. The offender must also not have any mental disorders that may interfere with RDAP participation and must sign a treatment contract. During the clinical interview, a substance abuse or dependency disorder may not necessarily be diagnosed by the DAPC even if there is documentation in the inmate’s file, in which case, the inmate is deemed ineligible.


RDAP is in great demand and understandable so, earning up to twelve months sentence reduction and six months halfway house and home confinement.  Almost every incoming inmate will apply but only a small percentage are admitted. Indeed due to the limited number of classes for RDAP, the BOP determines eligibility very carefully, scrutinizing documentation to meet entrance requirements followed by a rigorous clinical interview. Successful RDAP admissions then, is the most important criteria for evaluation when choosing a prison consulting firm for hire.

RDAP Law and Prison Consultants specialize in successful RDAP eligibility, admissions, and support for the maximum sentence reduction possible for early release.  We take most cases on contingency, which means we will get you success or there is no fee. Your success is our success.  Timing is important and with the complex requirements surrounding what documentation are deemed acceptable, it’s important to seek consultation immediately. Call us now!

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  • Martha Thomas (Saturday, October 06 12 03:34 pm EDT)

    Is true that all my husband has to say to get into rdap is that he drinks too much?

  • Cathi Pilger (Monday, October 29 12 11:32 am EDT)

    Can you get this RDAP Eval in State prison?

  • Shedrick McKenzie (Friday, November 16 12 10:57 pm EST)

    I have been taking nerve and anxiety pills since my first wife died plus I have a hernia disk in my back and the only thing relieve my pain is Loratab 10ng, can I get in the RDAP program?

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, November 17 12 07:50 am EST)

    Shedrick, the answer is Yes. Prescription drugs is considered a substance for abuse and is commonly used to get into RDAP.

  • Madeline (Thursday, February 07 13 07:40 pm EST)

    When my husband went to prsion.paper work show he has a problem withdrugs. My husband. Was given 7 years sentence.as olny being in their may 31 2012. Was fighting for his lifegot very sick. While in
    Prison. Lost is right eye was not getting the Medicare treatment he needed. Is learning how to walk again.is some where in dlass TX please call me if u can help me.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Sunday, March 10 13 08:30 am EDT)

    Madeline, please give us a call and I'll make sure you get the info you need dealing with medical requests at the BOP.

  • omar (Saturday, March 23 13 01:58 am EDT)

    If I live in LA , how can you assist me?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Saturday, March 23 13 08:33 am EDT)

    Omar, yes we can and in fact, have local counsel in the LA area. We work with all clients throughout the USA.

  • Jenny (Tuesday, April 16 13 07:57 pm EDT)

    Our son, 21, has been sentenced to 10 years for selling marijuana and Possession of a firearm. He has a heroin/narcotic addiction.. positive drug screen while on probation. Has had in patient
    treatment after conviction and before sentencing. Is he eligible?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, May 28 13 08:05 pm EDT)

    Jenny, the firearm will prevent him in getting a sentence reduction but he can still do rdap. The addiction, if well documented, would get him into rdap. The in-patient treatment after arrest will
    not help him much.

  • Renea (Thursday, June 13 13 07:31 pm EDT)

    My boyfriend has been in the rdap for almost 2 months now. He was just informed he may not be eligible for sentence reduction due to a prior state conviction of battery in 2005. He says he will
    appeal it because he believes it was dismissed. Does it matter if it was or not ? Is battery considered aggravated assault?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, July 03 13 04:19 pm EDT)

    Renea, no battery is not considered aggravated assault. If it was dismissed, he will not have a problem.

  • Katrina (Thursday, July 04 13 08:27 am EDT)

    What if you got caught selling drug ?Will the program take him in

  • Sommer LaRoche (Friday, July 26 13 04:16 pm EDT)

    My fiance' was initially sentenced 5 years for grand theft auto. He's in Sioux falls state penitentiary. I know he's in a treatment type program already, he's had an alcohol problem before he was
    incarcerated, is he eligible for RDAP?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, July 29 13 10:27 am EDT)

    Sommer, it sounds like he was in a state jail and this program is for federal prisons.

  • John (Monday, March 17 14 09:31 pm EDT)

    I'm gonna to most likely get sentenced between 30-36 months for sex trafficking next month I smoke weed an have prior convictions for marijuana possession am I avail for rdap an if so how long will
    it reduce my sentence

  • LJones (Monday, March 17 14 11:04 pm EDT)

    If my fiancé has prior Criminal Reckless charge will that disqualify him from the time cut?

  • Cliff Wimberly (Tuesday, March 18 14 10:07 am EDT)

    Hi John. It's important to have all your documentation prepared so you are sure to get into rdap. Please call our office.

  • maria (Saturday, April 05 14 07:36 pm EDT)

    quisiera saber si mi hija califica para rdap ella esta por conspiraccion y su sentencia fue de 68 meses

  • Wynter Morris (Monday, April 21 14 11:35 am EDT)

    My daughter father was sentence 7yrs. For selling drugs and had a lawyer for 2 yrs. Do he qualify for the program.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Monday, April 21 14 12:48 pm EDT)

    Wynter, he can get in the program if he can prove he has an alcohol or drug problem. Please call our office to discuss. He is little to do with his case or attorney.

  • Curtisene Wright (Wednesday, June 25 14 06:58 pm EDT)

    My son is in medicl center federal prisoners he was diagnosis Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective disorder the medicine he on is prolixin and cogentin.I like to know if he can get in the RDAP program.
    His out date is Aug 2016.

  • Cliff Wimberly (Wednesday, June 25 14 09:10 pm EDT)

    Curtisene - your son may be able to get into the program but we need more info. Please call our office to discuss your case. 866-543-0250

  • Angie (Wednesday, July 09 14 01:01 pm EDT)

    My boyfriend was sentenced to 15 yrs at 50% and was incarcerated on april 29th 2014. he has prior class x charges and battery of a handicap in his past. He now is taking prozac and depakote in
    prison. He lost his father and mother at a young age and I know that is why he has so many problems with anger and addiction. would he be a good canidate?

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, July 12 14 06:23 am EDT)

    Angie - it sounds like your boyfriend is in a state jail with a state charge. The RDAP program is only for federal inmates in federal prison. Sorry.

  • Nicole (Monday, November 03 14 11:30 am EST)

    Hello, my fiance was sentenced to 11 years in medium institution he has tested postive for marijuana in the past he had a gun charge prior and did 3 years in state jail would he be eligble for the
    program or do you know anything about the 65% law or the point dedecutions.

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, November 12 14 05:13 pm EST)

    Nicole - these are a lot of questions and I am going to need more information in order for me to give you an answer. Please call our office.

  • Brandon (Thursday, November 13 14 11:02 pm EST)

    My Dad was sentenced to 24 months for a white collar crime (first offense) in August of 2014. He just was admitted into RDAP at Edgefield that begins Nov 24th, 2014. What is a realistic time for him
    to be out in a halfway house? Thanks!

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, November 16 14 09:48 pm EST)

    Hi Brandon. He will be done with RDAP in 9 months, which is Aug 24, 2015. He will immediately go to the halfway house for 6 months after and then go to supervised release. As soon as arriving to the
    halfway house, he may leave to work, go shopping, exercise, church, etc. He will have to be sleeping at the halfway house for 3.6 months with weekend passes to go home. He can then do home
    confinement for 2.4 months.

  • Jackie (Tuesday, November 18 14 02:48 pm EST)

    My husband is waiting for sentence and is looking at 5-20 years. He has prior drug abuse problems, but has a felony for residential bulgury, will that disquilify his eligibility or is there any way
    to get him in the program?

  • Julie (Tuesday, December 02 14 04:59 pm EST)

    My husband has Asthma, he had been use asthmas medicine all time, dose he qualify for RDAP, also, he is US green card holder.

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, December 06 14 07:41 pm EST)

    Jackie - yes, he may still be able to get into RDAP and the time off. Please call our office.

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, December 06 14 07:42 pm EST)

    Julie, you have to be a US Citizen. Also, asthma meds are not the type that can be easily abused.

  • Felicia (Tuesday, December 16 14 05:44 pm EST)

    My husband was sentenced to 15 years for drugs federal time. He had a prior state time for aggravated assault and robbery. This put him as a career offender. Will the state disqualify him from the
    drug program?

  • Shawn v. (Friday, December 26 14 05:52 am EST)

    My brother has a open case from 2006 that the state never indicted but it still shows as pending. He has no detainer. Is he eligible?

  • Michelle (Sunday, January 04 15 12:33 pm EST)

    Please contact me regarding your fees etc
    I am in the process of negotiation with a plea deal for white collar analog substance case.
    I have a six year old son and am facing conspiracy charges
    My number one concern is to be away from him for the least amount of time possible

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, January 04 15 09:53 pm EST)

    Michelle - please call my office.

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, January 04 15 09:55 pm EST)

    Shawn, I am confused. If there is an open case, then there is a detainer. He will not be able to get into rdap if there is criminal case pending against him.

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, January 04 15 09:56 pm EST)

    Felicia - I am sorry to say that the aggravated assault and robbery will preclude him from getting a direct sentence reduction for rdap. He may still attend the program however.

  • kendra (Wednesday, January 21 15 01:38 pm EST)

    my husband has a 5 year min.mandatory.. he is already in the rdap program for 2 months now.. does he qualify for time off and hwh time?

  • Nicole Martin (Saturday, January 24 15 02:40 pm EST)

    I have recently been released from Federal prison and I also completed RDAP. While I am pleased that a lot of families are getting the information about the program, I just want to let people know
    how important it is for people to do the program for the right reasons. This program changed my life. It taught me a lot of things that has changed my outlook on life. Yes the time off was a good
    deal, but hopefully your family members truly want to change. After completing yo still have to attend treatment while in the halfway house. This is not easy. Please make sure you get all the facts.

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, January 31 15 08:18 am EST)

    Kendra - He qualifies for the hwh time. He will get the sentence reduction as well if there are no charges in his past that are deemed \"violent\".

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, January 31 15 08:20 am EST)

    Nicole - The program is very helpful for change and I agree. The treatment at the halfway house is very easy for most locations...usually 60 minutes of per week.

  • pdbowen (Monday, March 02 15 10:20 am EST)

    My adult son has a documented addiction (heroin, pot,opiates as per his psi) and was exploited by state police to buy heroin in exchange for some of the drug to support his habbit. As a strung out
    heroin addict, they easily ensnared him into several buys. He became part of a state come federal indictment that resulted in a federal plea to a single count of aiding and abetting the distribution
    of heroin and a 41 mos. Bop sentence that included judicial recommendstion for rdap and education progrsms. Would a conspiracy to committ robery plea where some one riding in his car committed the
    robbery be a disqualifyer by bop, and if so are there remedies?

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, March 07 15 10:33 pm EST)

    pdbowen - I am very sorry for your son. Usually involvement in conspiracy for robbery would be considered a crime of violence and would preclude (ie. prevent) any sentence reduction. There are
    however exceptions but there are rare. There is a remedy process for appeal if you son was denied the reduction. Call our office to find out more.

  • gina (Saturday, March 14 15 04:28 pm EDT)

    My husband was sentence to 8.5 years 4th bank robbery no weapon, but had a drug and alcohol problem
    that cause each offense. he is 57
    years old and just started serving his time in Jan 2015. Does he qualify for the RDAP Program

  • Debbie (Tuesday, March 17 15 03:37 pm EDT)

    My son is enrolled in RDAP and says he needs at $100 a month to stay in the program, is there actually fees for inmates to participate in the program?

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, March 18 15 10:58 am EDT)

    gina - your husband can still get into rdap but the BOP will not give him any reduction since bank robbery is considered violent even without a weapon. He can however get the 6 months halfway house
    and home confinement.

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, March 18 15 11:00 am EDT)

    Debbie - the program is free but he may have to pay his FRP which is required to stay in RDAP. The FRP payments go against his court fees and restitution.

  • leroyjones (Tuesday, March 24 15 01:39 am EDT)

    Can someone get in with aggravated battery amd is aggravated battery the same as aggravated assault???

  • Katina (Sunday, March 29 15 01:41 pm EDT)

    My husband was sentenced to 15 months March 25 2014 for felon with a firearm. He had 4 dirty UA's before he was sentence. He has been in there since November 2014. Will he be eligible and how long
    will it be before he will be released to a halfway house.

  • Alicia (Tuesday, March 31 15 08:45 pm EDT)

    My husband is currently waiting to interviewed for the RDAP program and we have concerns with his points. He domes not have any violent charges but he does marijuana possession, DWI and interfering
    with an officer. His recent visit with his counselor he was given his point calculation and he has 6 points for violence resulting from the interference with the officer. He received that charge for
    cursing and not complying with the officers when they approached him and asking him questions. Due to having those 6 points and the type of charge would that affect him from being eligible for the
    maximum reduction of 18 months? Thank you for your assistance.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, March 31 15 10:25 pm EDT)

    leroyjones - Aggravated battery is actual physical contact is made while aggravated assault is the threat of violence. Ordinarily, these charges would prevent the RDAP sentence reduction.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, March 31 15 10:27 pm EDT)

    Katina - his sentence is too short to do RDAP. Typically, the BOP will give 10% (1.5 months in your husband's case) for halfway house.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, March 31 15 10:29 pm EDT)

    Alicia - I wish him the best at his clinical interview. Nothing that you have stated so far will prevent him from getting his sentence reduction.

  • jameis (Tuesday, April 07 15 12:34 pm EDT)

    My dad was just sentenced to 36 mmonths (white collar 1st offense) at Cumberland prison camp surrendering on may 11 2015. He is eligible for rdap how long would he have to wait before he starts the
    program and what are there calculations for his 36 month sentence

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, April 07 15 09:04 pm EDT)

    Jameis, call us and let us know why you believe your father is eligible for RDAP. Most of the time, there is a problem but then it's too late. If your father is able to get accepted into RDAP, he
    would be able to start the next class. His total time can be as low as 16 months with the RDAP reduction. Make sure you talk to us if you want to be sure your father will get in so you have that
    peace of mind. The call is free.

  • TRose (Tuesday, April 07 15 11:53 pm EDT)

    My husband is currently serving a 60 month sentence for conspiracy to distribute marijuana. He has been in for almost 6 months and just went for his RDAP interview in which he was told he is
    eligible. His paperwork is being sent to Texas for evaluation of sentence reduction. He has an aggravated assault charge from 1998 which stemmed as a result of a DWI car accident in which an
    individual in the car he hit was injured. Will this prevent him from getting the sentence reduction? If so, is there an appeal process?

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, April 09 15 08:44 am EDT)

    TRose - yes, aggravated assault can be considered a "violent" charge and can prevent the reduction. There is an appeal process which can be tricky and you need to rely on previous cases.

  • Sandy (Thursday, April 09 15 11:19 pm EDT)

    My son is in fci Miami. 10 yr sentence for conspiracy and intent to sell drugs. When he went to court with the State he was told he had to do the drug program while on probation. Then the Feds picked
    him up for the same case he is trying to get into this program but is having difficulty. He had a back injury and was taking oxycodone for pain, he was drinking heavily when he got divorced . This is
    his first time in prison has no priors. Does he qualify?

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, April 10 15 11:02 am EDT)

    Sandy, he may qualify. Your son's case is complex so please call our office.

  • Trose (Monday, April 13 15 02:18 pm EDT)

    If you participate in RDAP, can you go straight on home confinement or do you have to go to a halfway house first when you are released?

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, April 13 15 09:42 pm EDT)

    Trose - There is a BOP rule that you can only go to home confinement when you reach the last 10% of your sentence. So if you have a 60 month sentence or more, you may be able to go to home
    confinement quickly. Less than 60 months, you may be at the hfw house for a little whilte. This is not a hard and fast rule and there are always exceptions.

  • ivan (Friday, April 24 15 06:55 pm EDT)

    How much does the rdap program charge

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, April 24 15 08:34 pm EDT)

    ivan - the RDAP program is an internal BOP program and is free of charge if you qualify.

  • Trose (Friday, April 24 15 09:46 pm EDT)

    How long is the appeal process if you appeal a sentence reduction denial?

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, April 26 15 02:43 pm EDT)

    Trose - it depends on what the appeal is based on. Can be any where from 21 days to a few months.

  • Tamera (Saturday, May 09 15 10:52 pm EDT)

    My husband was sentenced to 15 years for distribution of marijuana is state court, but he will be moved to a medium facilty, can he apply for the program.

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, May 11 15 09:02 am EDT)

    Tamera - I am sorry but this is a federal program and not state. There may be local state programs that are similar.

  • Cris (Tuesday, May 26 15 10:25 pm EDT)

    My husband has a 60 month sentence, he just found out he was accepted into RDAP and qualifies for the sentence reduction. At what point is a new release date calculated? How long can he expect to do
    in prison?

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, May 26 15 11:14 pm EDT)

    Cris, he can be in and out of prison in 33 months out of 60 if there are no issues. It should take 30 to 90 days after he starts RDAP classes to see his release date change.

  • Cris (Wednesday, May 27 15 08:36 am EDT)

    Does that 33 months include the halfway house/home confinement time? Or would that be beyond the 33 months? Thanks.

  • louis tavano (Friday, May 29 15 04:48 pm EDT)

    What if the current federal charge (30 months) is for a tax crime. Non-violent and no gun. But he has a prior state conviction for a felon on possession of a firearm. The gun was never used in any
    crime and it was in a storage locker in his name.

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, May 30 15 08:17 am EDT)

    Cris - 33 months does not include the halfway house time.

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, May 30 15 08:19 am EDT)

    louis - the prior state conviction for a felon in possession of a firearm would NOT prevent him from getting a RDAP sentence reduction.

  • Stephanie P (Thursday, June 04 15 11:51 am EDT)

    I just got a 30month term in the BOP and have doc in my PSR that I have a drug problem and the judge also recommended I go into the RDAP program but here is my question. I got a 2 level enhancement
    for a gun that was found inside my husbands dresser at home. (Gun was not on me/us at the time of the arrest) Would I be able to get a time reduction if I was able to get in the program?

  • R. Nelson (Saturday, June 06 15 07:02 am EDT)

    My Son is incarcerated at a
    Prison Camp. He is a first-time-non violent offender, and pose no threat to society. He takes a Nerve & Anxiety Prescription Medication: (Lexapro). Can he enroll into RDAP / with a sentence

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, June 06 15 04:06 pm EDT)

    Stephanie - I am sorry to say that your gun enhancement on your current case would prevent you from getting a sentence reduction for RDAP.

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, June 06 15 04:08 pm EDT)

    R. Nelson - yes, he may be able to get in. Simply taking prescription meds is not "substance abuse" but rather following doctor's orders. Please call our office and I can go over with you what it
    would take for him to get in.

  • Carmen g (Friday, July 03 15 10:39 am EDT)

    My son was sentenced to fci and had an outstanding warrant in the state of CA he asked to be transferred to clear his record, They gave him 90 days concurrent, but they want him to serve it at the
    state, is there anyway to transfer him back to the federal prison to continue to serve his 8 years and serve concurrent time with the state sentence.

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, July 04 15 02:53 pm EDT)

    Carmen - it can go either way and I am unable to give you a clear answer without learning more about the case. Please give us a call.

  • Tatiana (Tuesday, July 07 15 02:06 am EDT)

    My husband was sentenced to 36 months for possesion of marijuana violation. He's done a little over 3 of those months already. Over the last year/year and a half he definitely has documented issues
    with both marijuana and Molly so my question isn't really about whether he is eligible. My question is about when the program will start. He is currently being transferred to Sandstone FCI because
    they said there was room available in the program there right now. So what month will this program start and if it already started will he have to wait 9 months before it starts over again?

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, July 14 15 08:22 pm EDT)

    Tatiana - let us know if you still need this information. We can contact the BOP on your behalf.

  • Crystal Burns (Sunday, July 19 15 07:02 pm EDT)

    My Husband was sentenced 24 months for Dog fighting will he be eligible. I read that less than 31 months can receive a 6 months reduction is that true?

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, July 22 15 12:40 pm EDT)

    Hi Crystal. Please call our office to discuss. Your husband may still be able to get into RDAP with a 24 months sentence. He would receive a 6 month reduction and 6 months halfway house and home

  • Jeannie Suarez (Wednesday, July 22 15 10:09 pm EDT)

    HI, my husband is serving a 42 month sentence. He is scheduled to be released on December 14th. He was given 6 months of halfway house. When do you start getting passes to go home? Do you think he
    will be home for Christmas or will he still be in the halfway house.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, July 23 15 03:48 pm EDT)

    Jeannie, he can start getting weekend passes in a couple of weeks after he gets to the halfway house. He can go to home confinement after 7 weeks or so. He will most likely not be home for Christmas.

  • Kia (Friday, July 24 15 01:51 am EDT)

    my loved one was charged with felon in possession of a firearm the judge requested he be sent to a facility with a RDAP program. Will he qualify for sentence reduction?

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, July 24 15 12:23 pm EDT)

    Kia - I am so sorry to say that your loved one will not get the sentence reduction but will still get the 6 months halfway house and home confinement.

  • Duane (Thursday, July 30 15 06:47 pm EDT)

    Can someone qualify for sentence reduction if they do not have a dog or substance abuse problem? Ie fraud charges 15 month sentence

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, August 02 15 12:52 pm EDT)

    Duane, you have to prove that you have a substance (alcohol, prescription med, or street drug) abuse problem. Also, ordinarily you also have to have at least a 24 month sentence.

  • Tinaah (Wednesday, August 12 15 06:14 am EDT)

    My husband been in jail 14years on a drug conspiracy charge an had a firearm on him an he just got a transfer into one of the camps an is in the rdap program, but do he qualify for the reduction or
    halfway house? I was reading all the other comments but none has been in as long as him so im just wondering, dose it apply to the length of time When he only has three more years to his release

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, August 15 15 09:43 am EDT)

    Tinaah - I am glad your husband is getting some counseling. If he was charged with the gun, then he will not receive the sentence reduction. He will hear shortly from treatment staff for sure about

  • Susan Geiner (Saturday, August 15 15 01:38 pm EDT)

    my son is in a federal prison with a 210 month sentence of which he has already done 10 1/2 years. The judge recommended he get into RDAP. The sentence was for attempted interstate transportation of
    child pornography and possession of child pornography. It was non-contact, but his charge was considered one of violence. I have heard that there have been changes to the "violent" thing. Would he be
    eligible for the program and time off his sentence?

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, August 20 15 09:24 am EDT)

    Susan, the BOP has taken more of a softer stance on child pornography. "Distribution" however, as in your son's case, is considered a crime of violence. I am sorry about that. Hopefully, the laws
    will change.

  • Rosemary Platt (Friday, August 21 15 03:53 pm EDT)

    My brother received a 6 year sentence (white collar crime-1st and only offense) and entered prison in May 2012. He has completed the RDAP program and is scheduled to be released from FCI Miami on
    Nov. 3, 2015 at the age of 67. It sounds like he has been a model prisoner. My questions are: how long can he expect to be in the halfway house? (2) what happens if he is unable to find employment
    while there? (3) is there anything else I should know?

  • Tabitha Anderson (Tuesday, August 25 15 07:21 pm EDT)

    There is a rule change set to occur on September 21. It would allow people with gun enhancement to now receive reduced sentences. My family member completed the RDAP program in August. Will the rule
    be retroactive and will he be eligible for a sentence reduction?

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, September 01 15 11:14 am EDT)

    Rosemary - he can be sent to home confinement in a few days. He will not be in the halfway house long. If he does not have a job, they may keep him there longer until he finds one. Give us a call if
    you have more questions.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, September 01 15 11:15 am EDT)

    Tabitha - We have heard rumors about this change but have not seen it yet. Please check in October.

  • ConcernedFriend (Thursday, September 17 15 09:36 pm EDT)

    My best friend was sentenced to 2yrs in federal prison on a drug charge will he be able to qualify for this rdap

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, September 25 15 08:06 am EDT)

    ConcernedFriend, he/she may be able to qualify. I have many questions however. Please call our office.

  • Jeanette Cobb (Monday, November 02 15 07:06 pm EST)

    How can my son get in this program?

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, November 03 15 09:14 pm EST)

    Jeanette, please read our entire website to get the detail. If you need help, please call our office for a free consultation.

  • Debra Henry (Thursday, November 05 15 10:32 am EST)

    My daughter Ashley Henry #17568-078 is in ARDAP in Bryan, Texas. Would like to know if she can qualify for early release. I'm disabled and in need for her to come home soon and care for her 5 yrs old
    son who needs her badly.

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, November 16 15 11:56 am EST)

    Debra - Her release date is 10/30/2016 which does not give her enough time to do the RDAP program. You want her to apply for the 2nd Chance Act to maximize her halfway house time. Call our office and
    we can show you how.

  • Jeannette Mendoza (Tuesday, November 17 15 05:56 pm EST)

    Thank you so much Anh Nguyen for answering my question about my husband's situation. Your website has been SO HELPFUL throughout this journey. Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me and
    answer all my questions. Best of luck to you and your firm. Thanks again!

  • Shana Warren (Wednesday, November 18 15 03:39 pm EST)

    My ex-husband is in Leavenworth on a gun charge and non-violent. He is currently in the RDAP program, will the early release apply to him?

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, November 21 15 07:01 am EST)

    Shana - the gun charge is considered "violent" and at the moment, this would preclude your ex-husband from getting the sentence reduction, I am sorry to say.

  • K (Wednesday, December 09 15 03:03 am EST)

    Sentencing hearing is mid January, I have not had my PSI. How do I arrange a PSI, who do I contact???

  • Incognito419 (Wednesday, December 16 15 07:20 pm EST)

    I was sentenced in late Octobdr to 24 months for adding and abetting drugs I have no violence or gun enhancements, my question is do I have enough time on my sentence to get in?

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, December 19 15 10:48 am EST)

    Incognito419, yes you do have enough time. Please call our office.

  • Joy (Monday, December 28 15 12:17 pm EST)

    My husband was sentenced to 48 months for child pornography. He was molested at a young age which caused drug/alcohol problems. He hasn't had any issues with them for a few years prior to his arrest
    though. Would he be eligible?

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, December 29 15 09:28 pm EST)

    Joy - he may still be eligible. I have a lot of questions. Please call our office.

  • Beverly Martinez (Thursday, January 07 16 08:19 pm EST)

    My husband was sentenced to 60 months at Federal Prison.He has attempted to join the the RDAP
    program. But each time he turns
    in what is asked of him, the facility keeps throwing another hurdle at him. He is
    under treatment for Anxiety And PTSD due to his incarcraion. He had a substance problem before he was arrested. And wants to make sure he can do all he can while he is there to improve himself. But
    they are trying to say he is not eligible.

  • Anh Nguyen (Sunday, January 17 16 09:38 am EST)

    Beverly, some prisons make it very hard to get in. Please call our office and we can see if we can help.

  • Marissa (Thursday, January 21 16 02:08 am EST)

    My fiancee is in FCI Schuylkill nearing the end of the RDAP program. This is his situation, in his words: "Sentenced to 42 months for 922 (g) (1) felon in possesion of a firearm. I haven't had a
    violent charge since approx 2001 when I was charged with a\b dangerous weapon (shod foot) when I beat up my mom's abusive boyfriend for breaking her nose. It wasn't a felony. I was pled down and
    released on time served while awaiting trial (6 months). After that I had a gun case in Lowell district court (misdemeanor and served only a 10 month sentence) then released on probation. Violated it
    a year or so later with a felony gun charge in which I did state prison time (3yr to 3yr+1day)
    which is the qualifying thing for the felon in possesion charge [922 (G) (1) ]. When I sent the paperwork to Grand Prairie, TX (from the counselor here) it was returned denied for the fact I had no
    disqualifying things except the fact I was charged with 922 (G) (1). It didn't say anything else. I checked my points and they aren't that high and also it states that I am not a public safety risk
    and states also no detainers are lodged against me at this time."
    Can you tell me if he would qualify for this early release or not? We just can't deal with not having a definitive yes or no answer any longer.
    Thank you in advance for any information or assistance you may offer.

  • James (Wednesday, January 27 16 05:43 pm EST)

    what happens if your pulled out of Fed to go testify at trial while your in RDAP, do u have to start over or lose accrued good time?

    What happens if your original sentence is 48mo but while in Rdap you get rule 35 hypothetically for 50% reduction to 24 months below Rdap qualifications, do u continue in program but opportunity for
    possible time off then can not be granted?

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, February 01 16 08:00 pm EST)

    Marissa - I am sorry to say...a felon in possession conviction on his current offense will prevent him from getting a sentence reduction.

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, February 01 16 08:02 pm EST)

    James - if you are pulled out on trial, then it would be up to the DAPC there to decide about your time.

    If you get the rule 35, you must still have enough time on your sentence after graduation to do at least 4 months halfway house. If not, you will kicked out of the program.

  • Judy Fergie (Sunday, February 21 16 09:34 am EST)

    My fiancé got 5 yrs for non violent,
    No weapons, no priors not even driving ... He's in a facility that offers no programs for good time or early release... Has no citations while serving and has worked as a model inmate ... He's in
    Georgia I'm in Michigan .., the commute is difficult and costly ... Not to mention he deserves to be home with his family
    Please help ...!

  • Marie (Tuesday, February 23 16 01:59 pm EST)

    Hello, my husband was sentenced to 15 years for Count One, conspiracy to distribute more than one kilogram of heroin and more than five kilograms of cocaine in violation, distribution of more than
    one kilogram of heroin and more than five kilograms of cocaine in violation, possession of firearms in furtherance of the drug conspiracy in violation, conspiracy to possess, carry and uses to
    firearm in more of the distribution of heroin and coke in violation of possession of stolen guns in violation.
    Usuary he was when he was a teenager to every drug. Now before the sentence i was addicted to controlled medicines

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, February 27 16 11:51 am EST)

    Judy, Marie: I am sorry for your situation. Please call our office and we can discuss the case and see what can be done.

  • MARI (Monday, February 29 16 04:05 pm EST)


  • Debbie Campbell (Saturday, March 12 16 06:57 pm EST)

    My boyfriend pled guilty to marijuana cultivation plus a gun enhancement also applies. He easily qualifies for RDAP because of his addiction to alcohol. He is in federal camp with 2 points on
    security. Will the enhancement prevent him from being accepted in TDAP? He received a 5 year sentence with 4 year probation.

  • Amanda (Monday, March 14 16 05:55 pm EDT)

    How can i reach you guys? I was recommended to do rdap at my sentencing of 30 months by the judge. I turn myself in on may 2.

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, March 16 16 03:50 pm EDT)

    Debbie - the "gun enhancement" would prevent him from getting the direct sentence reduction but he will be able to do the RDAP program still if he can get in.

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, March 16 16 03:51 pm EDT)

    MARI - he may qualify but I have so many questions. Give us a call since it is free and I can discuss with you and get you the answers.

  • Kenny King (Monday, March 28 16 11:57 am EDT)

    Hey hi you doing i got 41 months and the judge recommended the rdap program i was checking how much time possibly will i have to do

  • Sue (Thursday, March 31 16 10:58 pm EDT)

    My husband is under investigation but has not been indicted yet by a grand jury. He has an alcohol problem. We were informed that he has to start a program prior to being indicted. Is this correct ?
    What type of program? Or does he have to be indicted first? First offense on a white collar crime.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, April 07 16 04:10 pm EDT)

    Kenny, you can get about 6 months off for good behavior, 12 months off for the sentence reduction and another 6 months for the halfway house and home arrest. You will be in and out of prison in about
    17 months out of 41.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, April 07 16 04:11 pm EDT)

    Sue, please give me a call at our office to discuss.

  • Emily Santos (Sunday, April 17 16 02:19 pm EDT)

    Hi, my brother is currently in the RDAP at a halfway house. Unfortunately he got into a fight, as someone stole his belongings. He has a job. My question is what is going to happen to him!? While in
    prison he didn't get in trouble. Will he get sent back to the same prison or will he be able to remain at the hwh without going out?

  • Traci (Sunday, April 17 16 10:41 pm EDT)

    I recently was sentenced to 1 year and 1 day for mail fraud in federal court. Is it possible I will be able to do a split sentence with HH and home confidement or camp and home confidement? I was
    hoping to keep my job but if I have to do longer than 3 months without coming home I probably won't be able to kept it with a leave of absence.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, April 26 16 12:36 pm EDT)

    Emily - assuming that the fight was not too severe (and no drugs or alcohol was involved of course), he will most likely only lose some good time but can remain at halfway house.

    There is zero tolerance if he fails any drug or alcohol tests and he would lose his RDAP reduction and be shipped back to prison if he did.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, April 26 16 01:01 pm EDT)

    Traci, you will get about 2 months good time and another 2 months for the halfway house unless there are extenuating circumstances. Call us and we can discuss opportunities to get more time.

  • Lena Brooks (Sunday, May 01 16 08:03 pm EDT)

    My husband is in the 8th circuit he's been charged with felony possession of an illegal fire arm and a 4 point enhancement for drug possession. Is he still eligible for the 12 months off. He was
    sentenced to 96 months.

  • NicoleM (Sunday, May 01 16 10:40 pm EDT)

    My son's father got sentenced 10 years in federal prison for fire arms already being on parole prior. Would he be eligible for any type of program for early release?

  • sad dad (Wednesday, May 04 16 03:49 pm EDT)

    I'm looking at a sentence between 31-42 months. Have verifiable substance abuse issues in my PSI (in out patient treatment 1 month prior to indictment and also in 2011. Have recommendation from the
    head of my out patient program stating that i am ideal candidate for rdap had one relapse in treatment, also verified. Ive been on pre sentence release with random drug tests since june of 2015.
    Sentencing should be in july 2016. I have not failed any drug tests while on pre sentence release. Will that be a problem? Everything else looks good even my pre sentence officer is optimistic

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, May 05 16 12:50 pm EDT)

    Lena, NicoleM: I am sorry to say that your loved one can not get a reduction due to the firearm which is considered violent. They can still do RDAP and get the 6 months off.

  • Allison (Friday, July 15 16 10:46 am EDT)

    My bf was sentenced to 5.8 and judged orderd the drug program and not a violent offender he's in there for selling drugs. How long wld be taken off his sentence

  • Heidi (Tuesday, July 26 16 02:30 pm EDT)

    I am helping a friend. He completed RDAP and was released to the halfway house. He blew positive on a breathalyzer upon returning to the halfway house. He was taken back to jail but believes there
    was a change made to allow for a second chance or formal warning to reduce recidivism. Do ypu know anything about this policy change and whether it passed? Otherwise he is looking at serving the

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, July 28 16 05:30 pm EDT)

    Allison - the judge can not "order" the RDAP program and his recommendation is meaningless. If he can get into the program, he can get 12 months off.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, July 28 16 05:31 pm EDT)

    Heidi, I am sorry to say that there is a zero tolerance policy for alcohol or drug use while at the halfway house. He will be sent back to prison and lose his reduction unless he can prove that the
    breathalyzer is incorrect.

  • Marie (Friday, July 29 16 12:21 am EDT)

    I was given a seven year sentence. How much time will I have to do? Judge said something about RDAP program and halfway house.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, August 11 16 10:56 pm EDT)

    Hi Marie. You will get about 12 months off for good time credit, another 12 months for RDAP and at least 6 months for halfway house and home confinement. Call us and we can discuss.

  • Maria (Sunday, September 11 16 12:23 am EDT)

    Hi, my fiance is already in the rdap program. We are just waiting to hear back if he's eligible for the year off. He's in for a VOp for possession with intent for heroin however he had a possession
    of a gun when he was locked up before which is been over 16 year's ago. Would he still be eligible for the time off? I'm not sure if his case with the firearm was violent which occurred over 16 years
    ago. Was there a law that just passed with the violent and non violent for possession of a gun???

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, September 20 16 03:53 pm EDT)

    Maria - the gun conviction from 16 years ago will not prevent him from getting the reduction. The BOP now only go back as far as 10 years.

  • Shortee (Wednesday, October 12 16 03:48 pm EDT)

    My bf was sentenced to 30-36 mo i cant remember exactly right now. 3 charges are from july 4 2014 they are operation of unreg vehicle, no proof of ins and non drug crim poss of fire arm and sentenced
    for those on may 24 2016. Also on may 24 2016 he was sentenced with poss lev 5 offense date-1-19-2016 and also that day poss level 5 offense date12-27-2014. Can ur program help him?

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, October 15 16 10:16 am EDT)

    Shortee - the program can help him as long as it is a federal sentence (and not state). Also, the criminal possession of a firearm may be a problem. Call our office for a free consultation.

  • Maria Hilleary (Sunday, November 13 16 09:35 pm EST)

    Is there a number that they can call you guys from the prison? Also, my boyfriend has corrlinks, would he be able to email you?

  • Anh Nguyen (Friday, November 18 16 04:36 pm EST)

    Maria - Yes, he add info@rdaplawconsultants.com in his corrlinks.

  • Christi (Sunday, January 15 17 03:03 pm EST)

    My son was designated to fpc Sheridan. He is eligible for rdap but I hear it's really difficult to get the full time off at that facility.. is that true? He was sentenced to 42 months

  • Jessica Trevino (Saturday, January 28 17 03:05 am EST)

    What if your substance abuse is not verifiable? Is there still a way to get into the program?

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, January 31 17 09:43 am EST)

    Christi - what you are hearing is rumor. Inmates are getting their full time off where eligible, based on law. Your son should be released after about 18 months or so.

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, January 31 17 09:45 am EST)

    Jessica - Please call our office. There are ways to "verify" the substance abuse based on BOP regulations. Call us and we will let you know what they are.

  • patrice (Wednesday, November 01 17 11:03 am EDT)

    Hey! First I just wanna comment on you guys fast response! I love it! But my brother just got his psi report back and he's being held a spartanburg county Anthony Myrick 17-02263, I've been doing slot of research since he was booked in March. And also his lawyer,he has alot of simple possession and failed some drug test and even went to some drug classes before, he's currently in the for possession of firearm. Some people did say the rules changed a little. He has nothing violent on his back ground and wasn't caught with the gun doing anything violent. What's our luck

  • Eren (Tuesday, January 30 18 12:09 am EST)

    My relative is in federal prison currently taking the RDAP program. He was told he doesn’t qualify for the yr off since he had served 3 yrs in county for a robbery 9yrs ago. What can he do? Or there is nothing he can do ?

  • Rainy (Wednesday, February 07 18 08:59 pm EST)

    The judge recommended my son for rdap and he was charged with conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking a minor and the courts stated it was no violence used nor did he have possession of the minor does that not make him eligible for the program???

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, February 24 18 04:25 pm EST)

    patrice - I am sorry to say that if your current conviction includes "felon in possession" of a firearm, that is considered violent and you can not get the reduction.

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, February 24 18 04:27 pm EST)

    Eren - Unfortunately, robbery is considered violent since the conviction is less than 10 years old, your relative can not get the reduction and there is nothing can be done.

  • Anh Nguyen (Saturday, February 24 18 04:28 pm EST)

    Rainy - I am sorry to say that any conviction against a "minor", certainly for sex trafficking, is considered "violent" in all cases and therefore your son will not get the reduction.

  • MURRY MCCLAIN (Monday, February 26 18 09:07 pm EST)

    If i had deferred adjudication for assault on a public defender in 1998 and completed it successfully and 3 duis can i qualify for rdap and early release

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, March 01 18 08:49 pm EST)

    Murry - the assault conviction in 1998 is well over 10 years old so it will not prevent you from getting the reduction. The 3 DUI's may help you get accepted if 2 of them are within 5 years previous to your indictment.

  • Roxanne Zavala (Tuesday, March 06 18 12:57 pm EST)

    My husband has been in federal bop years ago for conspiracy and he was on supervised release for 5 years and got caught again for conspiracy 3 years into his supervised release, do basically he violated his probation and they gave him 60 months if he took rdap the first time he was incarcerated can he retake the classes and get time off again ?

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, March 06 18 01:54 pm EST)

    Roxanne, you can take RDAP multiple times. However, you can only get the sentence reduction once in a lifetime unfortunately.

  • Mark tillman (Tuesday, March 27 18 12:32 am EDT)

    My brother is in federal custody for "felon in possession of ammunition" does that prevent him from qualifying for the program?

  • Anh Nguyen (Tuesday, March 27 18 10:48 am EDT)

    Mark - unfortunately, felon in possession of ammunition is considered violent and would preclude your brother from getting the reduction. He may however still do the RDAP program if he qualifies.

  • Christine (Saturday, March 31 18 05:36 pm EDT)

    My fiancé is in FCI Loretto for transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity. He is in the process of applying for RDAP. If he gets in the program will he qualify for the time off of his sentence with hat charge or just benefit from the treatment?

  • Anh Nguyen (Monday, April 02 18 10:57 am EDT)

    Christine - I am sorry to say that any abuse of a minor is considered "violent" and your fiance most likely will not get the time off.

  • Jenn (Wednesday, May 23 18 10:37 pm EDT)

    My fiancé was sentenced to 60 months for manufacturing marijuana. A registered gun was found and 2 pts was given in psr. Anything we can do or file to help him get the reduction? He was not charged with the gun.

  • Anh Nguyen (Thursday, May 24 18 10:01 am EDT)

    Jenn - I am sorry to say that the 2 pts gun enhancement on his psr is considered "violence" and therefore would prevent him from getting his reduction.

  • Mellisa (Wednesday, November 14 18 08:07 am EST)

    I have a aggravated assault from 12yrs ago but it was dropped to affray so that’s wht I plead out to will I be able to attend program?

  • Anh Nguyen (Wednesday, November 14 18 10:19 am EST)

    Melissa, aggravated assault is considered a crime of violence and would prevent you from getting the reduction. However, I am happy to say that the BOP only goes back 10 years from the time you are sentenced on your current case. You should be ok to get the reduction.

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